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1 Target Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and a component of the S&P 500 Index.

Target has a more variety of stuff than Walmart. For example, around Halloween in Walmart there is basically only one or two eisles based on costumes but at Target there is a whole section like one fourth of the store based on halloween costumes, decorations, and candy. Walmart is nothing to target. The clothes are not that well as target when they have cool designs and great clothes. In target you have way more of a food section then Walmart. Also target has a heck load of toys and Walmart just has the basic ones. What I am saying is that Target is an over achieving company and store and Walmart does not do that. I am not hating on Walmart though. Personally the closest target from my location is 30 minutes away and our closest retail store is Walmart. Walmart is still ok but I feel like it should try to do more. But still Walmart is our go to store and it always will be but target is a much better store on general.

I love Target it's great? ; it's a retail store where you can get your groceries as well as shopping for clothes and anything else that you need!

Let's invite more people to this list and dethrone Walmart for the #1 spot! Target truly deserves it!

Target is amazing I shop their a lot they have a much better shopping experience then Walmart.

2 Wal-Mart

Sometime in the past, I recall watching the Rollback commercials on T.V. with Walmart's slogan: "Always Low Prices. Always." In the present, Walmart recently released the commercials "Ring My Bell" and the other with famous cars from pop culture references. Yup. Walmart is one of the most profitable corporations along with Amazon, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Ford, Toyota, Boeing, Pepsi, Budweiser, Mcdonalds, and the list goes on. Congratulations, Walmart. Consumers can't stop buying groceries and electronics in a materialistic world.

Everybody goes to Walmart if course

3 GameStop

No they suck because they always give no money when you trade in value games. And what's worse is that make it in Store credit. So you have to buy MORE crap from gamestop and you can't use the money on anything that isn't from gamestop.

4 Best Buy

Best Buy is good.

5 K-Mart

Hardly any exist anymore heard all their stores are closing and goong out of business in 2017

Great store great prices blue light specials better than wal mart just give it a chance

The employees actually treat you like your apart of a community great job k mart

So underrated. Half better than Walmart at least.

6 Costco

Costco pizza and hotdogs are the best

7 Barnes And Noble
8 JCPenney
9 Hot Topic
10 Dick's Sporting Goods
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11 IKEA IKEA is a Swedish multinational group with its headquarters in Delft, Netherlands. Since 2008, IKEA has been the world's largest furniture retailer.

Should be number 1


gets my vote

12 Sam's Club
13 Kohl's
14 Goodwill

Great deals and they help people find jobs!

15 Toys "R" Us

And is there any reason why anyone likes this place? This is such a nightmare.

16 Hhgregg

Panasonic Blu-ray 99 dollars

17 Home Depot

Can't live without it. No matter where else I go I always come back to the Depot.

Great all around home/hardware store

Home depot the best

18 f.y.e. - for your entertainment

I love this store who ever put this store good choise thx

19 Macy's
20 Lowes
21 Cabela's
22 Conad
23 Vans
24 TJ Max
25 CVS

I wanna buy you chocolate hearts from cvs

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