AMA University


AMA is still the best IT school in the country for me. You can't beat the guys who started it all in Asia. They know what they're doing, and they have what it takes to stay competitive. Their sheer size and numbers explain it all. A lot of people still believe in AMA and what they can do for our youth. I have faith in them, and when the time comes, I will also enroll my son in one of their schools.

AMA is recognize and on of the University had campus outside the Philippines AMA specialized in IT courses, they are one of the pioneering institution in the Philippines who offered IT, Computer course. And not only that most of the graduate of AMA get the IT jobs in the Philippines and in abroad as well.

So therefore AMA is one of the TOP university offering IT course.

AMA is the best IT University...graduates are easily hired because of their learned skills in IT...most of the graduates got highest paying job...lots of graduates are already in Dubai, Canada, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, USA, Middle East..etc...The only IT Institution known all over the country and recognized globally...AMA is NUMBER ONE!

AMA is the best. No more arguing cause as we all know majority of the Best and well known IT Professionals came from AMA. Their Curriculum is advance and not standardized compared to other schools, and graduates of AMA are well equiped when it comes to various IT Works ranging from animation, web development, programming, multimedia production, networking, systems and software engineering and robotics. You can learn all those things at once, and that's only in AMA.

And mind you guys only AMA is the first and official school partner of Oracle Academy, Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft, Flukes Networking and the first Microsoft Dreamspark Premium school partner in the Philippines.

It only proves that AMA is indeed the best IT School in the Philippines for Big Companies in IT, as I mentioned above, will not become a partner of this school if AMA is not the best IT School as what you think. I myself is a transferee but I have proved to myself that AMA is indeed the right ...more

AMA is the First, Largest, and leading IT school here in the Philippines, it specializes IT based education...with it's industry based curriculum.. AMA students are well equipped and competitive here and abroad..

AMA University being the first school to offer IT courses in the Philippines, marks it's legacy as one of the best schools for Information Technology, serving Filipinos for 33 years, made them the best, not just that, AMA also partnered with a lot of International and Local Companies which made it's students in demand after graduating, It is also Accredited with PACUCOA and soon to be ABET, for its top class performance in bringing knowledge and field mastery on its students. AMA is truly Asia's top IT School! And oh! Before we forget it also have branches in Europe, America, and Middle East, which made it internationally known.

-Proud AMA University Student

Student of Ama was invented the ILOVEYOU virus but sadly the student he did not use his proffesion in good idea.

AMA on top slot! International Certifications while still studying... It help students increase their value in the market here and abroad. AMA Rocks!

AMA is not a perfect school, there is no such thing as a perfect school it does have its downfalls but the great thing about AMA is it does not simply teach you all about computers and programming. It goes beyond that, AMA exposes you to the community of people who have the same interest that you have, through seminars. Events etc. so when you're done with college you not only find it easy to look for a job but you get to enhance your skill and keep pace with new technologies because computers never stop evolving.

I'm an alumni of AMA and this is the pioneer of IT Schools in Asia. They help you find a job based on your own skills. They train each students to be successful and join in competition like cisco and other programming contest. In innovations, AMA is on top before media announce it to the public like RFID, Prototypes, Network Security and etc.

THe AMA curriculum is integrated with modules of industry partners like CISCO, SAP, Oracle and HP, making the graduates highly employable after passing industry certification like CCNA, MCP, etc and after graduation from AMA. So I believe AMA is the best IT school in the Philippines.

AMA is the pioneer and leader and dominant provider of I. T based education in the country.

AMA is the best computer school in the Philippines, in fact my brother graduated Information Technology in PUP last year but after that he enrolled in AMA.

AMA is the best in I.T. because I learn a lot more bout programming, software hardware, networking and more bout in computer system. AMA teaching the best in computer I asure you can learn more boout skill to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network. Teaching us in advance technological skills..for me AMA is the best I.T. proven and tested more students in AMA usually worked inside and outside the country and they become a better programmer there are 5 students in AMA work at USA Pentagon. In AMA you have a better future.

AMA is the only IT University in the Philippines...

Ama is the pioneer and largest ITuniversity in asia and exist on different countries not only in philippines but also in china, bahrain, usa, saudi arabia, hongkong, and many more. 8 international schools and 40 schools here in the philippines excluding it's sister schools like st. Augustine school of nursing, st augustine colege of nursing, aclc, abe intrrnational business college, delta air, norweigian maritime academy, ama school of medicine, ama schhol of nursing, st. Augustine international school which are the members of ama education system. All over 200 campuses worldwide. AMA is the first iso school in the philippines with global international partners. Ama is the 1stvoracle academy and sap alliance in the philippines. Ama gives student an opportunity to experience a world class facilities with super laboratories equipped with the latest existing softwares. Ama is ama nothing to compare. It network all its students by using elearning system. AMA is IT, IT is AMA, AMA all the ...more

I know this IT School for a long time, since then, graduates from this school has a good feedback, they got a job easier even if before they have a graduation ceremony... Go AMAERS! God Speed!...

Its the first and the largest IT school in the Philippines!

It focuses really on IT education.

I don't really have any ideas about the background of this school. But, as far as I know that AMA is really good when it comes to IT. Hoping, that I can be part of this school. I'm turning Grade 11, Senior High obviously and I'm badly confused about my first choice of course and school. It is much better if my course is somewhat related to computers and technology.

AMA is IT! Simple as that :) AMA should be on Top 1.

AMA Computer College stands out on providing quality IT education in the country. Most IT leaders in some network companies are from AMA. The one who invented the LOVE virus that shocked worldwide and almost destroyed millions of hardware devices is from AMA. Cisco certified, Oracle and Microsoft partnered and supported also by the Apple Company. NAO technology partner and lots more. These things say it all that AMA is trusted and leading in Information Technology education. You know these companies who partnered AMA won't just throw away cash, it's all about potentials and advantages. Go and decide for yourself. Don't just look our school infront of the T.V. screens ad advertisement banners. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

I've been a teacher in AMA. I handled social sciences subject and 4 years later, most of my students are in good companies already. Students here are those who have the hearts for learning stuffs about computers. They are really good in many computer related skills that are not measurable as academic performance. AMA is the best IT school.

I'm not an AMA student but I'm voting this because this school specializes in IT.. Its getting bigger and bigger..

Still the best.

Good facilities and curriculum