Top Ten Best Pixar Movies

What are the best movies ever made by the best animation company in the world?

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1 Toy Story

It kicks more ass than any of the others, although the others all kick a fair amount of ass. This one is a classic and it started the success that Pixar is.

It's a good movie and coincidently, it was first released in the year when I was born 1995. I have fond memories of this movie and without this movie, I'll never even think of pursuing animation and story development in my career path

Toy Story gets 9/10 stars.

Up gets 8/10 stars.

Finding Nemo gets 8/10 stars.

WALL-E gets 8/10 stars (the second half is better than the first half of the movie). Also, EVE is similar to Mario just like how WALL-E is similar to Princess Peach. I wish EVE faced against an evil twin sister - NEVE.

Monsters' Inc gets 7/10 stars. It got old quickly after release, but is a masterpiece.

The Incredibles gets 7/10 stars.

Toy Story 3 gets 10/10 stars.

Toy Story 2 gets 9/10 stars.

A Bugs Life gets 8/10 stars and deserves to warrant a PG rating.

Cars gets 9/10 stars. Its stylization is unique!

Ratatouille gets 8/10 stars.

Monsters' University gets 6/10 stars.

The Good Dinosaur is not out yet, but I would give it at least 8/10 stars.

Planes gets 5/10 stars.

Inside Out is not out yet, but gets 8/10 stars at least.

Brave gets 6/10 stars. See, I am not a fan of little girls' movies.

Finding ...more

The Incredibles was the movie with the best villain in the whole Pixar story... Cars- 2,3 were awful, Ratatouille was original but not so good overall, Monsters' Inc was awful too, the Good Dinosaur was the same old story (a kid finds a egg, decides to grow the creature that comes out of it and they become friends), planes was Cars just with panes. The ones that I liked the most were Toy Story, Inside Out, The Incredibles and Up - JustOneUser

It deserves 1010 stars

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2 The Incredibles

Highly regarded as Pixar's best movie, The Incredibles is a wonderful adventure that provides the perfect combination of the best of superhero movies, along with family comedy. It's hilarious to see two superheroes fight like husband and wife!

My favourite but I wish they'd make Incredibles 2

Don't get Tired of watching this Movie... Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every Pixar Movie, but this one Much more. -RMJ

This movie is very creative and well done. - piper1212

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3 Finding Nemo

Best. Movie. Ever. Everything about it, the characters, and story line, the animations, and especially the music. The music is one of the best things about it for sure. I don't know how this movie isn't number one. Also, Disney and Pixar couldn't have picked better actors to do the voices for Nemo, Dory, and Marlin. And as I said before, Best. Movie. Ever.

This movie is excellent. This is not only my favorite Pixar movie, it is also my 2nd favorite movie of all time, just behind How to Train Your Dragon from Dreamworks. I am a huge fan of all the films both Dreamworks and Pixar create.

This is the greatest movie of ALL time. This is a very cute movie. Also touches the heart at the end!

This brings back memories of my childhood... I love this film one of the best films of all time and best of Pixar so far

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4 Up

Up manages to reduce me to tears within the first 10 minutes, than any other movie in it's entirety. By far Up's most mature movie, with plenty of colorful and quirky characters for younger children to enjoy. Up is truly a masterpiece that, like Toy Story 3, was nominated for multiple Oscars.

We do realize that there's only 13 movies right? There all up here. Anyway, love Dug and Kevin. I always liked how he said: "Hi. My name is Dug. You are my master. " And Kevin was just funny. And how many movies can make you cry in the BEGINNING? - Pikachulover1

Oh this movie is so good! Every movie on this list deserve to be number 1. Up is one of the most touching movies I've ever seen, this movie never fails to make me cry, the music and the characters and plot are all so perfect. Pixar did and always
Does and amazing job.

Up gives a heart warming tail about how life doesn’t end with a death, but with a legacy. 10/10

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5 Monsters, Inc.

One of the funniest and most emotional Pixar movies, with a touching and perfect ending.

Monsters, Inc. Is an absolutely fantastic movie. Period.

7? great movie deservew top 2 spot - CrowdedChisel


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6 Toy Story 3

The best Toy Story ever made! It had a good storyline and I hope it wins best picture this year. Also the number 1 animation of all time! - roblist

A beautiful and funny movie that is by far better than it's prequels. It is also the 8th highest-grossing movie of all time, making it Pixar's most succesful.


THIS MOVIE IS A TIMELESS CLASSIC! It was the first movie I saw in cinema ever and recently I have started to cry at the end and at the burning scene.

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7 Wall-E

Great. I love that there is such a powerful message in this film, this is probably there best with Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Monster's Inc.

A powerful, beautiful film. You've gotta love how Pixar can make love blossom without words. Wall-E is likeable and sweet, an amazing character. - sameera62

Wall-e is the cutest animated character ever. the only thing he has as a mimic is his eyes, but they're enough to tell his feelings.

Wall-E is for sure my favorite Pixar movie. Not many people would think of it as their favorite- it is not very popular and has very little dialogue. Because it doesn't appeal to many younger kids, it was not as popular a movie as some other pixar movies, but I really like it. I think the emotions shown where very strong and it was a unique perspective-
different from other Pixar movies. But, I do think it is a movie that will be appreciated more by older audiences.

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8 Inside Out

"Meet the little voices inside your head."

As to be expected, those emotions will make the viewer emotional as it teaches us the importance of emotions and expressing them. One of the best movies animated film I've seen in awhile and it proofs that Pixar is back with the groove.

I can not wait to see this movie. I bet it is going to be one of THE best Pixar movie ever! I watched some trailers and I love the characters already!

It was real cute

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9 Toy Story 2

Toy Story is like the original Star Wars movie because this movie is the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy. It's so great I can't even fit all of its greatness into this comment. The theme about everything coming to an end and whether we should accept it sooner or wait it out is a very mature dilemma and probably the best in the pixar movies. The visuals in the movie are purely stunning. The airport scene, Al's Toy Barn, and the scene where Woody gets restored are imprinted in my mind forever and they could be a short on their own. Jesse's back story rivals that of Up's first 10 minutes of heartbreaking-ness. It should be higher if not number one. Ratatouille should be higher too.

This is my favorite toy story film which is weird because its usually everyone's least favorite

The third was my least favourite because I loved the first two when I was little and I was still pretty young when 3 came out, but even then, it got boring pretty quickly. - 3DG20

It tells hw it feels to have something taken from you and by the way sid could look ike andy's older brother but sid is wrong laugh out loud

I think this is the best one in the Toy Story trilogy. It was more colorful and the new characters are great. Zurg is awesomne especially! A great Darth Vader wannabe! Oh, and speaking of Star Wars, there were loads of Star Wars jokes in here which I love! This movie is just so good! Second best pixar movie! - darthvadern

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10 Ratatouille

One of the best films of all time. Great effects from Pixar and it leaves other movies for dead! It definitely is one of the best films of the year

Although WALL-E is my favorite Pixar movie, I had to vote for this because it belongs in the top 10, no question. You know a kid's movie is good is adult love it, too. Ratatouille is a movie you can watch infinitely. It never gets old.

1. Ratatoille because he is a rat and he is friends with a human 2. Wall-e it shows how much humans are polluting the earth 3. Finding nemo marlin and dory go all across the sea to save a little cute fish 4. Toy story 3 it shows how much toys care for their owners 5. The incredibles funny story of a superhero family 6. Toy story amazing story and just love you got a friend in me song 7. Up up has a romance tragedy funny moments action and more but still ratatouille kicks buttux hello!

Rat is best cook in this cartoon

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The Newcomers

? Foodfight!

Best movie created - GodFlowey

? Incredibles 2

This and Cars 3 won't come out for another few years, so why add them now?

I'm dying for this movie to come out. Hope it isn't bad

I can't wait for this!

Amazing movie. I really want to get it on dvd.

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11 Cars

LOVE it! This movie is by far the best in this list. I think that it deserves to be #1 by far! I have seen it so many times I can't count. It has amazing quotes and lovely characters

CARS should be top 1.. I love this movie since I've saw it... its a COUNTY story and lots of best QUOTES.. pixar ever...

Whats Cars doing at 11! It should at least be right under Toy Story. -

I think the cars movies are the best movies ever

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12 A Bug's Life

A bugs life is the only pixar movie that has a terrible darkness in it. Hopper the main villain, is very creepy, mean and makes the ants do nonstop slave work. I love Hopper! The darkness of this movie is at the end of course. I nominate this movie as a make you laugh, and scream adventure. This movie by far is the best pixar movie.

What? I grew up on this movie! This has an amazing plot!

Behind Toy Story, this is definitely my 2nd favorite.

The entrigueing plot, the well-developed characters, the visuals... They're all amazing.

The plot is so dark and light-hearted at the same time... One point you see insects dancing, the next you see them being fed to birds...

I love this movie. I use my baby sister as an excuse to watch it (she watches the same films over and over) so I don't have to do chores because I'm watching her, AND I get to watch the film! Killed two birds with one stone!

Finding Nemo is definitely my favorite, but I gotta get this one on the list!

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13 Coco

What are you even talking about? Coco is actually a FILM about the Day of the Dead coming out in late 2017. It is not a short.

Great story, beautiful visuals, likable characters, and probably the best soundtrack I've ever heard of a pixar movie. I'd have to say this is the best Pixar will ever get for my liking. I have yet to see another Pixar film that has made me feel the burst emotions I felt when I first saw "CoCo". "Inside Out" comes at a close secnd though.

I always couldn't decide which one was my favorite Pixar movie: Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. (well, you get the idea). But this movie was so beautiful I may have to reconsider. It was so heartwarming :')

This needs to be higher, one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen - giraffefrog3

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14 Monsters University

A prequel that happens before Monsters inc and show how mike a sully first met in college

This is deserves to be higher! Best movies of 2013! Pixar has a good job make a prequel that happen before Monster, Inc. And I almost like all of characters too. Sometimes funny and cool yet. And have a great graphics and pictures. Just love it!

Monsters University is definitely my favorite Pixar movie of all the time! While Up and The Good Dinasour got me so emotional, Toys Story and Brave got me hyped, and Wall-E and Monsters Inc got me relieved and really connected to them, Monsters University manages to get me exotic, hyped, enthusiastic, relieved, and emotional altogether. It has such a developed plot, beautiful graphics, peaceful soundtrack, lovely characters, exciting events to live with, and most importantly:

It got something to relate and get connected with. It got such complex morals...something that many movies actually contradict with it.

While many movies explain us about how we succeed in many things the more we try, this movie literally explains the OPPOSITE. Monsters University has taught me that us humans are not good at everything no matter how we try; and if even if we did, we won't be mastering them. Each one of us should accept his/her strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and disadvantages and ...more

Very underrated. People only hate it because they wanted a sequel instead, like SHUT UP! - darthvadern

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15 Finding Dory

That seen with the truck falling in slow motion! I cried from laughter! I had to look away I was laughing so hard! I open my eyes for one second and two sea lions (or seals I don't know) got slapped in the face by a gigantic falling fish! Oh that was comedy gold! Besides the truck scene, the movie was AMAZING! Still deciding if it was better than the first... Yeah, finding dory might of been slightly better. You have to see this movie no matter who you are!

Yes! This was the best movie and I don't even remember what happened! Please fill me in!

Dory is looking for her parents in the movie, it was a good movie in my opinion - Phillip873

Its not out yet

How is this so low? This was better than Finding Nemo in my opinion and it was a bit more enjoyable - darthvadern

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16 Lion King

This is not Pixar. - soulard

Disney movie

This is from Disney, not Pixar. Still a great movie, though. - piper1212

The Lion King isn't a Pixar movie. - DumbFriesNub

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17 Cars 3

I saw it yesterday, and it's actually really good! I think it's the best Cars movie so far. Yes, it's far from the best Pixar movie, but I think it's a big step-up from Cars 2 and it's the sequel we deserve! The only complaints I had were that in my opinion some scenes dragged on too long, and it lacked in terms of comedy. They were trying to make it all big and dramatic and didn't put a lot of comedy in it, which kind of had me bored with some parts. There were some parts that made me chuckle, but it wasn't laugh-out-loud funny. But I think the new characters were very well written! Jackson Storm was a villain where I genuinely got pissed whenever he came on screen or when I even heard his name! And that's good! He seems like a true villain and enemy to Lightning! Not the best Pixar has done, but still worth watching at least once. I would give this movie an 8/10. - UltimateCraig

This movie is great! It's not the best Pixar movie however it did become the best one of the franchise. The characters are great and interesting for the most part, the animation yet again is solid. Just everything about this movie is enjoyable. I really really liked it, it's also a big step-up for the franchise because Cars 2 is by far the worst Pixar movie, and Cars is not the best. This is so good and I hope to see it again soon!

This movie wasn't good. The entire conflict could've been solved by upgrading Mcqueen to have faster speed. He IS a car. Before you argue by saying he's a talking car and they can't do that, he was repaired earlier when he crashed, so why couldn't they just give him more speed? Not to mention the ending was completely stupid. Why would they allow Lightning to let Cruz finish the race? AND HOW DID SHE WIN? She was way behind when she started, and she has no experience racing. The first movie was way better in my opinion. - piper1212

This was way better than the original, this movie is pretty exciting and has a great story - darthvadern

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18 Ratatouille 2

I am so confused. - piper1212

What the

DOES NOT EXIST (yet) - darthvadern

19 Geri's Game

Love this movie

Great short! - darthvadern

20 Jack Jack Attack

Is this the incredibles 3? guess so LOL

21 Newt

It never came out. - 3DG20

Got cancelled.

Cancelled! - soulard

22 Monsters Inc 2: Lost in Scaradise

That movie don't exist

This movie was cancelled. - DumbFriesNub

It was cancelled.

Doesn't exist! - darthvadern

23 Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Not Pixar, sorry buddy. - Ashes

24 Mike's New Car

Great Short to Monsters Inc.

25 Onward

Releasing in March 2020.

Not even out yet!

26 Big World! Big Adventures!


27 Cars 2

Cars 2 was just decent. The story is too complicated and confusing, the characters are one-dimensional and underdeveloped and the jokes and humours are bad and not funny. But the animation is astonishing and feels atmosphere when they go around the world in Tokyo, Paris, Italy and London. It's still a fun action-packed movie to watch with your family.

Finding Dory and Toy Story 4 are not even out yet and Frozen is not Pixar. This movie was decent in my opinion.

It's better than the first!

Never make the comic relief character the main protagonist. - Ashes

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28 Brave

This movie has a very beautiful story to it! I am proud of Disney/Pixar for coming up with a beautiful tale with a priceless lesson behind it! Well done Pixar/Disney - docreywashere

In my opinion This movie does not get enough respect. Very Underrated. I love this movie

The movie is new, interesting and very high quality graphics enabled work!
It is best for children, mostly girls but adults might also enjoy it!

This movie is underrated, but it's still not the best. The conflict about Merida's mother turning into a bear because she ate a pastery that a witch gave to her daughter who THEN gave to her and became a human again when a tapestry was placed above her head... isn't that good. - piper1212

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29 The Good Dinosaur

There hasn't been a single Pixar movie I haven't liked yet, so this should probably be good. - doctorman

I can't say that I either Hate or Love this movie as it is not in Cinemas yet but I think that I will cause I LOVE Dinosaurs and Fossils (Ammonites are my Favourite Fossils.)

The Good Dinosaur delivers thrillingly beautiful animation in service of a worthy story that, even if it doesn't quite live up to the lofty standards set by Pixar, still adds up to charming, family-friendly entertainment.

This movie was not good. The conflict, the characters, everything wasn't good. The only amazing thing about this movie was the setting. The land around the characters was astounishing, but the characters themselves did not match the enviorment. It looked like someone was recording a huge plain with a high quality camera and added CGI dinosaurs. I wouldn't waste your money on this. - piper1212

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30 Planes

Ha hah I knew a film not made by Pixar would be on this list

It's a ripoff of cars and not pixar - TeamRocket747

Definitely not a rip-off of Cars (sarcasm)

Not pixar! But I love this movie - darthvadern

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31 Planes Fire & Rescue

Not pixar! But I like it - darthvadern

32 The Adventures of Andre & Wally B.
33 Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Definitely the best Pixar movie. It seemed like an odd decision for them to include live-action humans but I think it paid off pretty well.


So beautiful.

Best film of all time

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34 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

Lit movie 10/10 would watch again

not pixar! - Trollsfan536

35 Minecraft: Story Mode

1. This is a video game.
2. Even if this was a movie, this is Telltale Games and not Pixar. - soulard

This is a video game... - HunterBoy

So many people added troll entries, mine as well add fortnite here by little lizard - B1ueNew

This is a video game. Not a movie. - DumbFriesNub

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36 Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots

First of all this is not Picard and second this is the worst show ever don't vote it get it to the bottom

What these 2 are not pixar let alone movies.

I feel like people are confused by the description. IF YOU READ THE TITLE YOU WOULD KNOW! - SirSalvador

Not pixar!

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37 Wreck-It Ralph

This movie sucks and it is garbage! This movie is also overrated! This is a bad movie, do not watch this movie ever!

It is pixar because in the credits it says they helped out with the movie

This is not Pixar, but it was a great movie in my opinion, - piper1212

Not pixar! - darthvadern

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38 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods

Why does everyone think that these movies are Pixar? - soulard

Best pixar movie by far

Yes, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods (A.K.A Toy Story 6) is by far the best Pixar movie of all time. Especially the graphic sex scene between Buzz, Woody, and Goku's twin brother, Sodoku. - BeesexJohnson

Not pixar! - darthvadern

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39 Tiny Robots

This is a really good Pixar movie!
That was sarcasm.
Everyone thinks these are Pixar movies.
They're not. - soulard

10/10 best anime eva!

Not pixar! - darthvadern

This is not Pixar it is Video Brinquedo it is only a stupid Rip-Off of WALL-E.

40 Dinosaur

The best Disney movie. - DinoLover4242

not pixar - Trollsfan536

Not pixar! - darthvadern

41 Ice Age

Not pixar! Besides it's horrible! - darthvadern

42 The Emoji Movie

You're a jerk get this off the list! And also every non pixar at movie should be taken of the list!

Best anime of 2014, hands down - B1ueNew

This wasn't made in 2014, and no, it is one of the worst animated films ever created. - piper1212

Not pixar! - darthvadern

This shouldn’t belong here

43 Eyes Wide Shut

That is not a Pixar movie. Why is it doing on the list?

Easy the best family movie I have ever seen loved every second of it.

Best Pixar film, great for the whole family

Fun for the whole family! ’

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44 One Man Band

The short film is funny, heartfelt, wordless, and is surprising that it was made in 2005

45 Bao
46 Howl's Moving Castle
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