I am Catholic, but I don't think there is a best religion. Every religion is great in its own way. Religion is what people believe, and this list is perplexing, difficult, complex. There's no way to rate the religions from best to worst. Some may conflict with each other (Catholicism and Protestantism is an example), some get misunderstood (Satanism isn't just devil worshipping), and some religions flourish, others die out sadly. We all believe in different things, and I respect other beliefs. I may not believe the same thing as them, but they have their own beliefs, and they most likely respect mine. I don't think there ever will be a "Best" religion. Or at least in my eyes. - Turkeyasylum

Its not about fingering. If you go back in time, say history and study about Christianity and Catholism you will realised that Catholism is nothing a compromised version of true Christianity. Why Catholic still pray to mother Mary is just meaningless. Trying to add worldly wisdom into the perfect plans and wills of God. She was a virgin chosen by God to be a worldly mother of Christ to become flesh through the Holy Spirit. She is one of the saint! She is not the literal mother of Jesus. I don't mean to be rude but I should be telling you the truth isn't? If one could still pray to Mary then it is also not wrong to pray to the other saints, and if I become a priest or apostle it implies that you would come and pray to me! Well, If I indeed become a priest I'd tell you, "I can do nothing for you, go and pray to God himself! " But Mary was already death before she could say such. Sprinkling of water also not to the correct point of theology. Theology has been corrupted. Catholic was ...more

I would die in hell, but I'm Jewish and don't believe in hell. Sorry about that. I'll give you the update when I decide to die in a place that I don't believe exists. And, yes, like I have said many times before, every religion is true in it's own way, and technically, catholicism is basically a form of Christianity, and without Judaism, Christianity wouldn't have been the same. I'm not judging. And also, I only know a few religions that worship statues, but Catholicism is not one of them. - username34

I vote Christianity as the best religion in the world. For, I lived with it and experiencing it for 30 years. Even though I did not explore all religion in the world, I am contented the truth behind my Christian faith. Trials were very hard, but, happiness of experiencing trials and sacrifices in life will make you distinct from others. Experiencing God in life and life with God is a very awesome life. With you who lived with God and you in God will be a perfect life.

Catholicism is the original Christian religion. It came directly from Jesus Christ. Every other Christian religion was created by man because they thought they knew better than God. Catholicism has stayed true to its original teachings. Contrary to what many think, we believe in love, peace and harmony throughout the world. The more I learn about this faith, the more I grow to understand it and love being a part of it. Catholic means universal, which means this religion is for every human being on earth, regardless of one's past sins. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm glad that I'm learning from a community of such amazing people working together to proclaim the glory of God.

Technically, the bible was written several generations after Jesus's Death... So... - ARandomPerson

Technically, Jesus did write the Bible, considering that the Bible's writers were inspired by God as they were writing it. Jesus is God, so in effect, Jesus wrote the Bible. - Therater2

In my humble opinion, it's scary to see Islam take the number one spot on this list. The way they treat women is unjust and just plain wrong. Despite this I'm very pleased to see Catholicism on this list. It was the very first branch of Christianity and was initiated by St. Peter. It is also the most traditional of all churches. We may have had a rough history but we stick to our roots and work on enhancing the Church, not changing it. Some might say Catholicism is boring, service isn't fun and its followers are cold. Mass is not designed to be fun. It's designed to worship God and recognize his impact on the world. We're not cold either. We just worship independently and give all our attention on God and not whose around us. This doesn't mean we ignore each other. We just simply put God first. After all, this world wouldn't exist without him and I wouldn't be writing this paragraph.

Is it really scary? That means you know nothing about Islam and women in Islam. I request you to please try to learn about it.

I am a Muslim woman and Islam is the only religion that gives all rights to women.

I believed that the Holy Catholic Church is the first branch of Christianity, I believed that the true believer of religion relied the apostolic succession, necessary to know the true Christian apostolic church. It was the foundation of Christian truth build and founded by the apostles by Holy Ministry of Divinity of Jesus Christ and it was based in the ancient original Holy Scriptures not any other Scriptures.

The Catholic Church welcomes all sinners and turns them to God no matter what their previous religion might be. God is happier with 1 sinner turning to Him than with those who are already leading Christ-Like lives. If you ask me no matter how many years you haven't listened to God, you can rebuild that that bridge in seconds. I speak from experience.

Does no-one understand that Catholic IS Christian. Why is Catholic posted as a separate category than Christian. The first ever Christian church WAS CATHOLIC. The correct way to post in two separate categories would be Christian Catholic and Christian Protestant. Man, how come no-one knows this?

This is the truth. By the way we don't worship statues you lowlife hater who has nothing better to do but say crap

Idiots- Catholics are Christian. We aren't two completely separate religions or beliefs all together. We just believe in purgatory (which, in fact, is mentioned throughout the Bible in one way or another-it just isn't named "purgatory") and that Mary was virgin and that the bread and wine that we take at communion actually turns into Christ's flesh and blood. - mpgami

We believe everything that Christianity believes in. We believe that the Catholic Church is the True Church founded by Jesus Christ and it is the oldest Christian denomination out there. We believe in God the Father the Almighty, Makef of Heaven and Earth, and in Jesus Christ His Only Son who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified died and was buried, he descended into hell, the third day the arose from the dead, he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty, from there He will come to judge the living and the dead. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, who with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified and who has spoken through the prophets. We believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Appstolic Church. We believe in the communion of saints. We believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. We believe in the ...more

The one, true faith of Jesus. With that being said, is the Church perfect? No. Has it ever been? Maybe just after the resurrection. Regardless, the beauty of the Catholic faith is astounding. The incense, the massive Gothic cathedrals, the beautiful stained glass, wonderous songs and chants, the Holy Mass. It is truly magnificent. The Seven Sacraments, the intersession of the saints, the corporal works of mercy, gifts of the Holy Spirit. Everything, of course, is centered around the Mass, a gathering of disciples of Christ to celebrate the mystery of His passion, death and resurrection into Heaven. As Catholics, our official teaching does indeed recognize the true validity in other Christian faiths, and we now accept them as friends and brothers/sisters, not enemies. We ask Mary to INTERCEDE for us on our behalf; we DO NOT WORSHIP HER< NOR DO WE ANY SAINT. It annoys me how cynical some people are when viewing the Catholic faith.

I don't think being catholic is bad but the Catholic Church has not always been great and stayed true like some people are saying. In the Middle Ages the Catholic Church was very corrupted and lost sight of its true focus. This lead to the Church reformation which causes different types of Christianity to branch out - lbelle0527

I believe in one God, the Father almighty. Maker of Heaven and earth. Through Him all things were made for us and for our salvation. He has spoken through the profits. He will come again in glory to judge the living and dead and his kingdom will have no end. I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ.

Catholicism is the only religion and Lord Jesus Christ is the true way who provide us salvation through his own sacrifice that no religion did this for humanity. I love Catholicism and my Lord Jesus Christ

It is immoral to make a list of best religions. Rating one religion better than another. That is biased and horrible. No religion is better than another. Unless it is Scientology, Scientology is stupid. - Ace_of_spades

I believe that Christianity is a religion which allows us to have spiritual relationship with Christ and the one who have Christ in life is spiritually blessed.

Being a Catholic I am greatly honoured and I like to live along with the word of god. Reading Gospel means for me to be with God because I am nothing without that supreme power called the only God...

This is the biggest religion in the world for example and we don't slave each other with barbaric traditions such as chopping hands of others for stealing as much as an apple but if done that you would be forgiven even tough the 8 comitment says THOU SHALL NOT STEAL

People trash Catholicism a lot, but you shouldn't judge the religion by what some of their followers do. In any group there's bound to be some bar people. It's not like the Catholic Church teaches people to do bad things.

I am confident I am in the right place, and no matter what I know someone is always with me.

It is the best religion I have found. I

The Catholic religion started it all, so this one should be #1! - docreywashere

This religion is far from boring. Catholics have been the coolest people that I've ever met and have made the best friends because many are humble, kind, and believe that there is more to live for than just what will happen in this life.