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21 Satanism

If people actually learned what satanism was about they would know it has nothing to do with worshipping the devil - LMARINE

That is quite the comment. I read up on Satanism on a Satanist site, and due to the name of the religion itself, it is quite obvious you worship Satan, AKA the devil. You believe he's the good guy. You know, I'm perfectly fine with Satanism, but that comment really confuses me, to be honest.

The sheer number of people that don't understand what Satanism actually is is astounding. We do not "worship" Satan. We worship the self. We promote self reliance, confidence and individuality. Satan is a symbol that stands for these traits, not a deity to be revered. "Satan" is human nature. There are of course other religions that fall under "Satanism", but realistically most of them don't call themselves as such.

Satanism makes a lot of sense when you realise what it is. IT IS NOT DEVIL WORSHIP! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT LaVeyan SATANISM, PEOPLE! Satan is our material nature and normal behavior, natural behavior! He exists within everyone, and it is not something to be ashamed of! After all, even if Satan would be the evil, and the sinner, think! It's normal to sin, as it's natural! To anyone who thinks Satanism is devil-worship, you'd better read up on it, uneducated bastards!

Ave Satana!

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22 Sufism

Islam and Sunni Islam is same there is nothing difference in Islam and Sunni Islam

Sufism is a branch of Islam not an independent religion.

The true way tab in front of Allah

Sufism is best way of allah. I proud to be sufism and profit Mohmmad s.a.w I like isslam

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23 Brahmanism

Yes I support to brahamn

It's a way of life. Base of Hinduism.

I like my India

Jain, the best in the world, which teaches only to keep your heart and soul pure

The power of every man kind

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24 Wicca Wicca

Wiccans do not believe in Satan. We believe in God (in a way) but also a Goddess. We connect with nature, put out love. We believe in Karma. We believe in spells, but only for good. Using spells (basically prayers and offerings, in comparison) for evil is not good at all, and we forbid it. The pentacle/pentagram has 5 points on the star-the top point represents the creator(s) and the bottom 4 represent the 4 basic elements. Satanists put the top point at the bottom, representing that the elements are stronger than the creator. We put the top point on top, because the creator(s) are stronger than the elements.
Hope this cleared up some common misconceptions about Wicca.

Wicca is a religion of nature, it makes us look to the beauty of nature and how we as humans are connected to it, how we relate to it. How nature is a being that is alive and we should treat it with respect because it gives us life.

Wicca is my religion, because it teaches us to appreciate nature. To not just toss life aside as if it is trash. It teaches us to respect all life, and respect all beings. It is truly peaceful and has a good meaning.

This religion is very harmonious and accepted for all - cvilla

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25 Radha Soami

After a deal of research into various religions, my main fundamental question was only answered once I attended a Radha Soami Discourse. No one had any answer to my question. which was WHAT IS THE TRUE WORSHIP OF GOD. Mostly people said reading of the scriptures and performing outly practices. This did not sit comfortably with me. Just attending one discourse answered all my questions and quenched my thirst. 27 years on, I have not looked back. My Guru has now bestowed on me the knowledge and the practice of true meditation and true worship of GOD. Thank you Radha Soami for entitling my soul.

Radha Soami is not a particular religion, instead it teaches the people about the reality of god, it combines the teaches of all religions and protects them. Radha soami respects all religions and just focuses on true worship of GOD.

Guru Bhagti to attain salvation is easiest, which can be practised by to aged peoples.

Radhasoami is the most scientific religion which is the top religion in the world. It teaches a way of life to reach to the highest level of spirituality which no other religion teaches.

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26 Jediism

There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force

Obviously, jedi is the only religion actually worth even considering

Jediism is a modern day religion of modern day principles. It respects human life and equality and allows it followers to go down it's own path. It preaches calmness, patience, begin mindful of your emotions and doing good for those around you, amongst many other great things!

Star Wars the only movie to have a religion branch off of it. Bet George Lucas didn't think that his best movie franchise would make a religion.

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27 Swetambar Jainism

I'm proud 2 be a jain

I am very proud to born in jain family

Jainism is the Oldest traditions of the world. Jain community were divided in two sectors known as Swetambar & Digambar. Swetamber sector is the old & original way of JAINISM. Who teaches all Humankind how to live. This religion have the very deep in thinking for Environmental conservation, Humanism, Non violence & friendship to lives. It is about more than Millions of year old.

So far as the India is concern now a days the populations of jains is about one percent of total populations. In these much populations JAIN COMMUNITY paid about 46% of taxes of entire revenue in India. Jain people never hurt or quarrel with other people. Jain people are in nature to Helping others always. 90% of PANJRAPOL (A center of disabled Animals to keep them with care) are hold & maintained by Jain. Apart from this most of the Humanism works carried out for the betterment of entire needed people is handle by this community, with out any kind of publicity. Main important things of JAIN COMMUNITY ...more

Jay jinendr

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28 Taoism

Philosophical based religion, wisest religion, based on livelihood of the people rather than some other religions that mostly based on mere Myth

What is religion without non-religion?

Doaism is a belief in finding one's self. You achieve understanding yourself and the connection of the world around you.

Finding the obvious path in life and allowing your mind to remain calm and peaceful. Not only this, but discovering the balance of the World as well. By understanding balance in the world, you understand that there is a little good and bad in everything. The ideas of beauty have a little uglyness in them, just as the idea of uglyness has some beauty to it.

Daoism does not judge and in not judging, we can find peace and balance not only in the world, but in ourselves.

Why is this so low? - JustAnAccount

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29 Zen

Jain religion is totally emphasis on live and let live to all creature on the earth.

The best religion on earth whose moto Is live and let live which is the need of the hour for the whole world

Thank God Zen is not a Religion.


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30 Jehovah's Witness

I am not a Jehovah's Witness, but I will say that you don't have to personally witness something to believe in it. The simplest example would be something on Earth, like the North Pole. I've never been there, I've only seen it on a map, but I believe it exists. You can be a witness to something you believe exists, even though you've never seen it. Being a Christian, I believe God works miracles every day. My father-in-law was diagnosed with bladder cancer in April and confined to a nursing home. The doctors were hesitant to even suggest chemotherapy for him at the age of 87. But they did, and he has responded to it so well that while he isn't cured, he is at least able to go back home and live in his house and not be burdened by having to spend his life savings to live in a nursing home. I feel God's hand has been upon him, and this is not an isolated incident by any means. It's somewhat tougher to believe in hard times, of course, but life is such an incredible thing in itself that ...more

I can see that Jehovah's Witnesses are the group of people who are practicing what the Lord Jesus had thought and was written in the Holy Scriptures. They love peace like their master Jesus Christ, and you can not see them engaging in wars or in any heinous crimes.

YES! This is a small religion, but as the scriptures say, narrow is the road leading to everlasting life. We never have to worry about dangers as a family of Jehovah's Witnesses

Good lads, all round

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31 Sindhi

Sindhi is the best

Where there is God there is Sindhi, Jai Jhulelal Beda hi Paar

Yes I am sindhi

Yes, I m sindhi and I m proud of it.. - jyotithadani

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32 Nirankari

A mission for that embraces the entire humanity with love, compassion and brotherhood is undoubtedly the requirement of the day. It lays stress on realization of One Almighty God in its true identity and also believes that it is only through this common thread of God Knowledge that humanity can be woven into a fabric of love and peace. I am proud and blessed to be a Nirankari and would certainly pursue my friends to join this mission of live and kindness. Nirankari Mission does not simply talk about a certain way of living, rather it gives us an opportunity to live a life based on the three fold principles of sewa ( service of mankind), simran ( remembrance if God after knowing Him) and satsang ( company of enlightened beings to strengthen faith). With no rituals and preconditions to join, Nirankari Mission welcomes people from all walks of life irrespective of their caste, creed, race, language or even religion. This, thus clearly depicts that Nirankari Mission us not a religion but ...more

Core principles of Sikhism. Holy scriptures of Sikhism but with your own twist

Oneness is symbol of Nirankari

Oneness is symbol of nirankari...

I am proud and blessed to be a nirankari

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33 Humanism

Each and every religion's basic philosophy is peace. Unfortunately all are trying to end world peace by perpetuating their religion to be the best. Remember you are a human first, a Hindu, Muslim Jew later. Behave humanely.

Every Religion Divide one Human from another. We must proud to be human. We must help each other, Love each other. Humanism must be the religion which should be followed by all. Humanism can make the WORLD a beautiful place to live.

Humanity is above all religion... India is a country of different language and religion but its people are always united when it comes under any humanitary ground.. So first being human rather than human being...

Personally, this should’ve been much higher on this list. A religion based on actual peace and true human achievement is something I think everybody should learn from.

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34 Rastafarian

Haha blaze it up!

Best religion in my book

I am a reconstructionist Jew and I'll vote for this one just because there aren't really any problems with it. It's associated with peace and love. - Fiend

This religion = All the weed you want

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35 Spiritism

God has created this universe and humans are the brainy creatures God has created but it's so amazing that people divided God according to there comfort and fighting for its different names. They do not want to understand teachings in holy books which say that God is one and we are all children of one instead they are fighting here that which religion got maximum number of votes. It's so shameful thing. Grow up and do some efforts for mankind only then you can make your God happy.

You and your own logic.

I totally agree with this. Its Humans divided Gods as their req. I believe we are humans and should also have a religion called Humanity. Live & Let Live..


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36 Shia Islam

Islam never taught us about division into sects but have guided us for being united. Islam is just one mazhab and not sunni Islam and shia Islam. So please better like Islam rather than spreading a false message. We adore just one quraan, the 6 authentic hadiths. That is there is no basic difference. So I request all of you to please like Islam and not shia Islam and sunni Islam.

Just be Muslim only Bro-- and spare other Muslims and innocents. - enlightened1

I am proud may family shi

I am proud to be shia

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37 Vedanta

I like vedanta very scientific proved n fully mannered n reality based...

I like vedanta of the Sanatan Hindu dharma

It's one of the name of Hinduism/ Sanatana Dharma.

Vedanta is not a separate's the philosophic part of the Sanatan Dharma commonly called Hinduism
Vedanta philosophy is the bases of all the later religions that originated from India including Sikhism and its branches. Vedanta is based on the theories of :
One Almighty Formless (Nirankar), attribute-less (Nirgun) God... All pervading and all-knowing.
Atma (soul) is part of Almighty God and has the same qualities
Therefore whole humanity is one
all creatures are same and part of God.
All life comes from God and eventually merges into God
Nothing is stable. Everything in the world keeps moving and recycles..including life meaning re-incarnation.
Gyan (knowledge) and devotion (love) is the way to reach God...etc.

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38 Jatt

Jatts r the hard worker. They believe in the Sikhism. They do believe that God is one. They are ready to make every sacrifice for the humanity and their country.

Part of Sikhism, believe in Karm not in result.

They are ready to sacrifice for all religion

Jatt farmer and Sikh com

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39 Confucianism Confucianism Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life.

Wise people since thousands of years. - enlightened1

I love confucianism!

Why is this so low? - JustAnAccount

Confucianism is a religion followed by most people in China. Confucianism is a Chinese religion so it celebrates Chinese new year, the founder of Confucianism is named kong fu zi. Confucianism is a good religion because Confucianism is all about peace like Taoism and Buddhism not like other religions like Islam Christianity and Hinduism.

40 Paganism

I guess that the reason I love this religion so much is because it can vary so much with those basic points and there is no wrong answer to how to practice your beliefs.

1. we worship trees and there are more of them than people
2. we practice magic - black or white
3. we offer virgins as a symbol of our guilt

Please come and join us - you will not be disappointed (unless you're a virgin)

The multi religion about the first religious beliefs on Earth. Most holidays are Pagan and also the Christian calendar is Pagan. Look also up Neo Paganism.

The good thing is that the pagan religions don't try to tell you how to live your life.

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