Top Ten Best Movies of 1996


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1 Jerry Maguire
2 Fargo

Great movie, great setting (Minnesota), and great actors. - Beatlesboy9

3 Trainspotting

A Superb movie about drugs and getting succeed to leave them - MatrixGuy

A dark comedy classic - Crawfish

Should be #1

4 Mission Impossible

The newest technologies are presented in this great spy movie - MatrixGuy

5 Scream

One of my favorite movies ever! - chriss_moyer

6 Evita
7 Independence Day

Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith are on the same screen at the same time. This is already an amazing movie.

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8 From Dusk Till Dawn
9 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Good disney animated movie - Ajkloth

Good movie - PeeledBanana

10 A Time To Kill

The Contenders

11 Daylight
12 Happy Gilmore

The best Adam Sandler movie by far.

13 Smilla's Sense of Snow
14 Muppet Treasure Island
15 Twister

I watched this in science class

Great movie - Ajkloth

Great Movie with amazing effects!

16 Up Close & Personal
17 The Arrival
18 The Long Kiss Goodnight
19 Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
20 The Associate
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1. Mission Impossible
2. Scream
3. A Time To Kill
1. Independence Day
2. Space Jam
3. Happy Gilmore
1. From Dusk Till Dawn
2. Fargo
3. Independence Day

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