Digambar Jainism


Live and Let Live is the Jain Mantra!

Please don't divide Jainism... Unity always wins.. If all joins vote in one single head JAINISM... Chances of wining will increase... I am a digambar jain... But I am not voting here... I am voting for jainism

It is not different from jainsim, but a branch of it, hence request you to club it under jainism.

Jain religion rules are very scientific.

Digambar Jainism is not a path or philosophy of life but it is nature of the soul.

Digambar jain saints are real saints on this universe. They live very hard and unbelievable life. They remain naked throughout their life, walk without wearing any shoes, eat and drink only once in morning no water no food later for full day, eat in standing position eat only when offered does not demand for food. Can not get admitted in hospital if sick, cannot take alopathic medicine or treatment, can not stay in one place for longer time, cannot intervene in family matters of others, cannot travel in vehicle and many many other things. Jains are totally Environment friendly people protect all human beings including plants, insects or anything which breaths.
I am proud to be Digambar Jain

It's true religion to find the ultimate destiny. Live and let live others is final message.

Digambar jain is the future of world

Why do you say digambar Jain is the best
Lord mahaveer thought us only one religion, them why do we humans divide itself into digambar or shwetambar or any other division. If we all stay United no other religion can beat us
Jainism is the best and truthful religion

Digambar jain is the only say live and let live. Mahatma gandhi was say nonviolence study complete in Digambar jain and way to learn in our life. We all are only live happy in way nonviolence.

One of the best to reach salivation

Digambar Jain Dharma is Original & Best Dharma in the world

Jainism is not only an oldest religion in the world but it is the most scientific religion. It does not believe in the concept of God. According to the jain philosophy the world is not created by any God. There is no God who maintains and destroys this world as per his / her desire. We are responsible for our actions. Jainism never support killing of any living organism whether it is smaller or bigger. It believes in ultimate non violence and multidimensional thinking. In nutshell, Jainism is ancient but modern religion.

A religion which teaches about nonviolence,"AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA", forgiving others and asking others to forgive us.. a true follower, ought to attain moksha.. Jai Jinendra..

The facts and believes are awesomely explained not which not only theoretically but also practically true. It is a very good religion to follow because in this religion no one is harmed also you are not harmed. No formalities to follow no ritual to be done without any logic.

No need to vote and using social media for religion at least. Your religion is what you feel towards others, your religion how good human you are, your religion how you help poor.. If you are doing all these things then definitely you have your own religion, it doesn't need any name tag :) all religion ultimately wants humanity if you can give this you are the best

It's not a religion it is a matter of fact! There is no God in this religion all living beings have the capacity to become gods. This is the only religion which treats all humans as equals and also respects all human beings irrespective of their faith or religion. They also respect all living beings as they have feeling like humans!

I was born in so called jain faith, but until I came in contact of Digamber faith, non violence not only with other souls of this universe but to oneself as well, like harity begins at home, ahinsa to self starts here. Jainism is logical scientific facts, like microscopic souls that science has known today were known in Jain scriptures many thousands of years ago, before even sience came into existence. There is no creator and you reap the fruit of your deeds in time, and your past is a fruit of your your conduct in your past lives, soul is eternal, never dies, but your body is separate from its soul, hence what we call death is of the body without death of soul.

Jain religion is most scientific. It believe every living creature fear from death and wants to live peaceful life. Final goal of every one is to attain salvation. There is no creator or destroyer of this universe. There is no outside power responsible for our pains or happiness. We and we alone are responsible for our sorros. One cannot get happiness by possessing but by sacrificing.Principle of Nonpossession is must for nonviolence. Nonviolence is key to human happiness. Followers of jain religion practice nonpossession and nonviolence. Every body men or women, rich or poor, any cast, colour, from any county or place can follow Jainism, without any condition or restriction.

Yes Digambar Jain is the oldest religion! It's the right way to attain eternal peace. Its deep, and gives detailed and scientific explanation of each and everything.

The very old religion in the world and there thinkings r LIVE AND LET LIVE. Proud to be jain because we live life and make live others peacefully and we don't kill any living things. We believe in peace and non violence.

Jainsism is a very scientific and logical way of preaching things and the way it preaches is called the Jainism, Jain is not the name of any person. It is the effect of an act that is to say who has conquered over his body organs. An easily understandable philosophy if properly taught or understood.

It is the religion in world where its god says do not pray me but follow my path of salvation and become like me. Let stop of this recycle of birth and death it seems good only when you are in human form but if you take births as per your deeds, as animal, birds.. Then life is very difficult.

Jainism is based on the science and oldest religion. Preaches us how to live good life without hurting other living animals and how to make best use of this life. Whatever science is discovering now,

The simple message is YOU ARE ADDRESSED AS GOD -no other religion gives you such a title
It is in your hands how to better your future
Rather than searching peace in the outside world try to know your inner self and what is the purpose of you being born as a human being