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1 Uzi

Safe, simple, rugged, reliable, time-tested, and very popular. The 9mm ammunition is admittedly weak, but it is readily available and the slow rate of fire means that you do not use bullets up too fast. While it may not be the most accurate smg, I feel that the "peoples weapon" aspects outweigh this.

If it's Israeli, there ain't no doubt about it. Like other Israeli smgs such as the Galil AR, Tavor and Israeli handguns such as the Desert Eagle, the quality and usefulness match up to German made weaponry.

The mag is like a mile long, you can just stand there going 'we' while your enemy falls down. I like the one in MW2 in the Special Ops with the Ghillie suits It's always fun to shoot them down with this.

Mini uzi variant is tough to beat high rate of fire and comparable muzzle velocity to full size uzi. Regular uzi still excellent

2 Heckler & Koch MP5

This gun was used by the Navy SEALs and is still used by the British Special Air Service today, despite it was designed in the 60s and 70s. Very versatile, accurate and reliable. With its decent rate of fire, it overcomes the fact that it has a small round, and is the most recognized 9mm weapon in the world. Heckler and Koch puts "German Engineering" at its finest quality with its superb weaponry.

This gun has been around for decades, and for some reason it's still around, dominant in many law enforcement groups. This beauty shoots the 9mm Parabellum, which isn't large but has an extremely high bullet velocity. This gun is used by militaries worldwide, including the SAS. The SD variant of this gun is basically silent, so therefore it is a very good gun for covert operations. The rate of fire is scary, and it'll beat the M4 CQC version in all CQC environments.

Perhaps the most reliable gun in close quarter combat. Loved by almost all top commando units of the top armies of the world including UK, US, Germany, Pakistan and many more. Many countries are making their own versions of this gun, but in my opinion the one made by H&K is the baddest of them all!

In the spec ops group I worked in, we had Thompson.45s that you couldn't get a full mag through to save your life. We also had M16's that were okay, but still not nearly as reliable as the MP5s. I never shot an Uzi, but our sister unit had used them prior to the MP5s and all of the guys who had used them said they weren't as reliable as the MP5s because of the open and closed bolt feature.

HOWEVER, PEOPLE: JUST BECAUSE YOU SAW THE SAS USING MP5SD/MP5s ON THE T.V. OR WHILE YOU WERE PLAYING CoD4, DOES NOT MEAN THEY WERE THE 'STANDARD WEAPON OF THE SAS'. It was a popular weapon of the SAS, but the SAS don't have 'Standard Issue' weapons as such. They have a large armoury to equip themselves from, INCLUDING the MP5, MP7, FN P90, M4A1 and various other European/US Arms.

3 PPSH-41

Some Waffen SS troops even admitted it was better than their own MP40 and used them in combat. We're talking people who were drilled into believing eveything German was simply superior. It probably had an important part in winning the war for the USSR as they used conscripted farm boys and others who never had any professional military training to use millions of them.

Please get your facts right before you post something you know very little about... too many Call of Duty gun experts on here I swear to god. And how the hell is the MP7 number 2? It hasn't been for long enough to really prove its worth (but it was oh so good in Call of Duty right? ).

What is this epic submachine gun doing so far down on the list? The fire rate is amazingly fast and it'll do more damage than any other submachine gun if you're accurate. The PPSH-41 is probably my all time favorite gun!

You know it is possible to play games and go shooting in the real world as well? Rainbow Six introduced me to the world of guns in the late 90s and as soon as I was old enough I hit the range.

4 Heckler & Koch MP7

Compact, low recoil, small but fast round and can be used with one hand; Ammo may be difficult to purchase; Execellent weapon that has excellent range even when suppressed.

Newer version of mp5, and also lighter, looks cooler, faster to reload, has lots of power, has a higher fire rate, this should be on the top of the list.

Innovative SMG - small, low recoil, easy to manuver in urban area what is crucial for special units, 40 bullets in cartridge.
Best choice for police and SWAT, however might not be usefull for military.

Better than the rest, highly modifiable, great round. Small size, high rate, low recoil. EVerything you could want in a smg.


Amazing weapon! I love that the controls are similar to the M4 carbine. It makes for an easy transition between the 2 weapons.

The mpx just throw the mp5 back to the stone age bin. it has ar style control, modular with shorter or longer barrel and ammo to 9mm or 45 acp. it is litaraly AR carbine with 9mm ammo, how cool is that and look cool too!

Reliable and extremely accurate. Like 9mm + P better than 5.7 x 28. Is the new mp5 replacement!

This little gun is sick! And since it is an AR the or platform it is modular and highly customizable!

6 Pistolet Pulemyot-19 Bizon

This has more than twice the amount of bullets than an assault rifle. It may not have long bullets but that is not what SMGs are made for.

Probably highest magazine ever.

Large clip size.

Izhmash weapons are reliable.

7 FN P90

FN P90
Product line
The FN P90, also known as the FN Project 1990 PDWS, is a compact submachine gun designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. guns made inbelgium austria - aug and austria are very good even scarl is made by fn beligium

Armor piercing ammo, high velocity, compact, ergonomic, accurate, little recoil, light weight, high capacity magazines, and very advanced action design. There's a lot to love about this little PDW. The main reason for it's accuracy is the many contact point where the gun will touch your body, helping it keep stable. Only problem is the price, since only two guns shoot 5.7x28mm, and both are made by FNH. Second choice would be MP5, and third would be TDI Kriss Vetor, and no, I don't base gun knowledge on video games, I am highly gun knowledgeable.

No time playing Call of Duty, but I know that in real life this is a brilliant weapon that allows bull pup design compacting size while not losing accuracy, with amberdexterity. Truly a weapon I'd want in an urban situation, and it easily works outside the city comparably with much larger weapons.

Stays on target with the many contact points, very compact, high velocity round, and easy to configure in many ways. Love it and look forward to buying a civilian model. Second choice would be Super V for it's ingenuity though, but both guns are very high tech.

8 KRISS Vector

Successfully innovative.
I think for the 21st century that's pretty much enough reason to hold on the top of the list. 90 % less muzzle climb than other SMGs. When the seconds matter, this becomes the main reason, why I would choose Kriss VECTOR SMG

This is the best submachine gun. period. With its.45 ACP feed system, Recoil Mitigation technology patented by Kriss themselves, 1200-1600 RPM and extreme accuracy, along with it being one of the most compact submachine guns out there, this baby completely beats out the aging MP5 under all catagories.

Its Recoil Mitigation technology is absolutely unparalleled, its what makes a vector a vector..45 ACP ammunition coming out of this thing is MUCH more powerful than the MP5's 9x19mm Parabellum. With its 1200-1600 RPM,.45 ACP and extreme accuracy, this versatile and very compact submachine gun completely beats out the MP5 under all categories.

The Vector is one of the best SMG(s) in the world, very little recoil, looks great in my opinion & can hit in ranges the Uzi can't, If the price was lower, this gun would be man's second best friend.

9 CZ Scorpion Evo 3

When it comes to real life the gun has like no recoil and the fire rate is is just like it is in video games and is durable and go through tones of torture and abuse and the thing still operates just put the fing in mud or sand or water and pull it out and will still work.

Bought one and rank it 2-3 of top 10. I have but TP9 that has served me quite well for nearly a decade but like the fit and finish if the because.

Simple, well placed controls. Simple construction. Very reliable.

I have half the list and this suppressed surpasses them all.

10 Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS

Best penetration(there is no bulletproof vest to protect soldier under 100-200 m) range 400m

100 bullet each magazine(bullets are very light)

only problem is that bullets are scarce.excellent for short operations

The Contenders
11 Glock 18

Glock 18 full auto is my favorite, light and reliable it suits my personality...

Glock makes the best pistols so their sub machine gun is perfect

It definitely hurt. Trust me, I kill with it and they all dead now.

Glock is very strong and I don't know the oder guns

12 UNIVERSAL Machine Pistol

Kick to power ratio is the highest in sub-machine gun class. This produces highest rate of rounds to damage on target. Rise is very manageable for 200lbs man with experienced grip. People cite the AKS74u but that is inaccurate. The 74u was developed as a carbine not an SMG. The UMP. 45 is the best in it's class and against the 74u I would recommend the HK 416 as it has much greater range, accuracy and RoF. Kalashnikov weapons had their day is the Soviet/Afghanistan conflict but they are less effective than many Carbine/Assault Rifles developed since the USA/Iraq gulf war circa 1990.

I'd put this at the top with the kriss #2, and maybe mp5 #3, as to the other, you can't beat the Thompson for classics, but it is outdated, as for the m3, really? Really? It's basically the cheapest thing we could come up with, the mp7, uzi, and fn p90 are all good reliable guns, and as for the aks, I be tit's maybe better than a lot, if not all of these guns, but it's not really in their category, as for the glock, it's classified as a machine pistol (yes there is such a thing.

Why is the Grease Gun above this? The Grease Gun is just a rip off of the MP40, designed to be cheaper (at the cost of its reliability).

Much the same way the Galil was based off the AK as a cheaper, but less efficient version.

I own one and it is a real ass kicker due to the 45 caliber ammo. It is more like a up to date Tommy gun. It along with MP5 are the best. The UMP has been adopted by various agencies such as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection so it can't be that bad.

13 Thompson

Dad had one from D-day to Berlin suburbs, helped stop the Bulge, for myself used on many operations, to this day my son has chosen to use on a couple dozen operations throughout the world. It works gets dirty and kicked around picked up wiped off and continues to do its job killing evildoers. I wish only evildoers... Frank

It has a 100rd drum, 50rd drum, 30rd, 20rd stick magazines. And the most bad ass, coolest looking gun. I just wish WE THE PEOPLE, would demand immediate change to allow all guns to be purchased without Tax stamp and background check.


You honestly expected Al Capone's boys to use BARs and M1903 Springfields against Bugs Moran?

14 MP5

The best ever sub machine

15 M3

It's slow, but accurate; cheap, and can be made by a car company in the 1900's; can be changed from.45 acp to 9mm rounds, not to mention a.45 acp suppressed M3 is silent, really silent.

On the other hand, I would really like a new, modern, and even lighter variant; with the same heavy bolt (since that was the exact reason why it exists). The Philippines remade their M3's, adding some camo paint, a sight, and a suppressor; perfect for infiltration.

Cheap to make, very reliable, can be controlled with one hand,

Very cheap great accuracy. Used by American ray in WW2.

Something but still good

16 Sterling Submachine Gun

Most reliable magazine in any SMG to date, in strong contrast to its brother the STEN

Very reliable and accurate,

Simple and effective

nice gun

17 Model 10 (MAC-10)

Forgetting its low range, rate of fire and low ammo because of its RPM, it's the best SMG me

Should be number one it sprays 30 rounds of 45 in a few seconds and is concealable

High rate of fire and good stopping power with.45 ACP should get it in the top 10. It is is below WW2 guns like the pph, M3, and MP40 is insulting.

Its most compact smg ever made

18 Owen Gun

Never fired one but held one. A bit crude and not at all a pretty but as others would testify, if you positively and absolutely need rounds down range, the Owen was unstoppable.

Probably the most reliable smg produced during ww2 A old mate of mine used her New Guinea and another mate in Malaya. Water, mud, sand nothing will stop the little darling.

Reliable and fulfills the ideological and doctrinal needs of a submachine to a Tee. Nothing better

This weapon was still being used by Australians in Vietnam, excellent SMH and perfect in jungle warfare...

19 Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC)

Best look ever with great penetration against body armor, it is a carbine

Most efficient long range firing weapon in its class.

The magazine is like h&k mp7 and also it is very accurate

20 Suomi KP/-31

That is true. It has a decisive role in saving the independency of Finland in the WWII - especially in Winter War and it changed the tactics of the Red Army.

An effective weapon that was notified both Russians and Germans. We can say it was one of the main reasons which forced Stalin to improve Red Army in 1940.

How can ppsh-41 be so much above this. After all ppsh is reverse engineered version of suomi kp.

Excellent to shoot, easy to control and reliable!

21 MP7

It is at rate 2

22 Type 100
23 Sten Mk. II

Although not the safest or most reliable sub-machine gun, where the Sten excelled is in providing a logistically perfect weapon, a cheap and easy to make weapon for both commandos and freedom fighters.

They were easy to build that's why the British loved them so much.

Best smg of english army

Once when I was in my four years apprentice-ship to become a finemechanic a mate bought a STEN, which was made unable to use (fireing pin was ground off and a steelpin was soldered straight across the tube, but these details where no real problem to solve for a futured mechanic... wheren't they?! ) And the best was, this GUN 'worked' with ordinary 9mm-pistolammunition; a big WOW! Meanwhile it's 30 years ago... which means, I'm becoming older... Thomy (Thomas, not this submachine! )

24 Carl Gustav m/45

Cheap to make. Extremely reliable. Good magazine with 36 rounds that never fails.

Best overall I would say, very reliable, very controllable,

The best sub machine gun

25 Zastava M92

Devastating fire. Low maintenance. Ammo available any where. Throw in the mud pick it up and fire. 5 to 100 rounds.

Top weapon

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