Best Silly Bandz Packs

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1 Fantasy

This pack pwnz! My friend got it and I stared in awe for a while cause they looked so cool! It has four of 3 sparkly ones, and four of 3 ones that glow in the dark better than anything! I just love it!

I love the fantasy its like so totally awesome the unicorn is so cool (not the constipated overwait out-of-style loser way) also has anybody heard of the jumbo pack? the rarest silly band is the giant monkey it can hang around your neck at leasty that's what my friend said the 2nd rarest is the 3 headed dragon

The rare Pheonix and Dragon come in this pack they are so cool. I have a Pheonix right now it is the best ever.

I got this pack with the phoniex! It is the rarest! My friend has a red sparkley phoniex. I offer to trade him all my silly bandz for it and I have 114 silly bandz! I counted.

2 Rainforest

I Like the rainforest because they have cool ones like the panther and monkey and toucan and gecko. And because it is my newest pack I also have the pets and sea but I like this pack best!

I have the Rainforest pack, and I love it. My favorite one in it is the gecko. I definitely understand why this pack is #2.

I love the rain forest pack because my favorite animals are in it and they are really really cool!

3 RockBandz

Lemme just tell you fools the rainforest, dinosaur, princess, sea, zoo, western, baseball, and pet packs suck! The only good packs are the fantasy basic rock.

It's just so cool! There's even the word Rock in the pack!

4 Basic

I'm getting this pack! YEAH! I heard the dollar sign is rare.

I voted this one because I really love money and the dog bone glows in the dark best

5 Baseball

I actually traded 1 silly band for a a rare tye dye baseball! It was the best deal I ever made! And at the time I didn't even know it was rare, I just liked it!

I am great at baseball, and I've wanted this pack ever since I first heard of silly bandz. They are awesome!

The baseball pack is great. I'm going to get myself another pack. who doesn't like baseball?

You should get this pack! I got a tie die baseball bat in it!

6 Western

This was the first pack I got and it's awesome!

The longhorn is very cool and very rare!

7 Dinosaurs

Love Dino's so much

This pack is the best! I have everyone except for the triserotops(is that how you spell it)!

8 Sea

I only seen one in my life!

:) I traded my turtle (it was UGLY and I see them EVERYWHERE! ) for a cooler and awesomer orange glow in the dark penguin!

9 Pets
10 Zoo

I love wild animals and they are so cool I mostly love the elaphant and the girrafe its awesome!

The Contenders
11 Harry Potter
12 Beach

This is my favorite pack of silly bandz out of 254!

13 Alphabet

You can wear your name or something you love!

This pack is dumb... Letters! Hooray.

14 Halloween
15 Princess

It's the perfect pack for girls!

16 Art Fest
17 Marvel
18 Spring
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