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61 Jurassic 5

Had an big influence on other rap groups like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. And j5 just got super good flow in all of thear songs in my opinion they are the best rap group out thear

How is J5 NOT higher on this list? They should out rank so many of these groups. Gangstarr is good but Jurassic 5 is way better, should be up top with bone thugz, nwa, d12 and such

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62 UGK

What UGK did for the rap game is undeniable. They are legends in the south because they have such an impacting legacy. They are the reason the southern music and rappers are relevant today. They easily deserve top 10 all time.

What! How are we gonna put UGK out of the top 12 or at least 15

Cmon UGK deserves to be in the top ten they were around back in the days of NWA! - Atliens

63 Outlaw Immortalz

The Outlawz in my opinion make the best music out of any of the groups. One of the problems is they are living under the shadow of arguably the best rapper of all time. Some people expect to have an unreleased Pac verse on every song they do. People need to give them a proper listen to, because far too long the industry has black balled them. Yes Wu tang are amazing emcees and are well respected because of their skills, for me the Outlawz make better songs. Here's some songs to check out below;
The Outlawz - Black Rose, Pushing on, Our life, Remember me, Real talk many more..

The list is based on publicity. Outlaws immortals, tribe called quest Westside connection are all top 10. How is d12 there? Just because of Eminem. Kadafi, fatal and Napoleon were better than kuniva and the others. Nwa should be followed be Westside connection. Group with Tupac has to be 2nd. I admit the remaining outlaws now aren't decent, but the 3 I nentioned earlier are wild as hell! Kadafi was dope but died at like 19, raw talent gone early then just like Pac.

The Outlawz were and will always be the best. They were trained and directly influenced by the greatest rap legend 2PAC. Come on now! No one beats the Immortal Outlawz! - CollectiveRhythm

I really don't understand how Outlawz can be so low? come on they were big in 95-96, this was Pacs group. And they still keep going at it!

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64 Digital Underground

Big up to the group that help jump start 2pac's rap career

These guys made some of the greatest songs of all time I.E. The Humpty dance, and doowutchyalike

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65 Paydar V 3 Comments
66 Ruff Riders V 3 Comments
67 Clipse

this upsets me that they aren't on this. The Clipse are an amazing hip-hop duo that is extremely underrated. The combo of Pusha-T and No Malaice deserve at least top 20. If you never heard of them look it up. Best Hip-Hop duo behind Outkast in my opinion - lewieg3

68 The Dayton Family

Best rap group their lyrics are real and gritty

69 Dope D.O.D
70 Doomtree

Of the 9 or 10 people I've showed this band to, only 3 or 4 actually like them. Maybe I'm just showing them to the absolute most wrong people, because these guys rule. - WonkeyDude98

But I think they're alright. Not the best in the world, but better than ICP, at least. - SwagFlicks

71 Taylor Gang

The taylor gang needs to be at the top

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72 Moltafet

Best beats, best lyrics, best flows and best songs!

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73 Twiztid Twiztid
74 ASAP Mob

Greatest rap group of the new school by far! Better than most old school rap groups and makes quality music. Should be top 10

Very underrated in my opinion(I think A$AP Rocky is the best one there)

75 Guerilla Maab
76 Army of the Pharaohs

Listen to contra mantra, into the arms of angles and tear it down.

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77 Outlawz

if tupac is #1 on best gangster rapper then his gang should be in de top ten of dis list

78 The Pharcyde

No one remembers these guys, but they rapped smoothly, and were crazy good dancers. Got me back into rap after a very long time.

They were ahead of their time. With their unique style of rapping the orignal odd future.

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79 Hilltop Hoods Hilltop Hoods Hilltop Hoods is an Australian hip hop group that formed in 1994 in Adelaide, South Australia. The group's founders are Suffa and MC Pressure, who were joined by DJ Debris.

How are they so low? Easily better than 90% of the groups above them. Just listen to the hard road album and you'll see why

Have to listen to these guys, they're awesome!

Hilltop hoods is the best aussie rap grop

Up up up up - ActOfGenesis

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80 Dilated Peoples

Come on this is Dilated Peoples were talking about, how are they not on this list, Evidence, Iriscience and Babu are all brilliant, Worst Comes To Worst is one of the greatest songs in hip hop and their first 2 albums are classics.

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