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21 Russia on Ice - Porcupine Tree Russia on Ice - Porcupine Tree

Probably doesn't top the Floyd songs, but it's still an thorough epic worthy of mention.

22 A Day In the Life - The Beatles A Day In the Life - The Beatles

Come on. I love this song--probably my #3 Beatles song. But it's not prog. - PetSounds

Why have the Beatles got to be on every list even if it's unrelated? You could find the Beatles on a list of most beautiful ponies...

This song IS prog. Probably the first one too!

Amazing song and rightly on a proglist...but not my fave beatles song

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23 The Musical Box - Genesis The Musical Box - Genesis

A genuine prog-rock masterpiece. The genius of this song can not be expressed in words. It's as close to magic as you're ever gonna get without LSD or other psychedelics.

Pure joy to listen with its mood changes, great singing and amazing guitar and keyboard atmosphere. Orgasmic! Thank you Genesis for this Chef d'oeuvre :-)

Just magical, lucky the man who does not know it yet and has to listen to it for the first will take him out of time and space... you can listen to it as much as you live and it stays alive alive and forever fresh, never boring, just magical.

A magical experience every time I listen to this. Drama at ist best

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24 Telegraph Road - Dire Straits Telegraph Road - Dire Straits

Glad to the underrated gem that is 'Telegraph Road' by the underrated group Dire Straits on this List. For me, it is up nearer to the top, up with Octavarium, Echoes, 2112, and Close To The Edge. - Beatlesboy9

25 Lady Fantasy - Camel Lady Fantasy - Camel

Wow great work! Nevertheless the lyrics are quite mysterious and should be more precise. But this doesn't mean this is not a timeless masterpiece, and in fact it is!

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26 Nine Feet Underground - Caravan Nine Feet Underground - Caravan
27 Time - Pink Floyd Time - Pink Floyd

Wow! Beautiful list with wonderful songs! And wonderful artists! But personally I love "Time" because of many things: after listening this song, I wanted to play guitar (Gilmour is just great! ), and the lyrics remind me my parents who don't want me to do what I really want... And Mason is brilliant in the introduction!

One of my favorites... No doubt! This song completes the whole album concept, in which you hear the perception of time from the point of view of any given person, who once is young, but realizes that time flies away one day... Excellent and very recommendable!
Long life to Pink Floyd!

Its just a classic deserves a spot in top 5.

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28 Homesick - Airbag Homesick - Airbag V 1 Comment
29 The Sleepwalkers - Van Der Graaf Generator The Sleepwalkers - Van Der Graaf Generator

Van der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill are, probably, the best example of what prog rock means. Listen it loud and, please, pay attention to the words. Simply great. Top of class. They should be placed in NUMBER 1 in this list... You can not find in any other classic prog rock bands the musical scenery and lyrics brought by the songs in the following albums: "H to He, Who Am The Only One" (1970), "Pawn Hearts" (1971), "Godbluff" (1975), "Still Life" (1976) and "World Record" (also released in 1976). Please do not forget also the solo albums by Petter Hammill, in particular "The Silent Corner and The Empty Stage" (released in 1974), during a hiatus in the activities of Van der Graaf Generator.

YES YES YES YES YES! I LOVE this band, and this song! The lyrics are genius, David Jackson's sax and flute is brilliant, Peter Hammill's voice is amazing... Basically, everything that makes VDGG such a fantastic group is all demonstrated in this one song. - Mard

30 Dancing With the Moonlit Knight - Genesis Dancing With the Moonlit Knight - Genesis

They had a lot of great openings - "TLLDOTB", "The Musical Box", "Dancing on the Volcano", "Watcher of the Skies", but this is the best - so powerful!

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31 Epitaph - King Crimson

so peaceful and beutiful. releaves you from stress. best king crimson song. although shine on is also 1 of my favs, its already #1. - russian

Best, most musically sophisticated piece of music to come out of the 20th century. That is a fact, not up for debate. Case closed.

Epic, haunting, beautiful, simply perfect. My favourite song of all time.

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32 Pull Me Under - Dream Theater Pull Me Under - Dream Theater

A great song, but honestly probably the worst song off Images and Words. Learning to Live deserves this spot.

This song is pulled me into Dream Theater and prog world.
One of the greatest songs! - tomislav95

I listen to this song everyday. This song is nice example for progressive music and also the best from Dream Theater. I could listen the intro for rest of my life..

Learning to Live is better than Pull Me Under.

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33 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater

This song has perfect lyrics, switches genres several times and manages to keep a central theme running for 42 minutes with no boring the listener.

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34 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Um yeah, despite what a lot of people think, Queen may have been a pop/rock band, but they did do some pretty good Prog Rock songs. Bohemian Rhapsody is a pure example of one of them.

Bohemian Rhapsody Is Prog (checked and verified on the Internet and Wikipedia ) - Toucan

Sure it may not be the same length as 2112, Supper's Ready, Karn Evil 9, Echoes or Closer to the Edge but Bohemian Rhapsody is still a masterpiece in it's own right!

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35 A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers - Van Der Graaf Generator A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers - Van Der Graaf Generator

In my opinion this composition should be #1. It's real work of genius.
The most powerfull and deep composition of progressive rock music.

I can't quite understand how anyone who has heard this song would vote anything else.

If you want to listen to only one song it should be this one. This is the essence of 70's progressive rock. Timeless piece of art!

No prog song ever is as good as "Supper´┐Ż's Ready". That being said, this is as close as it gets.

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36 Schism - Tool

I think Tool it's awesome.. Because they had the courage to make a different kind of music... I don't think that everyone could listen to this kind of music... And I respect them for this :) ( Sorry for my bad english )...

I was hoping to see Tool here, thank you.

Maynard has the best vocals for a prog band

Amazing song, favourite from tool. Just try to figure out the timing and understand the meaning, you'll be scratching your head

37 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) - Tool
38 Trains - Porcupine Tree Trains - Porcupine Tree

Porcupine tree is my send favourite band behind Pink Floyd, and I like this song. But arriving somewhere but not here or anesthetize deserves this place for sure. Trains is more of a pop song than a progressive rock masterpiece. Still a great song though

Always the summer slipping away... This song is not just progressive music, lyrically it's so so beautiful, It's like a ghost of a memory, when I listen to it takes me on a ride of a emotional whirlwind. It deserves to be in top 3 at least

The clean intro guitar riff just blows you away and as it slowly starts to build the tempo of train moving on rails you will get goosebumps..

The best part is When I here the engine pass I kissing you wide...
And the ending drums and guitar just make you bang your head till you cry

I listened to this song myself. It sounds like if Rush went alternative and became Radiohead for a day. - Pony

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39 Ashes Are Burning - Renaissance Ashes Are Burning - Renaissance V 1 Comment
40 Tom Sawyer - Rush Tom Sawyer - Rush V 1 Comment
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