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41 Greco-Roman Religion

The Greek religion is so awesome! There are so many heroes and gods and stories. It's so much more interesting than any other religion I've studied.

The stories are cool but greek/roman gods are messed up. Babies were sacrificed at the time of ancient Greece...

Greek Gods are actually real.

May the gods give us strength

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42 BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha

Swaminarayan is a best sanstha in world

Very pure guru you can't find like this kind of guru.

This is the most wonderful, caring, awesome, understanding, proofful and best religoin ever that was and could only be created by god

I love this charity

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43 Bahá'í

The baha'i faith teaches equality and unity, and non-judgment.

Baha'i faith believes in progressive revelation, oneness of God, oneness of religion and oneness of mankind. It's teachings are suitable for today's life.

It is the latest revelation from God and has the answers to today's problems.

I am Proud to be a Baha'i

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44 Din-e Ilahi

Islam is a true religion

Islam is good religion

East or west Islam is the best

My vote

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45 Shamanism

The real Religion all the rest is peanuts except Atheism.

Out of the mono-religions Shamism is the most logical. Shamists believe in the Supreme Being Ishamu. Sham means prophet and we are prophets of Ishamu to tell the world of his power. No one found Shamism. It has always been there since the beginning of time. Shamists believe Ishamu created Adohme and Ephva. We ar all the descendants of these two people.

I am with my religion and I will always thanks to Mr.bhimrao ambedker

46 Rastafarian

Haha blaze it up!

Best religion in my book

I am a reconstructionist Jew and I'll vote for this one just because there aren't really any problems with it. It's associated with peace and love. - Fiend

This religion = All the weed you want

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47 LaVeyan Satanism

Best religion ever

Definitely a religion

48 Namdhari

We can't neglect any religion, though if there is a message of peace and prayer for whole generation, its only in Namdhari Panth. Nobody can take it higher by votes nor it goes down by lesser votes... It is only running by Almighty.. Lord of Universe. One day whole world will realize it.

Namdhari's believed in living guru.

I think namdhari are the best in this world. They fight against when everything is to be wrong. By the way no body can tell this that namdhari are wrong because they always right.

We proud to be as Namdhari Sikh...

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49 Adi Dharm

This religion is originally emerged out of natural lifestyles. Its proximity to nature is unique. It believe in need of food which help to survive. Tribal pray grain goddess, earth, rain, wind, tiger etc because these are close to him and helping for his survival after all the above tribal pray for god which shows miracles. Tribal religion keep natural balance. It is based on true, peace, love, harmony, respect for nature and all lives. Sprituality and origin of all it can be say as the great. It is mother and father of all religin

The best way to unite all adiwasi... I like it...

Tribal are the origin and others are the branches of its geographical and social change.

I'm prude of my adi dharm

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50 Wahhabism

I love Islam. I want everyone should accept Islam...

I love Islam and I am proud to be Muslim

Islam is a true religion

Where on earth do they get Wahhabi from when there is not such thing as wahhabi

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51 Korean Shamanism

Me Hindu hoo our mujhe aapne Hindu hone par garw hai.
Jai hind jai bharat

52 Mormonism (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Mormonism or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church today in the world. It is Christ's church, hence the name. It is the same church He established originally only established in these latter days. It is lead by a true prophet of God having God's authority to speak for Him to His children (mankind). This authority was restored to the earth in 1830 and is necessary to carryout His work. Jeusus loves us. He atoned for the sins of man and overcame death so everyman will live again. Mortality is a time to learn discipline and show our obedience to His commandments. God's commandments are for our own good and obedience brings freedom from the bondage of sin and its consequencies. Nevertheless everyman has agency to choose for himself but must experience the consequence of his choices. The family is the most important organisation in God's kindom. Every worthy person is intitled to personal revelation to guide him throughout his life. Temples are a sacred ...more

Absolutely incredible. I know by living the standards and principles taught in this church you will grow closer to God. I also testify that the Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible and that anyone who reads it will gain a greater knowledge of Gods great plan of happiness. Any questions? Just ask one of our missionaries. They can help you!

It is Christ Church restored on the earth. It has a living Prophet and 12 Apostles who are special witness of Christ. Visit one of there churches and you too well see and feel something that testifies what I have said is true.

Honestly I have always been skeptical about religion and honestly I have spoken to a couple of 18 year old kids and honestly what they have said have made me a believer

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53 Chanism

Religion of the Internetz



54 Orthodox Catholic Church

A Christian religion that is beautiful, ancient, peaceful, mystical, and yet it makes perfect sense.

The Orthodox Christians truly love their religion and respect every of their traditions?

I believe in JESUS CHRIST he is the only God in the heaven and earth thank you Lord JESUS for saves my life on the cross of calvary I my last believe in you until my last breath we love you dear LORD JESUS
Amen Jasmine

I love Jesus and believe in.

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55 Kirat

This religion is based on SHIVA and PARBATI in the name of PARU HANG and SUMNIMA. Famous in Nepal and around area...

Reciting subject of Quran.. Seven kirat s there for recitie Quran... Allah create seven sky...

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56 Tengrism

Useless stupid Islam and Christians have corrupted most parts of the world but Tengri still kicks asses

I am matua I like matua dharam many bangalideshi and Indian fllow this dharam. my god sri sri harichand thakur.

57 Yadavism

Proud to be yadavism jain is always GREAT

Yadav is a caste not religion

I am yadav and proud of it

I'm proud to be kshatrya one love I warriors.

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58 Ravidassia

Its most popular in all over world and pan India is total ravidassia religion population are 30 crore so this is the best religion and every religion are respect full think for same my our ravidassia religion thanks

It is the most beautiful religion which believes in equality of mankind, man and woman, doesn't believe in unnecessary rituals and main pricnciples include respect all other religions and lead a virtuous life.

Ravidassia is the best religion of the world. I proud to be a Ravidassia. Thanks

I am proud to be ravidassia

Rabidass ji our goddes& he had struggle our community

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59 Satpanth

I proud my religion.

Satpanth is very best religion.

Satpanth is real religion.

Satpanth is new god arrival is niskalkinarayan lod

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60 Shivdharma

ShivDharma is the solemn declaration of our religious freedom

Scientific & True Indian cultural heritage, religion. The best solution to human mankind.

The best dharma is shivdharma... Shiva shiva shiva

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