Best Iranian Rappers

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41 Sogand

She definitely deserves to be in this list, she deserves it more than some of the rappers who are already in the list.

Sogand I love you

Her voice is powerful

The best

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42 Sobhan Abed

King of diss love

43 Yaser Binam
44 Peyman NP

Very good Peyman NP

King of diss love peyman np

Love me peyman np

HE IS THE BEST his voice is the one & his songs has strong lyrics

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45 Nima Zeus

King off diss love

46 Sasy Mankan V 1 Comment
47 Mahdiyar
48 Mohammad Ebrat
49 Emran

Has a nice voice

I love you emran

I love you emran

Emran love me laike

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50 Hamed Fard V 2 Comments
51 Ali Alone
52 Dayan V 2 Comments
53 Amir Takpar
54 JJ
55 Javad Hunter
56 Iman Gama
57 Zafer
58 Arash MZ
59 Aasi
60 Pooria Putak

He is the best but he is not a known artist his texts are the best he should be the first in this ranking.

Eminem of iran

He is my lovely rapper...

Best rapper

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