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1 Hinduism

Hinduism is the only religion where we can't find the root of the religion or from where it begin because it is depth and the first civilized and cultured religion in the world, it is the religion where other religion came and detected us then looted our valuable books of knowledge, golds and destroyed our scientifically built monuments
If you ask me, what is there in Hinduism then I will say you back what is not there in others religion is available in Hinduism.
Hinduism is the first religion which says the true meaning of GOD
GOD abbreviates of GENERATOR ORGANISATION DESTROYER but in Hinduism it had already said that there are 3 things were needed to run this world that is GENERATOR as Lord Brahma then Organisation as Lord Vishnu and Destroyer as Lord Shiva, we may called that using other word but we found this same concept before the world started to learn the English... Even Sanskrit is the most suitable language for computer software by a report in Forbes magazine in ...more

God is one why we make religion separate we must thing we all are one for god.

Religion is nothing but teachings or a path to reach to the ultimate goal called Self Realisation. I believe Hinduism teaches one or shows the path in more easy way, It never pushes anyone to get converted nor it thrusts its teachings upon anybody. It simply passes its message and that is how it should be. Not to mention anybody but can anybody convert into any so called religion just by speaking some verses and typing something or making him follow certain things. What is religion friends its simply a teaching style. Its all about attaining ultimate PEACE. that's what Great Gautam Buddha also taught. He taught us to go into the Zero. Which means going beyond good or bad. Going beyond everything where there is nothing but just blankness. Experiencing this blankness while in our physical form is the ultimate peace.

Most of us are so entangled in wrong egos, wrong faiths etc that we even forget what we are speaking. For eg. Anything which is apart from us but if we claim ...more

So beautiful, you explained it so simply as it is. This is the teaching

Hinduism is a great religion because Hinduism, lets you do whatever you want, you can follow ideas from any other religion. In Hinduism you are not restricted from doing anything. You may worship a idol or you may not, it all depends on what helps you get inner peace. Hinduism does not enforce any thing on you, according to our religion you may do as you wish. Hindus may believe in the words of Jesus and Mohammad along with the words of Rama, Krishna and Buddha. Our religion originated around the time of the ancient Egyptian and Greek religions and still survives till this day, despite the 1000 years of Islamic rule and 200 years of Christian rule. There must be something be special in Hinduism, because it still is the 3rd biggest religion. Hindus don't go around converting other people, unless people want to, then they may join Hinduism, by simply just believing and following Hinduism, because there is no special ritual or anything. Hinduism also has lots of science to it, its ...more

This and Buddhism are literally the only religions I like so far. I'm not the biggest fan of religions, but these ones make the most sense. - Powerfulgirl10

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2 Sikhism

It's the most recent religion that's why it's teaching are more related to modern times without any superstitions, fasting, idol worship, women equality, no belief that a certain God belongs to a certain people, rejects caste and prejudice, all humans are same and it's not what religions people follow but more importantly the way of life they live through truth and honesty which has more value towards salvation... Unfortunately many cultural beliefs have become incorrectly interwind within its true teachings, otherwise it could become a worldwide major religion. Principle belief there is no Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew all are under the same laws all are Gods people. All people are the same it's their outwards appearances that makes them different. Universal brotherhood 'God is the God of no religion. '

God is one and all is one. We are all one and God is within us all. We believe in equality for the human race know matter what walk of life you are from, we are all equal man and woman.

All peoples of all religions are equal sikhism teaches everybody

Sikhism does not condemn others to Hell or say if you are not Sikh you are eternally damned.

Sikhism is the best - Soni236

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3 Buddhism

Actually Buddhism is not a religion, actually vision. It tells us the great truth that rule the whole universe, concept of course and its result. There are no any other vision gives such a beautiful idea. No god take part, no actual influence to follow this vision, it's free to everyone you can feel it if you like. If you go at what the Buddha found, surely you can understand what is the actual truth inside our lives. It's more scientific and even deeper. But other religions more populated today just cause of their rules and scares. In Buddhism we don't have them. This vision is for intelligent people to think. Buddha gave freedom to Buddhist with peace and harmony for everyone, with ensuring the right of perfectly living of every human and animal. - kdana

You can live freely with Buddha's five prescript, which is very necessary for peaceful life. There is no fear of God in Buddhism which is great thing.

Buddhism is the only religion which truly makes sense and actually encourages free and rational thought. Some cultural offshoots of Buddhism are a little bizarre, but the things Buddha himself taught were brilliant. Christianity and Islam are only successful because they were spread by successful empires.

Very true Buddhism is greatest philosophy which teaches us how to lead life with full dignity and peace. It is the greatest religion which teach to forgive and not to revenge it believes only and only on Love, pity, kindness and most important humanity.

Unlike western organized religion like Christianity and Islam, Buddhists are Awakened. Buddhist don't believe that you should burn in hell if your not a Buddhist, nor do they have any extremists. Fear isn't incorporated into making you Buddhist like the Christians do to scare people into following their religion. Really all Christians do is worship, Buddhist dedicate their lives to bringing happiness to others and learning to overcome the suffering. Buddhist also believe their is no ultimate God, we are all god, god is within us we are all divine. Life is a test, so we are continued to being reincarnated into it until we finally pass it.

Sorry to say but seems you have no knowledge about what happened in Myanmar and other places as well. Besides, if there was no ultimate God and that we were all Gods by your ideology, then there should be some explanation as to how each of the 'human gods' come into being and so as the rest of the universe without any help from these 'human gods'. And please, there's no sense in each god being tested until finally passed because if humans were gods they should not be put to test at all!

Buddhism. Why? Because it is plain and simple - suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the path leading to the cessation of suffering. Everything is clearly stated, rational and the path leading to the cessation of suffering is a moral and spuritual guide that leads to nirvana or non-return. An end to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The only truth in this world as discovered by Gauthama Buddha. - Honor

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4 Jainism

Jainism is a religion of non violence. It promotes peace of the world. But more importantly, it promotes, peace within the self. It's the path that emphasizes to search for truth. It's logical and asks us to be logical. Nothing should be believed on blindly.
It's about self discipline and training. A path to achieve the true happiness which cannot be found in this material world.
It itself says that no religion should be tagged a the 'best'. And that a person needn't follow a religion to be a good person.
This is the oldest living religion. It's a spiritual path. No god is there who created us and we ourselves are responsible for better or good.

I am really lucky to be born as Jain and feel proud of my religion

Best religion in this world and I am very happy to be a Jain
And I seriously like this religion
In this world Jain population is less then among all religion
All religion in best in their ways but I proud to be born in Jain family

Why most people make themselves with no choice in term of religions, yet those religions typically were created and written by humans...

Jainism is the best and the purest religion in the world. No other religion comes even close to its purity. Non-violence is a virtue all Jains possess or should possess. Let alone eating an animal we don't even eat underground vegetables and smelly vegetables because a lot of microscopic insects are attracted to them and are killed when cooking such vegetables. We don't eat during night because without the heating rays of the sun many insects develop in the raw food and die during cooking. As you can see already through these examples, our religion is really logically and scientifically based. We don't say do not eat onion because it gives a bad omen or bad luck, we don't eat it because we know microscopic beings are at to it. Everything we do is logically based. Infact unlike all other religions our own scriptures say that before believing what is written in us first think if it is right logically or not. We are only asked to believe that which we have proof of being to be right and ...more

I proud for jain person, I am lucky, your thinking is very very good, proud of you

Jainism is the oldest religion. And had been trying to spread peace all over world. Its rules are strict but at last the final result will be the best. - bhandari_shail

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5 Christianity

Why vote this, why have this list. Isn't it more important to just have faith than decipher whether it's a hundred percent correct then kill each other if we don't have the same answer. There were fights between the shia and sunni, the nazis and jews, the terrorists and other countries. Wake up world. We're all right. I only vote Christian because I am one, even though we're all right here.

Christianity will be on top if there is no spam voters in this world. Christianity is having faith in Jesus Christ and having relationship with god it does not needed to be on top of this list to be the best. - paasadani

I really want to vote for Christianity and Islam because we the same look in both there history and there really the same I don't know why we have war with them even today Europe is trying to push back Islam and American Christians most not all think Islam is evil because of 911 and bin ladin why can't we just stop this religious war with everyone in India Christians are being attack by Hindus for thinking they killed there leader and one other thing stop this WAR WITH THE JEWS JUST STOP can't they get a rest ever scene Judaism came to earth they been push around and killed and never fight back from pagan Rome to the crusades and there are dumb Christians now who think everything is the devils work like harry potter or Pokemon yes Pokemon dumb non religious people who blame everyone and everything is the devils work like 911 this westbro church really made all non Christians think Christianity is dumb and want money all day there are lots of normal Christians who pray like Catholics ...more

I agree...

Islam is similar to Christianity, both believe that:

- There is only one God. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

- God sent prophets such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Joseph, John the Baptist, Jesus, etc.

- People should follow the Ten Commandments and the moral teachings of the prophets.

- Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a virgin; therefore Jesus was born miraculously.

- Jesus Christ is the Messiah and he performed miracles.

- The Old testament/Torah and the new testament/Gospel) are holy scriptures.

- Satan is evil; therefore, people should not follow Satan.

- An Anti-Christ will appear on Earth before the Day of Judgment.

- Jesus Christ will return by descending from Heaven and will kill the Anti-Christ.

- The Day of Judgment will occur and people will be judged.

- There is hell and paradise.

A lot of religions preach and present themselves as better than the rest but in practice they still dwell in ancient practices and have not evolved, most of them do not even acknowledge their dark ages and are ignorant of how globalization has made the world one big family. Practicing Christians are open about their past and have moved on, the church has made amendments and has progressed unlike most religions where they still stick to medieval or pre medieval mindsets.
Christianity is based on few simple principles and unlike most religions does not impose restrictions which makes it's followers fanatical.
It is the message of love and compassion.
I vote for Christianity as I believe in the message and way of life, following closely to Christianity would be Buddhism and Hinduism.

Hey. God never intended to make Abraham kill his son. He was doing it as a test of faith. As for putting Jonah in a whale, he did this to help Jonah realize that he should change his life. God flooded the earth because he saw so much evil in the world. If God's so uncompassionate, why would he want to save Noah, his family, and all animal life? While it is not widely accepted today, being inbred was necessary back then because the human race needed to become more populous when they were in smaller numbers. Finally, God let his own son Jesus die because he loved the human race so much that he let him die as a sacrifice to save us. Plus, Jesus resurrected back to life after three days. God has very much compassion indeed. - Therater2

I'm a Christian, but let's face it. From the eradication of Native Americans, to slavery, to the Crusades, to the Holocaust, Christians have done many terrible things. It's sad. They use the book that commands people not to kill as an excuse to kill non-believers. - JustAnAccount

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6 Islam

Thank you for the everlasting life Allah, you have given us so much, we praise you and adore you for all good and gracious things you have done for us. Oh allah give blessing to our true prophet mohammed (saw. ) Allah I don't don't know how to thank you, you are to perfect. Some muslim may have let you down some may have been good, oh allah please forgive everyone, help the poor, help the people around me. You are a creator, you are a sustainer, and you are the one who has power over all. We believe that if someone hits you, you should stay calm and be good to them, we don't care if we get hurt we only care that our lord high master (allah) is happy, and to make him happy we have to stay calm and relax, pray to him at average times so please if you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim, please understand and come join our religion, if you don't want to you don't have to, allah has given us all knowledge to choose options. So you choose carefully which religion you think. I am not forcing you ...more

Just came from an article where it states that Islam is the most destructive of all religion. Can't control my anger to those who used the name of Allah in politics to rage war. Shame to those who even think to relate terrorism with Islam because terrorism always goes against the Quran. The greatest gift I ever had was to be born as a Muslim, everything is so much beautiful when you get to learn and realize Islam.

The very word you said "Can't control my ANGER" shows that how destructive the path you have chosen. But you will now know until you come to Lord Jesus

Islam is a true and honest religion, which you other religions are making jokes of. I have seen all the rude jokes of people making fun of Islam, and teasing the most high gracious book of all time. You lot should be ashamed of yourself. But when the day comes of keyamet (end of the world) you will all suffer the burning of hell, you will have punishments after punishments and then even more punishments. So always remember to never make fun of anyone's religion especially there holy stuff they use. As you are still reading I shall say a dua (prayer).
Oh Allah the master of the universe, protect us from bad deeds and lead us to your beautiful paths. Each step we take, always be in our hearts. As we are building our future for our family we will always remember our past, of how we learned and how we grew to be successful, you have help me in all good ways. We thank you. You have never let us down. We thank you. And their is not one thing that we can deny and say that you have done ...more

I proud to be a Muslim and Islam is the best religion of universe and the original too.

My vote is only for Islam.

Islam is the religion wich tell about every thing from hazrat adam to prophet Muhammad saw - Muhammadyahiya

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7 Shivism

Shivism is one of the best religion as shiva is one of the most powerful god on Hinduism too

People of this religion live in Himalayan and worship loard Shiva

Most people think that Shiva is the calendar figure they see now a days, when in fact it is truly an extension of the now scientifically sound belief that the universe came from a singularity, the black hole, ancient people knew this and told it through the duality of nothingness and all that exists... They say that shiv shakti are the same,.. And shiv is essentially a formless non entity, shakti is energy... In modern science, it is well known that the universe began with the big bang, a singularity. A black hole. That is what Shiva is. In quantum electrodynamics if EM fields are generated in vacuum particles are created, and in the Vedas, it is said that shakti danced around the cosmic expanse of shiva's body that woke him up from his slumber and he was angry, his rudra avatar, and then he spewed all the galaxies and the entire cosmos from his mouth... Also the CMBR cosmic microwave background radiation is nothing but his voice... The aum that still resonates in the universe. Also ...more

Balwant Singh

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8 Hare Krishna (ISKCON)

Hare Krishna is many power and many colour India god. Great body and Hare Krishna is select to serial Xena warrior princess 4 episode.

I don't know why this has it's own section as different religion. This is the same as "Hinduism".

The holy name of the lord is the lord itself... HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE... HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE... Chant and be happy...

Dost krishna is the best. His achievements in his life has inspired all the world. My Dost is just great for me

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9 Vaishnavism

Vaishnavism isn't an different type of religion please stop dividing Hindu people by posting different names. A serious request please please understand vaishnavism and shivasm is Hinduism and all three religions in these are one and the same nothing else.

Vaishnavism is one and only religious in which we worship god krishna and treat like our child

Vishnu or Shiva are good old stories of Hinduism; You can never prove these imaginary personalities. Why don't you accept the very Nature it is here before your eyes with enormous power and all. Come to believe in real things!

Jai Shree Krishna

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10 Judaism

Jain is best for me

Because I feel this religion is one of the most hated ones, despite being the oldest one. The bible states that Abraham's sons were the fathers of the future to come religions, Judaism and Islam. Now if the two religions are brothers, why not love one another? But then again, it's hard when I have Muslim FRIENDS telling me it's okay to kill Jews because Jews stole Israel from Muslims. Umm, ya do know Jews were here before the Ottoman empire took over Israel, right? So theoretically, Jews just took back what was already theirs. Yet I get FRIENDS telling me that Jews don't belong in Israel, and then call themselves peaceful when they support Arab teens killing innocent Jewish mothers and children because they are just "defending their country." And Christianity is LITERALLY the "son" of Judaism. Christ was Jewish, for some of you that might not know. He never meant to actually start his own religion and to be honest if he didn't, he would have probably be considered ...more

The happiest religion because it's fundamental principle is to Love thy Neighbor as Thyself, regardless of his religion. One need not be Jewish to go to heaven, just obey 7 universal laws, like not killing, not stealing, not being cruel to animals, etc.

Its's adherents have gone on to the most amazing accomplishments, huge percentage of Nobel prizes, violin virtuosos, chess champions, billionaires, phlianthropists. We love each and every human being with all our heart. We thank G-d for his goodness, and that he grants us health, family and prosperity. Saying thank you is our most important value, whether to humans or to G-d. Our second most important value is to constantly study and learn more. We are forbidden to say a bad word about anybody, even if true, unless for a valid purpose like when seeking info about a business partnership or match for marriage.

If that is so, that Judaism is the happiest religion, because of its fundamental principle to love thy neighbour as thyself, then why do so many of the Jewish state's (Arab) neighbours suffer? Are Arab neighbours of the Jewish state not meant to be loved, or given the same rights?

Best religion by FAR

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11 Spiritualism

Saints, prophets, gurus, masihas, (whatever name people associate to them,) whenever they come in this world via miracles or normal way like us, they came in a form like us. They came from the higher levels with a message of Almighty to come back home from this creation. People full of ego compare their teachings with the religion they are born and brought up, and start being enemy and torturing them, time passes other people make it another religion, actually no religion made without a living master. Fortunate are those who learnt to love to a living form of God. Unfortunates will never believe that the creator can come in human form. Think! This is the only form who can teach us humans. Spiritually is the only true way to travel inward back to home,leaving behind colour, cast, religion.

Mankind and Humanity is the greatest religion and each religion leaves an essence of the same in it.

Spiritual ism. When you start your journey towards your spirit it is called spiritual ism. But it is not ism. It doesn't have any brand name and no conflict for the brand. It is a group of meditative people for meditation only. It is the sun under which all flowers grow which are called religions. Real source of every religion is spiritual ism.

I believe no religion is above another as all lead to the same path

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12 Gandhism

I proud to be a jain

We proud to be Sikh

I agree that gandhis views were non violence. But hd doesn't deserve to be compared with religion or be made as a religion

The day we teach our children and we all follow Gandhism there will be no terrorism no violence in this world

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13 Scientology

Scientology should not be considered a religion. It is a cult. Ask anyone and they will say the same thing

Why these guys bringing Jainism in everything? What science is to it? Be happy with your religion but don't tell others that it is 100% scientific.
Life is in everything. The very breathe we take also contains microorganism. The only true Jain in my belief, would be the one that destroy it's own immune system so that it won't fight any bacteria in his/her own body.
When we walk even we step on millions of bacteria. Then why would we be even bother of eradicating dengue, malaria, Hepatitis or even HIV? These are innocent insects, bacteria and viruses that found it hazardous to co-exist with human...

When anyone posts, please state the exact fact, and not what you think how your religion should be. I respect Jain and many other religions.

I think only Existential would be too Spiritual, but I am one of them. What is the purpose for us to live? Etc. - GirlyAnimeLover

There is no religion other than Scientology that is able to save your life once a day or once a week. I've seen so many profound changes in so little time. And it is all standard. Meaning the wins and cognitions some get will be reached by others too. But at the same time, it is totally individual. Only the method used and the states aimed at are the same. The personal realizations are always very unique.
Scientology offers some things that no other religion offers. For example, if you don't get the aimed result, there is automatically a correction unit that makes sure everything went well and brings in order whatever what not perfect. It corrects itself permanently from occurring errors. Where do you find that? Imagine a person going to tell his sins to a priest. At the end the person is still not relieved. Well, in Scientology, if the relief doesn't happen, it means something went wrong. And it's gonna be looked at until the parishioner gets relieved. Whatever it takes. That is ...more

I'm usually pretty tolerant of other people's beliefs, but scientology is one of the most idiotic "religions" (cults) ever invented. - Alpha101

Scientology is like the religion version of pay-to-win. - username34

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14 Catholic

Catholicism mostly deals with the belief that there is one eternal, everlasting, and loving God who rules over all of space and time and created everything in the physical, and spiritual world. It also teaches that humanity is the child of God and that God himself sent his second form, the son to die in order to relieve humans of eternal damnation. It focuses on various virtues one is to possess in order to please God, and teaches that there is life after death in the form of heaven, hell, limbo, and purgatory.

Being a Catholic means that you are a child of God and we are all equal. No being is higher than the other. It also means that we should be kind and caring and that you should also teach others to do the same. You don't have to pray 5 times a day just to please Him, okay, He would like to have you praying to Him but don't do it just for the sake of it, do it honestly and have faith while doing it. If you don't do those things praying that way is useless. It is NOT the proper way to pray. Also while at mass, try to sing the songs. Singing to God has 2 times praying. Dancing AND singing for God, well let's just say that He likes it

As I can see, servants of GOD in this religion are full of humbleness. Everyone is free to enter the church and listen to the gospel and meditate the word of GOD. No membership needed, but a RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD is absolutely NEEDED to extensively proclaim the Name of the LORD. We believe and worship the ONLY GOD. We Learn to respect people that are righteous and faithful to GOD, like Mama Mary, and admire them but not worship them because we worship and serve ONLY GOD.

Catholic is what we believe that god help us with everything we need and that he won’t punish for the bad thing we do in live we don’t believe in hell. But Howe also believed in the Virgin Mary who is the women that give birth to Jesus and that what we believe.

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15 Digambar Jainism

Digambar Jainisam is the best religion because it is infinitive years old religion. It preaches 100% scientific facts. Jainisam teaches that there is no such power in the world that can create or destroy universe. This universe is there since infinitive years and it will be there forever. So we don't have to worry about ending of world. NO ONE CAN HARM YOU similarly you CANNOT HARM OTHERS. So if you want to become happy you have to find enemies inside you like anger, hate, affection etc. It also teaches that all living being can become god if they are follow this religion proper way. For that you should avoid all type of violance in thoughts, in actions and in words.

Best religion in world because digambar saints protect every organisms in the world.. They live and let others live..

The best religion in the world teaching ahimsa.

Hum jain h

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16 Swaminarayan

Swaminarayan god is one part of Hinduism.

It is the best religion in the whole world

Swaminarayan is best.
Swaminarayan is only living god in whole the world - ParthPanchal

Jay swaminarayan

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17 Sanatana Dharma

I am Hindu and I proud to be Hindu and Sanatani

Is the best religion in the world I'm proud to be Hindu

I proud to be Hindu & I love & regard my god

The Sanatana Dharma is the most oldest dharma of the world..all Religions after then.Ist is sanatana dharma...BRAMHAA G CREATED FIRST OF ALL THE PEOPLE..IST CREATED MANNU SHATRUPA...on EARTH..we r all child of manu shatroopa...english peoples said Adam and eve...are our information more.let I tell you...BRAMHA VISHNU AND MAHESH...MEANS LORD SHIVA...THEY THREE CREATED ALL THE THING OF WORLD...AND Vishnu v all in all he crested BRAMHA G...from his stumuk in Rose...and Shiv G is created by vishnu's sataya sanatana...dharam is thousads of years old.riligon...

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18 New Age

Religion is useless and destructive. People follow one of the religions because they have been brainwashed by the society and it serves as emotional support.

Please have respect to religions, what if Atheist is teased like that? What do you feel? - GirlyAnimeLover

Sikhism believes that there is One Almighty

Proud to be Sikh and believe in Sikhism

I agree ish even thxough I am Chrustain I hope God doesn't punish me for this!

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19 Sunni Islam

Sunni Islam is the best in world

I proud to be a Sunni Muslims

Islam is good I proud I am Muslim keep voting please

Islam is the best religion in the world

Sunni Islam is not a religion!. It is a branch of Islam. There are two branches, Sunni and Shia. There should not be two branches in islam. Islam should follow the same rules but shia left the sunni religion and made a new branch. The main branch is Sunni which is 80% if Muslim population. I don't like Shia. I am a Sunni - Zayyam

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20 Zoroastrianism

Good thoughts
Good words
Good deeds

Islam is the best religion in the world

I'm christian (in a way) but zoroastrianism is cool. freddie mercury was one - rockit(primejive)

Its got a Z in it

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