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81 Kotal Kahn & Mileena

Both desire the throne of Out World. Both are traitors to Earth Realm.

Beauty and the beast, sexy and strong, that makes them one of a kind

82 Sonya & Raiden

Thunder and guns go great

83 Jade & Ermac

I don't know I just think they'd go good together.

There is no evidence of that couple

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84 Sindel & Sheeva
85 Mileena & Rain

They are both half species - SolarGaze

They are both Edenia and prince and princess plus they are the purple ninja's - SolarGaze

They both from the outworld - SolarGaze

Uh, Mileena wears magenta/pink and Rain is the only one that's purple._. Yes, they bother are allies and Rain defends Mileena. But they're only half Edenian.

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86 Kotal Kahn & Cassie Cage

Why would it be possible to make up a couple like this. Besides they are average rivals

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87 Kung Jin & Takeda V 3 Comments
88 Taven & Li Mei
89 Smoke & Sindel V 1 Comment
90 Tremor & Tanya V 2 Comments
91 Ashrah & Ermac
92 Hotaru & Li Mei

I think this could be the best couple

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