My Ranking (+Rating) of the Pixar Films

And a good day to you toptenners! Recently, I watched the latest Pixar film Coco and thought it was pretty good. Afterwards, it made me think of how exactly I would rank it with the rest of the Pixar films. This then led into me asking myself, how would I rank the pixar films in the first place? Thus the creation of this post had began.

Now let me get this out of the way, I am not the biggest animated film buff out there. I like watching them occasionally but I'm not exactly one to go up in arms over them you know? So I'm a bit more casual in how I view these films as a whole. Also I want to quickly state that I have not seen every Pixar movie yet but I have seen most of them at this point.

For those who are wondering, the pixar films I haven't seen yet are:
The Good Dinosaur
Cars 3
Finding Dory

So now that we got all that out of the way, let's now move on to the actual ranking (from worst to best):

#16 - Monsters University: Okay so I'm sure I have some of you a bit confused or even mad, that I put this below Cars 2. Hear me out on this. You see I knew Cars 2 was going to be pretty mediocre from the start. The original really didn't need a sequel, and the moment I found out Mater was going to be the main focus, yeah I was already sure. Monsters University however? I felt it had way more potential. The original did leave off on a cliffhanger I would say. So I figured, okay, well maybe the can continue more of the world they built and perhaps gives us more of Sully and Boo. Seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately that didn't happen. MU was pretty disappointing, as I knew they could do much better. Where as Cars 2 was just what I expected. 4/10

#15 - Cars 2
: So yeah, this is basically the Pixar fan's favorite punching bag. It's understandable, this really did blow. Mater is an okay comedy relief in the first film but an absolute terrible protagonist in the second film. The plot is so out there, so over exaggerated, I honestly gotta give it props for it's obscurity. It's a colorful, mindless children's film, meant to sell toys. That's all really. 4/10

#14 - Brave
: There are things I like about this movie and then there are things I don't. Merida is very wishy washy, her character tends to flip all over the place. Plus where the hell did the witch go? The whole mother turned to bear concept just makes me think of this as the female version of Brother Bear. It wasn't awful, but it just wasn't exactly all that great. At least it was original. 5/10

#13 - A Bug's Life
: This movie has definitely aged quite a bit. It isn't bad, it just doesn't hold up as some of the other animated films of the time. It's enjoyable and the circus bugs are pretty likeable. I felt the villain was a bit weak. Also I really disliked the whole liar reveal situation. That plotline has been pulled in almost every Disney movie at that time. It's just overdone. 6/10

#12 - Cars
: The first cars was a cute flick that had a pretty weird concept right from the get go. I wonder who came up with that in the boardroom; "Like guys, what if we made a movie about...get this...sentient cars" and everyone booed the guy until John Lasseter grew dollar signs in his eyes and boom! Cars! It's not a bad film, it's pretty fine for what it is, but I prefer other Pixar films at this point. 6/10

#11 - Inside Out
: Okay so now we get to the point where the ranking gets a bit harder to do. We're entering the pretty good film territory. I personally think Inside Out is a bit, just a tad bit...wait for it...overpraised. I know, I know, how could I? I don't know, it just seems like this movie is treated like the new holy grail only because it was the first pretty good Pixar film after 3 mediocre ones, that's all. Inside Out is clearly a well made film that is made with passion and care, I just didn't enjoy it as some others did ok? Ok. 7/10

#10 - Monsters Inc
: Next up we have Monsters Inc., which I enjoy pretty well. It's well made, has a cool unique concept, has a good variety of character designs and has a very likeable set of main characters. It isn't exactly the most spot on Pixar film, as they are certain things I wish the could've developed better, like Waternoose's whole villain twist for example. I also found Mike Wazowski to be kind of a jerk sometimes but I guess that's part of his snarky character. Overall, good film. 7/10

#9 - Coco
: Alright so here it is, the movie to start this entire post in the first place. What are my thoughts on it? Because I'm getting into slight spoiler territory here, I'll tell you right off the bat, I give it a 7/10. Just skip this section if you wish to avoid any type of spoilers and just know that it was pretty good as stated in the beginning of this post.

This may get some hate but Disney, enough with the villain twist already! It's getting super old. That is my biggest gripe with the film, I won't spoil who, but it kind of becomes obvious who it will be when you watch it.

Alright, small rant over, now what I like about it. Pretty much the majority of the rest of it. It was pretty enjoyable, had some very well detailed animation, great setting and I honestly was pretty emotionally invested in some parts.

#8 - Finding Nemo: Alright up next in our ranking we have the first of the really really good Pixar films. It is now getting pretty tough to rank the rest of these.
Finding Nemo is one of those Pixar films that is almost universally looked back on positively. And for good reasons too. It has very likeable characters, even the side characters are memorable. The amount of effort it must've took to make the water as realistic as it looked is very praiseworthy as well. The plot is simple but well set, and it's an all around a great adventure film with a lot of heart and morals. One thing I have to appreciate, is that there really isn't a villain, just some obstacles that both Marlin and Nemo have to go through. I respect the change in the formula. 8/10

#7 - Toy Story 3
: As much as this film really did end a wonderful trilogy (haha trilogy...*glares at the Toy Story 4 logo angrily*) I have to say this was my least favorite of the three. But to be the least best of one of the best movie franchises of all time, is not really a bad thing to consider. Toy Story 3 is a fantastically made film, that definitely kicks us in the feelies. It carries the nostalgia of the first two films and uses it to our emotional disadvantage. This movie is an evil genius! And it's a great one too. 8/10

#6 - Wall-E
: Wall-E was a really interesting film for me. I remember watching it at a drive-in theater, which was my first time ever going to one. So I remember the initial experience to be more about the drive-in rather than the movie. It wasn't until the movie came out on DVD where I really started to love Wall-E. Once again, it's a pretty unique concept that honestly was more of a statement on the environment then most serious environmental film/documentaries. It's incredibly charming, quite humorous and all around just a great film. 9/10

#5 - Toy Story
: Alright here we go, Top 5 time, starting with the Pixar film to start them all. What has been said about Toy Story that hasn't been? It is one of the biggest films to cinema in the past 25 years. It's a staple to animation and known as a cinematic classic. That being said, on the subjective side of things, I find this to be one of the best too. Story wise is pretty much flawless, every character's motive makes sense, every action done is reasonable within the context of the story. The character development is some of the best in a kid's movie. There are a couple world building plot holes that I'm sure some of you are very much aware of. Like how does Buzz know to not come to life when Andy's around at the beginning and stuff like that. But on a plot scale, it's solid as a brick. Animation wise it has definitely aged, especially the human character models, but it's still pleasant to look at. Overall one of the best Pixar films, easily. Definitely worthy of my top 5. 10/10

#4 - The Incredibles
: We are at the point where it is almost impossible to come to a final decision on how the rest should order, but here we are, at number 4, it's The Incredibles. This movie is pretty much the best superhero movie (don't @ me DC/Marvel fanboys :P), and I find it to be in my top 10 animated films of all-time easily. The world building is genius. It's weird how they can make political protests on superheroes so entertaining. The characters are all likeable, and the amount of satirical commentary is honestly quite daring for a kid's film. Only Brad Bird. I just love how all these superheroes are seen to be just like all the rest. They have families who bicker and argue, relatable social problems, all that stuff. They're literally just normal people who just happen to have superpowers and I like that. The plot is interesting all the way through, the villain for once, is not just some run of the mill evil dude. He has realistic motives, and is genuinely pretty intimidating (considering how many supers he has killed, he's probably one of the darkest villains in a Pixar film). If I had one gripe, it be that I wish it was explained more where the superpowers originated. They just apparently have them it seems. I guess it's "open for interpretation". Overall The Incredibles is basically just what I want in animated film. 10/10
(Here's hoping the sequel is of the same quality, or at least really close)

#3 - Ratatouille: Ooh boy, top 3, and have we got quite the film at third. This was initially my favorite Pixar film for a while. It's probably my favorite setting in a Pixar film yet. They really did a good job at making Paris look as magical as it's dreamed. The friendship between Remy and Linguini is so iconic and the whole "hair control" thing is just absolutely genius. I just love this film so much! It's grown to be one of my favorite movies in general. One of my favorite parts is the whole monologue near the end by Anton Ego. Gotta say Ego, well said mate. Ratatouille is phenomenal in practically everything. 10/10

#2 - Toy Story 2
: As you can see this is my favorite of the Toy Story movies. I say this is where Pixar really hit its peak and haven't surpassed it until #1 came out. This took everything great from the first,expanded upon it and made it into one of the best animated films of all-time. This is when the animation in Pixar films started to pick up, the use of more variety in character models, set designs, you can tell they were finally establishing themselves in that field. Story wise, it takes a different turn. It derives a more personal plot between Woody and some of the other characters. I really loved how they gave Woody his own background, and a very in-depth one at that. Jessie's backstory while not as in-depth as Woody's is still one to appreciate. You understand the characters, even Prospector gets a line that makes you understand his perspective as well. The side story with Buzz and the others is great too, as it shows these guys are friends and they'll do what they can to help each other. It's one great big adventure with many iconic and memorable moments. If there is one thing I have to nitpick, it's that this technically was the film to start the whole villain twist cliche that Disney just loves. Doing it once is fine. Twice? Sure why not. In almost every animated film of recent years? Come on, Disney.
Overall, I love this movie and it's one of the best Pixar films easily. 10/10


Yeah, it's Up. I mean, if you knew me then you'd knew this was my favorite. I've stated this a few times on plenty of lists/posts. Why is a movie about an old dude who likes balloons, an asian boy scout, a talking dog and a giant bird one of the most tear-jerking movies ever made?
What is this sorcery!?
But for real, Up is easily my favorite. The first ten minutes alone is enough to see that it's one of the best. The rest is one of the most heartwarming, emotional and entertaining adventures in a animated film yet. There are only two kid's movies that made me cry like a little b**** and that was Up and oddly Kung Fu Panda 2. (that's another post for sure)
Up is probably my favorite cg animated film, I would say. Animated film as a whole, it's definitely a contender. I will forever love this movie as most of the other movies of this list.

And so that is my rankings and ratings towards all but 3 Pixar films. What are you thoughts on this ranking? Are there some that you agree with, some you disagree. Is mine spot on to yours? Or did I just end up making you completely angry? Feel free to comment your thoughts. Consider this a pilot to a new post series I wouldn't mind doing. I enjoy writing stuff like this and it fits considering this is a ranking website. Let me know if I should continue this series or not. I'll judge based on the overall feedback whether I should or not. Also feel free to suggest other topics I could rank. They don't have to be about animated films either, it can be anything that I find interesting to talk about.
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this and that it wasn't a complete waste of your time. And as always, thanks for stopping by and have a good day! :D


YEEET - DCfnaf

I think that part of the reason that you don't enjoy Inside Out as much as a lot of people is because a lot of the characters are really flat and kinda boring. I think they focused a bit too hard on trying to have the characters represent emotions thanks to the fact that they are almost all really one dimensional - kempokid

Wall-E is best
Cars 2 is the worse
Cars also gets a 3/10
You know dinosaur movies that go on journeys
That is Good Dinosaur - RandomGuy1234

How have I not seen this yet I'll never know, I'll play along the rate, and rank game shall we...

Lower End Tier
XIX. Cars 2 IV out of X (The one bad movie of Pixar's entire lineup the black sheep that never should of been)
XVIII. The Good (Average) Dinosaur (2000 called, and they want their movie origins back) VI/X
XVII. Coco (Its fine, but I prefer most of the others over it) VI.v/X
XVI. Brave (Again It was fine for its time, but yet again Wreck it Ralph was great compared to Brave) VI.v/X

Middle of the Road Tier
XV. Cars 3 (The good proper sequel) VII/X
XIV. Monsters University (Underrated prequel with a nostalgia feel) VII/X
XIII. Ratatouille (I use to like this film back than, but overtime its kinda lost in the shuffle of other Pixar films that are clearly much better, and widely amazement.) VII/X
XII. Cars (The first movie was good, and perhaps the only one worth the time to look past the evolution of pixar as a bright shining light.) VII.v/X
XI. Finding Dory (A fairly decent sequel that works to best of what it could do with Ellen) VII.v/X

The Best of the Best Tier
X. Toy Story 3 (Another great sequel in the series, and nearly should of been the end of an amazing trilogy not looking forward to a love story in 4) VIII/X
IX. Inside Out (A very emotional touch feel of the more recent ones this stands with the most impressive stance greater than I could of originally fought) VIII/X
VIII. A Bug's Life (I won't deny it is a severely dated film being it's the second one, but I loved it back then the only downfall of it now is that how can I go back and picture the vile Kevin Spacey now? ) VIII.v/X
VII. Toy Story 2 (The great successor to the first movie, and it set up for some memorable characters like Jessie, Bullseye, and yes Zurg need I say more) VIII.v/X
VI. WALL-E (I was surprised at how much robots can become such a great generational film in this case WALL-E is another solid case of curiosity) VIII.v/X
V. Up (Great entertainment value that ha an old, man and boy with talking dog fly around to find the old man's idol in turn is the antagonist with a ton of other dogs great plot emotional end to a great soon a modem day sorta classic) IX/X
IV. Finding Nemo (Great movie, terrible video game adaption, but I digress. while the plot is henchly predictable, it turned out to be one of the most humorous search party like adventure to remember for ages. Shark Bait ooh ha ha! ) IX/X
III. Monsters Inc. (Man 2001 was arguably the greatest year in animation Spirited Away Great, Shrek Great, Monsters Inc. Great with amazing concept with vast elements that bring up greatness in the minds of Pixar) IX.v/X
II. The Incredibles (I Can't wait for the sequel to come out in a month I'm dying to see it, but in the meantime the first film had it all it was basically Fantastic Four in a way only action packed enjoyment) IX.v/X
I. Toy Story (Still holds deep down in this heart despite heavily being dated as not only arguably the greatest in Pixar's history, but it made a standard as the first computer animated film to accomplish what it did in 1995 with tremendous crew of voice talent to boot as well as a great story) X/X - htoutlaws2012

19. Cars 2 was Pixar's first big flop and remains to be Pixar's worst movie due to its uninspired story.
18. Cars 3 had a great start but a widely underwhelming conclusion.
17. The Good Dinosaur had a good concept that was executed in a bad fashion.
16. Brave had a somewhat well-written story, but a lot of scenes could've been stretched out to let the mood settle in.
15. Monsters University had a very basic story but what saves it is Mike and Sully's conclusive friendship.
14. Finding Dory was like a watered-down version of some of Pixar's best films where the only thing that saves it from its rushed plot was its comedy.
13. A Bug's Life was the earliest Pixar film and gives great reason as to how the studio turned out so great.
12. Cars had a much better and well-paced plot than its sequels and it makes me wonder why the sequels couldn't pace themselves this way.
11. Toy Story was one of the most relatable films for anyone who felt left out by their parents due to a new family member. My sisters definitely felt that.
10. WALL-E's ominous world presented an already intriguing concept whilst adding Pixar's usual brand of comedy, writing, and emotion.
9. Monsters Inc. presented one of the cutest parent-like relationships in animation history, all while incorporating an intense, funny, and emotional plot.
8. Toy Story 2 is a fantastic example of character development, even if your characters are something as silly as mere toys.
7. Inside Out was a surprisingly fun and imaginative film with an emotional conclusion.
6. Coco seemed to be meant to be the better version of "The Book of Life", and damn did it succeed.
5. Up utilizes and elderly man who's young at heart and journeys out to not just seek adventure, but to seek himself, and the way the film puts this together is strikingly beautiful.
4. Finding Nemo takes the overused "parent determination" trope and turns it into a beautiful adventure of a father journeys miles to not just find his son (whom he almost lost before his birth), but learn to take risks and trust others in a world of survival.
3. Toy Story 3 should be the final Toy Story in my opinion because the way it ended was more than perfect, and this film was so satisfying to see after a decade from its predecessor.
2. Ratatouille is the second Pixar film from Brad Bird and what make it so good in my opinion is the morality of the characters in the film, and once again, Bird did such a good job with maintaining this realism with the characters.
1. The Incredibles is definitely my favorite because of the maturity in it's themes such as parenting, marriage, survival, and mid-life crisis. The way Brad Bird blends this with the action throughout the film is flawless. - Mcgillacuddy

17. (haven't seen Cars 3 or Coco)
Monsters University
16. Cars 2
15. Brave
14. Cars
13. A Bug's Life
12 The Good Dinosaur
11. Monsters, Inc.
10. Finding Dory
9. Toy Story 3
8. Finding Nemo
7. Toy Story
6. Toy Story 2
5. Ratatouille
4. Inside Out
3. The Incredibles
2. Up
1. Wall-E - iliekpiez

Brave wasn't that bad - TwilightKitsune