Polytechnic University of the Philippines


It is not about having great facilities but having a good mentor and high quality of education. Despite of insufficient fund they find ways to teach their students not only how to be the best computer programmer but also how to persevere and be good to others.

Where in the nation can lead you to success in the field of in just having a 12 pesos per unit tuition fee. Its only in PUP. No doubt, this school is the first to offer I. T in the Philippines. This University gained their prestige in terms of IT education in most of the companies prefer to hire PUPians. This awesome and great despite the BUDGET CUT that the government is continuously doing in all its State University, PUP still continue to sustain their quality of education.

Of Course, PUP must be one of them. I really admired all their part time professors who are, at the same time, full time practitioners, I admired them because of their passionate work. They teach not only what the academe must cover, but they also teach what is really happening on the industry. Overall, professors here, Full-time and part-times, they are really good!

5 students sharing in 1 PC is not a problem at all. For students of CCMIT in PUP, They find solutions to a problem fast and easy.

The faculty exercises easy teaching methods but allows students to push through their limits and make a job well done.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines were able to categorized a system which enable the students to learn more and to enhanced the skills and ability of their IT students. Though PUP scarce in resources and equiments, they were able to still produced knowledgeable and competitive students when it comes to computer courses. Well, probably that was not a question anymore, for more than a 100years it is an institutions that merely describes QUALITY EDUCATION! I am not an IT students, but I know the capabilities of the students of PUP! Proud Education student!

Despite of the university's lack of computer units, PUP College of Computer Management and Information Technology is recognized by CHEd as Center of Excellence in IT education.

The completeness of the facilities is not the measure of a school's quality of education, and PUP is the proof of that. Students in our school strive harder and become more resourceful. As a BSIT student in PUP, I must say that we have the best learning despite the poor resources that we have.

PUP creates Soldiers for IT Industry. The University aims not to achieve the top, but to encourage students to achieve the success because PUP knows that "IT is for all". PUP defines IT as PASSION, not Career.. I'm thankful that PUP has its PASSION to create OUR PASSION

Just heard from my ojt as she mentioned your school being competitive in quality education, as I am searching for quality programming schools... so researched it and found interested to enroll, so I can pursue my dream to be the best hospital systems programmer in the future...PUP please help me met my dream come true not for my own good, but for the service to the public especially the needy patients we care for their health...

Deadlines seems to be impossible, PUP really pushes students to be in competitive quality in IT education!

PUP students are good in writing programs without the help of compilers, just papers.

The poor facilities in PUP, like computers, laboratories, well ventilated rooms, do not hinder students from reaching their best in studying, yet the innovations created create the best computer programmers.

Hooray for the PUP! The quality of the education in PUP in IT education, is excellent, even if it is lack of resources, the professors as well as the students are doing their best to learn and gain more knowledge esp we are in the technology era today! :)

BSIT 1-1 student of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines

I'm currently an IT student here at pup and I am proud to say that our college is one of the best when it comes to computer programming and other computer stuffs.


Professors don't treat the students of ccmit by giving every part of the lesson to them, they let their students to study on their own and not by depending on their prof. Or books

Go CCMITianx of PUP Sta. Mesa. All of the Programming Languages are offer in out college, so transfer now in PUP

Hello to all BSIT 2-2N ) we are the best school ever!

I am a proud student of PUP in Quezon City Campus. Of course, an IT student who belongs to COMMITS. The quality of education is way better that how expected and grades cannot be exchanged to money. Professors are strict on giving grades so be sure to perform well to get good grades. Besides, being a pupian, it's a challenge for us to get a flat 1, not unless you're a genius.

Proud of being a BSIT student at Polytechnic University Of the Philippines despite of poor facilities we know we are globally competitive- GO PUP-CCMIT!

GOSH they require 2 subsystems for their capstone? They should be voted to top 1 seriously just 1 subsystem and our group finished it without extra time what more for 2 subsystems

Other universities does not compare to the sufferings we take daily as we acquire knowledge as IT students. PUP IT Students are built for destruction!

PUP is the best. No doubt. PUP excels in IT and every degree that it has. Graduates from this university dominates the country.

PUP-CCMIT is the best! We can survive even without those best facilities. As long as we have the skilled faculty and students, PUP-CCMIT will still remain my number 1 IT institution in our country.

The university might not have the best facilities but the professors will definitely shape their students become more analytical which is a huge requirement for any IT job/profession.

Studying IT in PUP might be a great challenge because the university lacks IT facilities but if subjects, professors and technique are the basis PUP might be the best one.

in this university
we just do not create programmers and developers
also we have a character :)

1 is to 3 computers does not rate how good our students are

PUP is indeed the center of brilliant students, especially the CCMIT, Computer Science and Info Tech students.