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21 The Expendables
22 Megamind V 1 Comment
23 True Grit

What? This was much better then Shrek forever after or Alice In Wonderland. In fact its better then any of the movies on this list!

24 Shutter Island
25 Grown Ups

Why the hell is this not first? Isn't adam sandler's amazing comedy, hilarious plot and just all-round laughs not enough for you? Greedy people...

26 Diary of a Wimpy Kid


27 The Book of Eli

If your name is Eli, like me, you automatically like this here movie. You know why? Because this here movie will make you shat your pants.

28 The Karate Kid

Great movie. even though there is a Justin Bieber song, it was a great reboot - wren6

29 The Other Guys
30 Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore
31 Batman: Under the Red Hood
32 The Town
33 Salt
34 Blue Valentine
35 Jackass 3-D

one of the funniest movies ever! the hi-five is awesome! if you havnt seen any of the jackass movies watch this one! - dragon13304

The Jackass boys are the real life equivilant to Looney Tunes.

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36 Tooth Fairy
37 Saw 3D
38 A Nightmare on Elm Street
39 The A-Team
40 The Last Song
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