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81 Vajrayana Buddhism
82 Nikaya Buddhism
83 Iglesia ni Cristo

I choose this religion because it is the true religion and compare to the catholic which is the enemy of the religion Iglesia Ni Cristo is very unique and we don't pray in stones, statues, or whatever which is human made. We'll try to warn you that man made are just only fake you just praise the wrong one we praise God he is the true one that which will be praise not statues. God is a spirit not a human. he has no bones he is not dead and mostly God always saw us what were doing

I joined Iglesia ni Cristo since I was 12 years old. If you asked why? I saw an upside down of the teachings of the Words of God from my former Religion. All my questions were answered from the Holy Bible (All versions including of those translated by the Catholic Church Priests.) by the ministers I asked before. The way of worship service, giving of offerings, even the way of living of most of the members are in accordance with the Holy Bible. The best part is, Iglesia ni Cristo will not tackle out their own explanation or merely interpret a bible verse but rather, support one verse by other verse. That was really amazing that's why I nailed my faith and trust to Iglesia ni Cristo no matter what the trials are. Not even a single persecution can change my faith.

The iglesia ni cristo is the best of all religions, even in there church edifice, unity, brotherhood, way of worship and as well their doctrine is unique compare from the others. Distinguishing which is the best not by voting by the readers but by actual study in their teaching both internal and external

The only religion follows only in the bible

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84 Agnosticism

There is no proof that God exists and at the same time, there is no evidence that he doesn't exist. Therefore, Agnosticism is the only justifiable system of beliefs. - DieGedankenSindFrei

To the best of my knowledge, no great atrocities have been committed in the name of agnosticism. - PetSounds

This religion is the belief that humanity has not advanced enough to know for sure of a deity exists or not. We don't know as humans what actually happens - Phillip873

There is no God, but there is... I guess. I don't know. The basis of Agnosticism is literally not knowing.

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85 Unitarian Universalism

Some religions may have some things in common, but how can atheism and a religion like Christianity both be valid? One believes there is a God, the other does not. How can they both be valid if they contradict each other? - RiverClanRocks

One of my favorite things is that one can identify as an UU while also subscribing to other beliefs and/or religions (for example I am an Atheist Unitarian Universalist) because being an UU is about how people live life, interact, and love one another and not god-centric (this is purely my experience from spending 18 years as a UU, feel free to disagree). Pardon me, but UUs realize life isn't really about god (or whether there is one or not) and instead about the things and people here that we can care about and care for. Unitarian Universalism is the gathering of peaceful loving people who share the same morals and world view, and not about salvation, god, or whether one belief system is better or more correct than another.

Every human gets a chance and respect in this religion. They don't allow hate or hateful thinking.

A religion of peace and love! Acceptance and respect for all religions.

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86 Odinism

All hail odin and thor!

Odin is my homeboy


Go and raid.

87 Baptist

People say that I'm too noisy let me tell you the reason why. If you'd only feel His glory you would sing as loud as I. Praise Jesus the One and Only True God!

Best religion ever.

88 Juche

Never heard of it... but voted for it anyway - Lem

Only Hinduism is living style of life. And another all are not dharma s only religions

Well it sounds like douche...Not much to say...At all...

Long live Kim Jong Un! 1

89 Lutheranism


Not bad

90 Pantheism

God is Everything around us and The Entire Universe - Latine

Bhagwan mere dil mai hai mai Hindu hu

No god �" only a higher power/force, which is with everything in the universe, which IS the universe. Everything has its own spirit.

91 Waaqeffannaa

Porkistan amazon united vs cry babies bitchelona

92 Matua Dharma

Matua Dharma no classification of people.

Matua is the best religion in the world.

Matua dharma is on of best religion on of the world. Many Bangladeshi and Indian follow is dharma. It has no upper or lower level. Every people are same and no discrimination.

Matua dharma is best dharma in world I am matua

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93 Thelema

We worship the sheepgod THELEMA and mate with sheeps to cleanse sins and regain strength. It may seem odd but it's not.It originated from New Zealand

94 Adivasi

Advisi is a great religion who protect nature.

Advisi It's is a best and great religion who protects nature. Thank you

Good people

Aadiwasi is not religion... aadiwasis r pre-religious humans tribes... living in d way of huminity n naturism within d entire world... they protect d nature since lang ago... aadiwasis r also known as Native, Aboriginal, Indigenous Tribal etc.

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95 Asatru

Nordic religion see the poetic Edda

This one is the best. - darthvadern

Ásatrú is the most peaceful of the western religions!

Proud to be an Ásatrú! Hail Oðin, Hail Þor!

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96 Russian Orthodox

Islam islam islam

Islam jindabad

I am Muslims

Islam Zinda Baad

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97 Neognosticism
98 Luciferianism

People hate satan well he’s just bad...I worship Lucifer And people hate me I get why just worshipping him is good in my point of view.

99 Cao Dai

I am agree matua

100 Religious Society of Friends

We believe the Light is within us all without the need for baptism or conversion. We try to live our lives with empathy and love for others. Quaker meetings worship in silence without a pastor or hierarchy.

That is beautiful. I am Muslim but we have something in common because I believe this attitude is the core of belief.

You're never alone when you have friends

Can I get a hooyaaah

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