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Killua Zoldyck

It goes without saying that not only is he one of the most dynamic and well written characters of the show, but also experienced one of the most interesting character development. He started off as a lost and confused boy who just recently escaped from his previous assassin lifestyle and was trying to find a way to escape his fate. It was only through meeting Gon that he found his true purpose, he wanted nothing more than a friend. Someone to be there and to take care of. Because unlike the rest of his family, he was able to feel true love and compassion for his friends and only wanted to care for them. He did eventually grow and realized he couldn't just follow around Gon forever, so he decided to spend his time caring for his little sister Alluka, as the Zoldyck family wasn't giving her the love and attention she needed. Thus he finally found his true purpose. To care for those that needed, and through all of the fighting and killing, all he ever wanted was to love someone.

Perfect character in every manner possible. One of the most well-written character with the most complex background and story in the entire series, as well as notable character development.

From the lost kid, to a loving friend, to finally a character who came into his own. Not to mention how real he feels, with realistic fears, reactions, and everything. He's not perfect, he has his own flaws as a human,and he struggles hard to overcome them-- and that's what makes him perfect as a character.

best boi he is such a cinnamon role at first he used to be kinda jealous of gon didn't bother he is child by heart and I love him

one of the best well written characters in all the animes I've watched


Kurapika, is HANDS DOWN the BEST! He may not have abs like Killua's but you don't need abs to be sexy and Kurapika proves it! I mean, come on, he has the brains, the strength, the skill, the looks, and the class..! He is my absolute FAVOURITE Hunter X Hunter character OF ALL TIME.

His dedications and morals shine red like his scarlet eyes. The most BADASS character all around and possess the the coolest abilities in the whole show. A shame that he is gone for last half of the show and his abilities are limited to Phantom Troupes...

Morals? I hope it's a joke. He dedicated his whole life to pursuing vengeance and he was nowhere in sight at the hospital when Gon was dying in his hospital bed. Brr - Felina94

One of my favorite characters. The time we got to see him were some of the best moments in the series, period!

I think kurapika is the best character in hunter x hunter, he's really strong because of how he is a specialist when his eyes turn scarlet. I just think him and leorio need more screen time to prove that they are actually really amazing people. His revenge story is awesome, and the fact that he is losing his life to kill the spiders is incredible


He is my favorite. I love that he is like both villain and friend. He helps out Gon during the Hunter exam and helps Kurapika by telling him about the Phantom Troupe. However, he helps Illumi try and steal Alluka to kill her since they are good acquaintance's or friends. Hisoka is my most favorite. Especially in the musicals.

Hisoka sends a vibe down my back whenever he appears in the anime, causing me to want to watch more. It gets me hyped whenever I see him battle. He's both strong and knowledgeable... He's awesome! It's interesting how he wants to kill Gon, but at the same time he'll help Gon in certain times of need, in a way, it makes him kind... I guess. Hisoka wins as one of my favorite characters.

Amazing Guy. Strongest of the strongest! On par with Chrollo for sure although Chrollo did beat him. Plenty stronger than many characters.

He is the best one. So intelligent during duels. I bet if he were present in Chimera Ant arc, he would make a huge difference. Unlike, knov morel and the rest who were so weak and scared by the royal guards. Wish to see him in Dark continent arc.

Gon Freecss

Gon is my favorite Hunter x Hunter character and will always be. With his determination to improve and his effort, he became a character of great admiration of mine. In addition to his immense cuteness, he has a friendly and sympathetic attitude towards everyone he ends up knowing, opposite to what many people say about him, of just being nice to people who would be "useful" to him (hate this: b). I love your relationship with Killua and I hope Alluka leaves him just so they can be together again. The friendship between them is very beautiful and I always go to tears when Killua thinks Gon as best friend and the protagonist too. Just too much for me lol. Another point for me to like Gon is his lively and enthusiastic personality, which makes me love him even more. One moment that changed his reputation was the time of the Ant Chimera, where he showed the dark part of his being, making him even more human! He may have had a giant emotional outbursts, but this was due to the ...more

he’s too cute for my own good, also really strong, and overall super pure and funny

Many people love Killua, but I REALLY like Gon. His character development and personality brought a charm to him. He's really adorable, and doesn't care about right or wrong. Also, his relationship with Kite was great. People say he's selfish. That's not his fault! It's because he's an enhancer, and those types have that personality.

I can relate to Gon when it comes to personality, I'm selfish,I'm childish, I'm stupid, and a lot more. Gon is just the best character for me no matter how much someone tries to convince me why this character is terrible and I should like this one better. That one episode in the Chimera Ant Arc was amazing, it truly showed that even the nicest and most friendly characters that would just hurt an opponent rather than kill them showed their dark side that was hiding inside them all this time waiting to be released. I also like the Killua X Gon ships, don't bother asking why, their friendship is just so adorable


Always so calm and had such a good personality. One of the best villains in manga.

Never I see such awesome antagonis got such awesome development! Definitely worth all the love from the fans

How this guy went from a mindless killing machine to barely even wanting to fight Netero and wanting to protect and love a human is the work of the gods.

The best character development I have ever seen in any anime character.


I really do love her and plus, she kinda looks like shigaraki from mha, too bad gon killed her

So cute and I also like how she was becoming good showing that everyone can change. Too bad she died instead of being fogiven. I hope she comes back by either being revived by someone or by self recovery. It will be a good opportunity to have Gon and Kite forgive her and have Gon undo his darkest moment.

Most loyal character I have ever seen

Best character in Hunter X Hunter but gon kill her so I don't like gon now.

Kuroro Lucifer

The charisma that he has and mystery of Chrollo's past are enough to draw anyone's attention. And his quest for finding his purpose of life is straight up relatable. Definitely one of the best anime villains.

Finest man on earth.

Fell for him when he changed his hairstyle.

He won 1vs1 against Hisoka without being touched

Leorio Paladinight

The reason I liked him was he was honestly he was very relatable. He didn't have any combat powers (that he used in combat) so he was much more like an average guy. I also empathized with his actions like when he punched Ging.

Because your gay

He's awesome! He's hilarious!

He's a different kind of character than the rest.

Ging Freecss

Role-model parent right here.

Best Character for me..

Lowkey Savage I like em

The most brilliant character, the smartest in Hunter x Hunter series


His Nen was very unique, and the fact that he'd still pulled his weight with an OP Villian. Most unique character of the show and has some of the best quotes too.

Badass old man, nothing more to say

The best

Absolutely savage, going from a kind and clever teacher into a warrior so powerful to fight the unbreakable Mereum and actually damage/semi stand up to for a few minutes (nobody else even pulled off one second) anyway, Netero, he’s inspirational.

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One of the most intriguing and well-written characters of the anime. I simply love Feitan. He's bloody brilliant.

Feitan is the prince of darkness in Hunter x Hunter.

He is THE badass and he is so cute but powerful and evil anyway BEST CHARACTER too me

He should be in the top 10

Biscuit Krueger

Smol bisky is cute
Buff bisky is badass
And bisky overall is really a great character! The best female character and the best mom!

Biscuit should be number one! She's one of the strongest characters in the entire series, both in personality and fighting skill.

She's so cute but she is also really strong

Haha.. I like her.

Chrollo Lucilfer

Why not


He left a huge impression on me. Super strong and had helpful abilities. He's down for the cause

I just love him.


Alluka Zoldyck

Both her personallity is great, her relation between her and his brother, and also her family is really good to watch

She is so cute! I love her!

I find her so adorable. She seems like a good person when you get to know her.

Cutest little cinnamon roll ever


hot, badass, and 10/10 for dynamic personality. best character in hxh hands down

Lol! Strange in his love for Killua, sort of like Itachi.

At first seemed like an okay character then he got really interesting (I love his face)

His fine silky hair damn it sexy


Kind of neato despite being the least most interesting spider design wise. He almost feels like the sudo-boss.

Phinks is very cool

Big daddy energy

Er ist cool

Kaito KAITO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation using their new Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology under the codename of "Taro".

Kaito used his singing skills to help defeating The Ant King

God bless his heart

Is he in the anime? Oh well.

He is a good guy


I think she’s a cool person in general and her design is really unique ig.

Definitely my favorite female character. I wish she had a bigger role but I always love the side characters.

She is not as strong as other but I found her interesting, specially when she stitch Hisoka's arm.

I wish she had a bigger role


Why didn't she get reincarnated? I nearly cried when I saw her die.

They should not have killed her of. At the very least they should have brought her back somehow.

She was too underdeveloped. If she had been around more she would have been great.

Great character with little showtime...


His so funny

I lovehate him

He is my bae

Nobunaga Hazama

How such evil thinking could ever thought that this cinnamon roll is annoying?! Apologize!

I feel sorta grateful that she existed

Very annoying but without her, Meruem would still remain a hateful psychopathic killer.

My favourite character she opened Meruem's heart


Badass with an awesome ability

Poor guy

He cool

Kaicho Netero

This old man is scary and mad don;t mess with him


Shes cute

Big tiddies


He's a cool octopus

he's hot

Don’t call him an octopus

Kuroro Rushirufuru

Should have escaped, either way he is a good character who I would have liked to see more of

Poor guy got eaten. And he wasn't even reincarnated.

Why is this so high?


Just look at how the man walks! Also he doesn't have a mouth. Mouths are for lesser characters. Finally you've got to love his moustache. This guy is pure swag.

Calm demeanor, and delightful.


Melody is kind and sweet she doesn't get enough love

The sweetest.


This is the second list he's this low on. He was the strongest Phantom troupe member as stated by the members themselves

Uvo is easily top 10 he’s amazing

Zeno Zoldyck


Silva Zoldyck

he's a

Well he is baddas cool dn strong


She's so good at everything and was a great character


When God steps forward you don't vote him into 49 place.
You are all wrong.

Get a good oppinion.

Seriously the best character in this entire show. he could destroy the whole cast

I beat my pp to him every night

So hot..



he thicc


so butiful

Neon Nostrade

Best Character

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