Best Male Vocalist In Punk Rock Bands

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81 Adam Ant (Adam & The Ants)
82 Matty Arsenault (A Loss For Words)
83 Mensi (Angelic Upstarts)
84 John Robb (Goldblade)
85 Stza
86 Efrem Schulz (Death By Stereo)

For one, Simple Plan, Black Veil Brides, Sum 41, Green Day, Fall out boy (Pete Wentz isn't even the singer) and other various "trendy-wannabe-edgy-but-probably-pedophiles" type bands are not considered punk in any sense of the word. That obvious point in logic set aside, Efrem is one of the greatest frontmen to ever grace the Punk/Hardcore scene, and the poser bands mentioned on this list are one of the many reasons no recognition goes to REAL punk bands.

87 Walter Lure (Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers)
88 Dicky Barrett (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
89 Mike McColgan (Street Dogs)
90 Lux Interior (The Cramps)

Why was he not on the list? like at alll? he should be top ten for just sheer weirdness

91 M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) Matthew Charles Sanders, better known by his stage name M. Shadows, is an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter and founding member of the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold.
92 Sean Neil (Dynamite Boy)
93 Steve Ignorant (Crass)
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