Hinduism is only the religion of peace. It is the only religion which have scientific origination. The most intellectual religion of the world. Some great facts about Hinduism are as follows:
1. Aryabhatta invented zero "0". Without which maths was not possible.
2. Bhaskaracharya was a mathematician and astrologist who provided the diameter of earth hundreds of years back. Presently NASA found only 1% difference between the diameter given by Bhaskaracharya and NASA.
3. It is said that Jesus learned the powers from India during 10 years undocumented time of his life.
4. Principle of electricity is described clearly in Vedas.
5. 8700 year old book documents the 7 planets and also the fact that pluto's orbit cuts through Neptune's.
6. Gravity was known to Hindus around 5000 years back. As it is clearly stated in Mahabharata about solar eclipse prediction from Lord Krishna; this clearly means he and other hindus of that time was aware of gravity.
7. Computer ...more

How does the innovations and discoveries prove that your religion is true

Peaceful and flexible religion in the world - wolvi420

Hinduism followed the scientific principles over 10000 years ago. It is the oldest religion in the world and also the most rich in culture.

Well, an 8700 year old book documents the 7 planets and also the fact that Pluto's orbit cuts through Neptune's.

Hindus were men of science. Only during the colonial period of India, Hinduism was suppressed by the colonizers and the Islamic sultans before them.

But, Hinduism isn't a religion, It is a way of life.

Where is the science behind worshipping cows? Scientifically speaking how likely is it that a being with an elephants head on a human body actually existed? I could go on.

Because it is the most scientific of all religions.. It is not just a religion.. It is a Way of Life...

Hinduism was not founded by any single person.. It is an amalgam of multiple schools of philosophies in the last 50 centuries

Its really nice religion, no war only peace...
I have converted from Islam to Hinduism, my decision was right...
Really great religion...

Probably the only religion that hasn't started a war - JustAnAccount

Fowler believes that there is no one phenomenon which could be called Hinduism, for it is "a rich variety of beliefs and practices... It is a religion of all possibilities." She views Hinduism as it is - a way of life, an Indian phenomena - and covers all you need to know about Hinduism as concisely as possible. The book seeks to take the reader across the major aspects of the religion through a picture of the variety of beliefs and practices that make it up.

Hinduism, says Fowler, "reflects the multiplicity of shades of human aspirations in the religious and spiritual dimensions of existence." The reader while going through this book, the author suggests, "needs to travel with an open mind, exploring the dimensions of Hinduism like completing a jigsaw puzzle and not prejudging the effect until the last piece is in place. And the best way to travel is without baggage for it leaves one free and unhindered..." This is perhaps the best way to approach such a subject.

This ...more

Hinduism is the oldest religion so it only makes sense, in nature there is so many elements just like that there are different gods in Hinduism, true Hindu believers accepts every other religion. According to my research, Hinduism is the oldest science as well predicting the time by looking at the sky any day, knowing how many planets are there before even science came. Hinduism is nature is the element, every religions are respected, Buddhism is from Hindu; Buddha himself was a Hindu according to my research so it only makes sense, killing other humans from the name of religion is not right, eating vegetable is the right think there is always a way for protein, I am not vegetarian but I am saying it's the right thing, The truth is helping another makes you surpass, sacrificing your life for another even if is enemy it makes you god, sharing your food or giving your food and you starving to death is called sacrificing, forgiving is the hardest thing to do but it makes you surpass any ...more


Hindu Religion is the only democratic religion which thus has allowed each of its followers to manipulate their ways of lifestyle the way one progresses in life. Each contemporary thing is easily accepted and followed if it suits one the best. Life would have been miserable, had one abided by rules and regulations of ones religion, there are restrictions in this religion which are man made only otherwise this religion allows each man to accept his/her own thought process which will be beneficial for the betterment of the coming generation. Lack of knowledge and understanding makes one blind and that's the most hampering for any religion.

The ancient times if acknowledged has been so innumerably knowledgeable that over the years because of the influence of other factors got over shadowed and finally once again the Hindus have started to understand and explore their own existence which some of the so called progressive nations have been living by. True talent and knowledge never ...more

One shapeless genderless god.. Brahman. Manifests in 3.. Creator preserver And destroyer. Vishnu the preserver manifests as avatars who come to earth to influence mankind.. Like Krishna ram Buddha Jesus. Truly scientific.. Peaceful. We don't say unless you believe in Jesus or Mohamed you will go to hell. God would be so cruel and send messengers (avatars ) down to Middle East only. We have multiple idols which is how people want to express there love for god, however some meditate some practice truth like ghandi some practice giving etc all are paths to god. But people only seem to focus on idols when they want to ridicule!

Best Thing is Hinduism gives you freedom, you can ask questions without any fear, Only Religion who can coexist with other religions peacefully. Hindus never think only they are right or favorites of god. They believe God is for all Humanity, They believe in True Oneness of God. God who is everywhere. Hindus haven't tortured any other religion for 5 thousand years.

Hinduism is the religion which taught the world Scientific and other knowledge. It is the 1st religion so it is the beginning of everything hence the true and pure religion. Other Languages in the world have originated from Sanskrit. The real name of Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma. Many countries in the world have taken knowledge from Hinduism and claimed that they have introduced it themselves.

Hindus are best as they never forced anyone to change their religion to Hinduism, full freedom for women to go to temples without any 'parda' or any other restrictions, no one is forced by anyone to visit temple or worship god regularly. Moreover none of the Hindu I have met yet who is extremist and forces anyone to follow Hinduism. Also there is one more point although not so important but can be mentioned- there are many festivals celebrated by Hindus (i think most festivals are celebrated by Hindus) and festivals gives us joy. But the only most important point is that Hindus are not at all extremists.

Hinduism is not just a religion it's the way the human beings live. It is other wise called as "Sanatana Dharma". In fact there is no word equivalent word for "dharma" in English. It says that no religion is false. As different paths of different rivers lead to the ocean different religions lead to the same god. Bhagavad Gita is the Greatest work. All the Sages who were born in ancient India are called Religious scientists because the gave life to the way in which humans must lead. Hinduism is not just created by a person. It has no beginning or end. This may sound odd to many people of Western countries. But it is true. Hinduism is the perfect religion in the world.

My thought is that no religion has come to existence from the beginning of the human civilization. And religion is nothing but a set of rules, a protocol, that if followed will make the people and their lives civilised and meaningful. But how can these rules will benefit us? Answer is there is science. The way Nature behaves, there is science. And I must say that in Hinduism there is a science behind every rules. It was taught to us in a simpler manner, by stories, by recitations, just like we heard stories from our grandmother that always had a moral in the end.

Also, Religion means "Dharma" in Sanskrit, which is mother of many languages, spoken in many easier forms today. So, Dharma means nature or behaviour in which something or someone acts. Example, the Dharma of oxygen is to help in burning, without oxygen fire can't be produced. Also Dharma of oxygen is to form water when comes in contact of hydrogen. And when carbon, hydrogen and oxygen ion comes in different ...more

Hinduism is way of life to live with peace, love, truth, respect, compassion and kindness to all. In gratitude we worship everything starting from mother earth, rivers, ocean, sun, moon, trees, air, energy, knowledge, books, all natural creation including humans, animals and any and every thing. People often question why you have so many deities... each one represent some thing which form this amazing universe and to which we are grateful. We pay respect to everything which form life by placing them higher equal to God! We love life and celebrate it with music and dance on our holy occasions and day to day living! We believe in oneness of all humanity and believe we are all connected to source and thus we all have God in us. We respect all religion and don't promote conversion. There is no must in Hinduism, only great teaching for everyday if you want to follow to live in peace and joy. Thank you!

It is the best way to attain mukti... Hinduism is the mother of all religions in the world. It is not a mere religion with a prophet and a particular decorum of rules... But it is dharma... It is only in Hinduism, that all religions are considered valid, and no undue conversion exists... The only religion that acknowledges, other religions to be also, a path to reach god, and condemns bigotry. But all other religions, have hated, tortured, slaughtered and stolen our ideals, claiming it to be their own.. Hypocrites... The only 100% scientific religion in the world.. the best... In every possible way... None can say. It is truly redeeming... Great is Hinduism.. Thet words fail to eulogize you enough. The whole world is indebted to the Hindu India...

Best religion exist in this earth which has a concept and knowledge that the humans need in their daily lives. Holly cow whose milk can help feed the new born infant and make them alive if Mother is not able to produce milk. This is why Cow is holly and we pray for them but some religions just eat their flesh which can confirms that those religions do not have concept and knowledge in their scriptures about all this natures and creatures are also the creation of God and we are all the same and we have to respect all creatures and natures. Hinduism is one of the best known culture where one can find the hidden answers in their life. Some castism and other not acceptable activities are because of illiteracy. Hinduism is based upon the oldest scripture but some activities are based upon the favoritism of people in densely populated areas where there is a lack of education. Hinduism is the best known religion yesterday, today and will be tomorrow.

Hinduism One and only the best religion of the universe where civilization exist. It is not only rich in culture but also gives strength to one living being for there survivable. It was the first religion cultivated on the fields of human life. From where originated many other religion the proprietor of each religion belong to the HINDU religion.

Hinduism is everybody the religion which gives the vision to see equal regardless there Genes and species. It is the only religion with concepts which can be experienced in this life - no promises after life. Why wait after life when you really suffer now? Get the Hinduism now and enjoy the every moment full with eternal love, non-duality and Omani. Hinduism gives the lost life a direction to live for others, to sacrifice for others not to sacrifice others for one self under the name of religion. Every life gets shelter under the umbrella of Hinduism. Hinduism has travel and looked inside for any solution for mankind which has yield a wast & deep knowledge in Ayurveda, Social life, Spiritual life, Justice, Aerospace, Agriculture, Body-Mind-Atma concept, Politics etc etc... ! It has creativity not destructive. It gives you the best reason to live. And, it has best technology to die best, too!

Hinduism is great and best religions in the word... It is well cultured... - Padmakar

Hinduism is not a religion, but it shows us the right paths in life and it is you who has to choose your path to god. It never says you to pray God or fear god, but to love God. Even hell in Hinduism is like a reformatory ruled by a virtuous god 'Yamadharmaraj', but not a torture chamber like in Christianity or Islam. The whole world at one point followed this religion. So technically all people in the world are the children of Hindus. So Muslims are the children of 'kafirs', which includes prophet Mohamed. To conclude I would like to state that the new world religions cannot be compared with Hinduism in any aspect, especially Christianity and Islam are very narrow minded religions, whose followers are still incapable of understanding the depths of life and knowledge preached by Hinduism. So let the religions of Islam and Christianity grow and mature before comparing themselves with Hinduism.

Whatever specialty it may have the most important being that they never force anyone to follow what they preach.

The way of life is the hinduism. The religion which is prosperous in all the sides like science, dharma, darshan, tatvachintan, yoga, geography, health and every subjects. This is the only religion where the woman has an equality with the man. Here the god means generator (brahma), operater (vishnu) and destroyer (mahesh). To generate the knowledge is must. So saraswati devi is with him. To operate the wealth is must. So laxmi devi is with him. To destroy the
Power is must. So parvati devi is with him. Here there is a lot of festivals and all are scientific true. The oldest and longest and most prosperous religion. I have proud on having my religion.