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101 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

This movie is so underrated! This movie has great acting and is definitely better than Spotlight.

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102 The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence
103 Descendents

They say I'm trouble they say I'm bad the say I'm evil that makes me glad a dirty no good down to the bone your worst nightmare can't take me home so I've got some mischief in my blood can u blame me I never got no love I don't remember what Carlos said

A surprisingly good Disney movie. It deserves a chance to be at least in the top 40's if not 30's.

I love you dove. Love rhymes with dove.

This movie is very good. why is it on place 97?! that is so MEAN! by the way, there is going to be a sequel!

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104 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Whoever said it premieres in 2016, it's probably in your country. I'm in the U.S. and it premiered in 2015, on the same day of "The Force Awakens."

This movie sucks as much as the channel on Nickelodeon Alvin and the chipmunks - Brandy

Better than Star Wars, how come Star Wars is number 1 but Road chip is 155? Star Wars sucks.

Why is it so far? Alvin and the chipmunks the road chip is awesome. best series among the Alvin and the chipmunks movies.

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105 Sisters

I can't wait to see this! Looks hilarious! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Awesome! It comes out the same day as the new Star Wars movie though..

106 Jem and the Holograms

I actually haven't watched it, though I want to, it seems interesting

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107 The Tribe

I have no clue what this movie is at all

108 Paper Towns

This movie really pulled at me. And it didn't destroy itself, although it was incredibly different to the book, which for once I loved. It gave me something new. I could have provided some improvements, but I still loved it.

This was a cute, satisfying movie. I felt a connection and I felt emotions. Though not perfect, I loved this film.

I love the way they found like buildings they can use to put part of their movie in it.

Nat Wolff in a movie with a girlfriend! NO!

109 He Never Died

A great flick. By far the coolest movie I have seen all year.

110 The Walk

Why this is 91 its possible and impossible unbelievable and believable movie

Movie made me feel uneasy... along with many other watchers I hear

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111 Slow West

Most underrated film of the year.

Most overrated film of the year.

112 Burnt V 1 Comment
113 Home Sweet Hell
114 Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! V 1 Comment
115 Tangerine
116 Cinderella

In an age when fairytales are now given post-Enchanted revisionist twists in an attempt to be post-modern, this adaptation of Cinderella is radical in it's refusal to be revisionist. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter chew the scenery every time they are on.

Even though we all know the story it's still heartwarming enough to have you shed a few tears and leave the cinema on a happy uplifting note.

Some people might take against it's uncynical approach in an age when every fairytale movie is given a revisionist this, but this Cinderella is really heartwarming. Lily James is also drop dead gorgeous.

Lily James channels part Amy Adams part Mia Wasikowska in this radically non revisionist adaptation of one of the most famous rags to riches tales on the planet.

Director Kenneth Branagh believed in the chemistry between Lily and former King of the North Richard Madden so much, that he's decided to reunite them in his stage adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.

This has:
1. A stepmother played in moustache twirling form by Cate Blanchett channeling a hybrid of Marlene Dietrich, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Terry Thomas
2. A godmother played in kooky form by Helena Bonham Carter channeling a hybrid of Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp
3. A young prince played in dashing form by Richard Madden channeling Patrick Dempsey
4. A beautiful ragged servant girl played in willowy doe-eyed form by the beautiful cute as a mouse Lily James channeling a hybrid of Kiera Knightley Amy Adams, Elle Fanning and Mia Wasikowska
5. 2 stepsisters played in pantomime bickering form by Sophie McShera and Holliday Grainger channeling Laurell & Hardy, Skids & Mudflap and the Three Stooges.

That's an A-List combination.

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117 The Longest Ride V 1 Comment
118 The Night Before

Seth Rogan will never disappoint.

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119 Superfast
120 Beasts of No Nation
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