Best Ranma 1/2 Characters

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1 Shampoo

Set aside the crazy Ranma fan-girl thing she is one of my characters in the history of anime chicks! Below female Ranma and just above Amu Hinamori! Love this chick!

She is so cute, pretty, and has the bounciest hair

Cutest character

2 Akane Tendo

Akane Tendo is the best because she's a martial artist, so she would've been capable of defending and fighting for herself and then Rumiko Takahashi just have to force Ranma and Akane to be engaged to each other and turn Akane into a damsel in distress who constantly needs to be saved and rescued by Ranma. Ugh. Stupid Rumiko Takahashi should've let Akane stay a strong, independent martian artist.

She's the best


3 Ukyo Kuonji

The most beautiful anime girl I have ever seen.

Only likeable character to be honest

The only character I actually like.

Ukyo is clearly the one for Ryoga!

4 Nabiki Tendo

Though she's greedy and selfish, she still looks sexy in shorts

She’s a cool women B)

5 Ryoga Hibiki

he's cute

Was always my favorite - PugsfromMoon

I love the episode in ranma 1/2 when ryoga is with akane love it!

Ryoga is without question the hottest anime boy I've ever seen! It tops Yuki and Kyo's looks combined! For Fruits Basket!

6 Ranma Saotome

I don't know why people think he is an ass when he is friends with people who try to kill him. You'd need to be a saint to forgive the things Ryoga pulled. Plus, he's always saving Akane (and others) who treat him badly. As thanks he often gets pummelled by the heroine. Only a really nice person would save someone who is going to hit you in return for saving their live.

He's smart, nice, strong and entertaining.

He is akane"s fiance.i like it

Ranma is smart, hilarant and habdsome

7 Hinako Ninomiya

A sexy teacher with a full figure

8 Pink

One of 2 cute Chinese girls

9 Link

The 2nd of the cute Chinese girls

10 Kodachi Kuno

An obsessive and spicy femme fatale

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11 Mousse
12 Kasumi Tendo

Where's the love for Kasumi? She's the only character holding this dysfunctional family together, no-one helps her, she does this on her own and asks for nothing in return! She's sweet, kind and doesn't need martial arts to be awesome.

I love how she's so calm about the worst things...

She is very protect to her family and she never leave her family.she is a peacefull character

A beautiful older sister

13 Happosai
14 Tatewaki Kuno
15 Azusa Shiratori

Cute but bratty

16 Pantyhose Taro
17 Soun Tendo

He is a widower but it"s ok he have a 3 daughters.he always over protect to his daughters especially kasumi

18 Cologne
19 Nodoka Saotome
20 Akari Unryu

I think no one knows who she is... but she is gaga over Ryoga! Which makes her awesome!

21 Sasuke Sarugakure
22 Hikaru Gosunkugi
23 Tsubasa Kurenai
24 Mikado Sanzenin
25 Ryu Kumon
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