Supper's Ready - Genesis


At the time I was a YES fanatic always going to the "record store" looking for more YES or similar style music I always called it "Classical" rock back then because it reminded me of classical music only the 20th century version. Anyway, back to the "record store" one day I walked in and suddenly heard something that gave me goosebumps music to my ears as it were. I went up to the counter and asked "who is that? " he replied GENESIS I was ecstatic he pointed over to the wall where new releases were on display I saw there were 4 GENESIS albums! on display "which one is this one playing" I said..."GENESIS LIVE" he said, I felt light headed (not because of what I may or may not have been smoking) but the fact that I found more Classical Rock and was amazed that this was GENESIS LIVE a live album sounding this good AMAZING! I was and am a die-hard GENESIS FREAK. I bought Nursery Crimes and Foxtrot. Supper's Ready is my all time favorite song. by the way I went back to the record the next ...more

Epic Genesis story telling at it's best! Best Prog Rock song by far! Best 23 minutes you'll ever spend! Genesis never got any better than this. The atmosphere f the song is electric! How Pink Floyd has more votes is unbelievable

All a matter of taste my friend. Genesis is my second favorite band after Pink Floyd but I never understood the magic of this song in particular. It jut seems like a good song with some filler that could have been resumed to a 10 minutes one. I would have put the musical box, fifth of firth, the cinema show or One for the vine before it. - RalphSaad

By far one of the greatest, if not, the greatest progressive rock songs ever. A song that really makes you think about what it's really about. This song is in my opinion better than bohemian rhapsody. Now I love bohemian rhapsody. It's still one of my all time favorites, but any idiot can listen to bohemian rhapsody and understand the songs meaning. It takes a lot to think about the meaning of suppers ready and not many people understand the song.

Unequivocally the best song prog rock ever gave us. And the Nick Davis remix is revelatory--the actual VISION of the song is no longer impeded by the budget production, and Peter Gabriel's vocals have never sounded better than on this song. I'm 62 years old, and a lot of the prog rock I used to love sounds silly, undisciplined, and/or pompous. But this song is simply magical from beginning to end, and still the bomb!

I recently learned of this song watching a documentary about Genesis. Never gave them much thought before. I'm 39 so I really only knew the Phil Collins years. I can't get enough of Supper's Ready. I've listened to it about ten times since seeing the documentary just two days ago. I haven't been this excited about music since my mid twenties! Just discovered the Seconds Out live version. Phil sings the out of it!

I cannot understand how one could find any other band of progressive rock any better or more sophisticated than Genesis. There is no comparison. These guys really knew what they were doing...

Oh, and a question: why is Rush in this list? Just the screaming and irritating metal voice of their singer puts them in a totally different category, plus true progressive rock is British...

I can listen to only this song and it never gets boring/old to me! This is the most addicting song ever! The song, which involves more talent than any other song!

Famous for its big finish, the best section in Supper's Ready is probably Apocalypse in 9/8, but why quibble about the best bit when the whole is so good. I thought this track was really good when I played it regularly back in the 70's. Left it alone for a decade or so, and unlike most tracks when you go back to them several years later, this one sounded even better. Peerless.

If I had made this list, it probably only would have had Genesis, Yes, and Rush songs. That being said, Supper's Ready is awesome, but I'm not sure it's their best. What about the Hogweed, Watcher of the Skies, Firth of Fifth? I could list many more, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention possibly the most climactic song of all time, The Musical Box.

Best 23 minutes of music ever written. I don't want to repeat what others have said, but in my opinion this is truly a masterpiece. Genesis came together on this one and got every single thing perfect. They composed many fantastic tunes, but this is their magnum opus.

Echoes, SYD, and Time are all amazing but they can't beat the amazing storytelling of this epic tune. The writing, both instrumentally and lyrically, comes together so well. My favorite line in this song has to be "I know a fireman who looks after the fire." Goes to show what prog can bring.

Genesis are my 4th favourite prog rock band behind Rush, Pink Floyd and ELP. But this song is easily the best. An absolute masterpiece in every way. Also, whoever added follow you follow me to the list, that song is bland pop. Not prog

Foxtrot is arguably the album that really put Genesis on the map in the UK, and made them at least a footnote in the US. In Italy they were already very successful, but anyone who knows anything about Italian music of the 70s knows they were VERY into prog rock. Anyways, this song is the song I've listened to almost the most of any song ever, probably behind all of Dark Side of the Moon. It's just such a catchy song, and it demonstrates Gabriel's songwriting and composition skills perfectly, and demonstrates the band's musical talent very well as well.

Still remember hearing the opening beat of apocalypse in 9/8 at the conclusion of the Cage on the invisible Touch tour. Prog at its finest

Supper's Ready is the greatest song ever! Then comes Thick As A Brick by Jethro Tull and Shine On You Crazy Diamond is on a 3rd place! I know what I'm talking about!

Epic. Fantastic. Five of the best musicians ever, composed and performed the best music ever written. Spider's Ready is timeless.

One of the greatest songs ever. 22 minutes of the most complex music and story telling you'll ever hear. Genesis at it's best

While not my favorite Genesis song, if I had to choose one track to represent an entire genre of music, it would be this.

Fantastic composition, fantastic performance, and Peter Gabriel's best lyrics and vocal performance ever. I especially recommend the 2008 Nick Davis remix--I've been listening to this track since the 70s, and only now do I know the whole power of the track.

If one song defines all that was best about prog it was this one, followed closely by "close to the edge"

Genesis sometimes don't get enough love. All of them amazing talents, just an EPIC masterpiece.

Tough decision between supper's ready and echoes but ultimately I had to go with genesis.

Most worked music of all time, I love Genesis from Nursery Crime to A Trick of the Tail!

What a trip. Masterpiece A rollercoaster ride for your ears.

Epic prog masterpiece that will never be surpassed.