Top 10 Best Bath & Body Works Fragrances

The top ten most popular scents from Bath & Body Works.
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1 Warm Vanilla Sugar

I am very happy that Warm Vanilla Sugar is number one! It is perfect for fall and winter! It is obviously very warm and vanillay? (I don't think that is word) I just think this is a staple and every girl should have this in their lotion, body spray, and shower gel collection. I have had lots of compliment when I wear this scent. When I can smell other girls wearing it> I always think girl you have a good sense of smell! Haha! There is my rant.

Very warm and soothing. I use it when I'm down, and during the holiday season. It is great to stick on or in your backpack and purse around Christmas time! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

My all-time favorite scent from bath and body works! It truly is SUCH a comforting fragrance! I wear it all the time...more so in the colder months... And I always wear it to bed...I wear aromatherapy to bed as well, but I mix it with warm vanilla sugar. Bottom line, I LOVE this fragrance!

Very relaxing smell. I use the body cream every single night because it is so soothing and makes me feel like I'm floating. It does remind me of when I was a little girl and carefree with my mom baking Christmas cookies.

2 Japanese Cherry Blossom

Smells floral, fresh, and clean. Noticeable but not heavy, does not "announce itself," and never gives me a headache. Receive compliments very, very often from many different kinds of people - male, female, old, young, different races, from folks in Walmart all the way to Nordstrom and Saks, even from folks on the street! I get lured away by expensive scents from time to time, but I ALWAYS go back to Japanese Cherry Blossom. I have even started using that same scent in the Bath and Body Works "wallflower" plug-ins to fragrance my home. Been using it for years and STILL love it just as much as day one, maybe love even more!

This scent should be number one! I've worn this for YEARS! I've bought both sizes of the spray. I find that the scent in the travel size bottle to last longer. Also, I spray very little on my skin. I spray more on my clothing and the scent will last ALL day into night. And you will notice a light scent even days later. I have received numerous compliments in regards to how good I smell. If you haven't tried it, DO SO!

Very warm and soothing. I use it when I'm down, and during the holiday season. It is great to stick on or in your backpack and purse around Christmas time! I would definitely recommend it to anyone! This scent smells so delicious! I absolutely love it it smells warm and is very relaxing. Every time I wear the lotion or body mist people always ask me what I'm wearing! I would recommend this to anyone.

When my older sister moved out of the house I raided what was left of her stuff in the bathroom. Found this scent in a lotion and I LOVED it. I wore it every day until I ran out. The closest BBW to me is about a 2.5 hour drive so about 5 years later while shopping in Ottawa I stumbled into a BBW and was astonished to see they still had this fragrance. Had to buy two entire sets it reminds me so much of high school and that time in my life. 10/10 and now I can buy BBW online

3 Vanilla Bean Noel

My all time favorite! This scent is so delicious. It puts me into the mood for the holidays every year. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and whenever I smell this I think of cold mornings, being bundled up in cute winter clothes, and snow falling all everywhere. I'm so glad that B&BW brings it back each and every year. My other favorite is pumpkin cupcake from the fall 2016 line. I hope it stays around forever!

Holy cow. My co worker had this lotion on her desk and the first time I used it, I was so in love I immediately ordered a bottle for myself. It smells like real vanilla and sugar cookies. It's incredible! I'm addicted to this scent and that's saying a lot as I am usually very picky when it comes to fragrances!

My mum randomly picked a whole bunch of lotions from Bath & Body to give people for Christmas, I went through all for them and immediately fell in love with this one. I continuously begged her to let me keep this one.

I love this scent so much! I have it in a shower gel, body lotion, body cream, hand cream, body mist, candle, hand soap, lip gloss and sugar scrub. I literally bought it in everything!

4 Twilight Woods

I have smelled all of the men's body lotion at BBW and when I took the top off to smell this one I had to get it just to have in the bathroom for any male guest to use. I would even put a little on my hands just to savor the fragrance. It's just the best smell ever! My brother really got hooked and I gave up one bottle (I bought 3) and now I'm running out and can't find it as I was told it's a seasonal scent so I will be looking again around Xmas time.

So I was at the bath and body works store and I was smelling all the different fragrance mists because I feel that they are not as strong as perfume, they're more faint and I just had an urge to try it. I smelt Twilight Woods for the first time and from that moment, I was just so in love. AND A BAD TYPE OF LOVE. I live in China and they don't have a BBW store in China (WHICH THEY SHOULD) so I need to find it online because I AM SLOWLY RUNNING OUT. I need to get more. JUST MORE. It's so addicting and it's never too strong, it's just right. A great smell. The first time I bought it, I could not stop spraying it on myself. I DEFINITELY suggest this. Although I have don't have the shower gel or lotion, I bet they smell just as amazing as the fragrance mist :) What's so great about this scent is that I can wear it with different scented lotion, shampoo and deodorant and it never gives me a headache. SERIOUSLY, BUY IT.

Absolutely cannot understand why it was discontinued its all I wear. And I made the mistake of recommending it to all my friends and they all started wearing it too. Wish you would bring it back so I wouldn't have to order it online

My daughter's and my old time favorite. Can't believe they retired this one, but happy to see it's still offered. We have the shower gel, lotions and spray mist. Please keep this winner available!

5 Winter Candy Apple

I'm literally saving the last bit of this lotion because I thought they didn't make this no more. And again, another fragrance I suggest buying and emptying the bottle, I had the mist and have the lotion. I will be restocking up on this plenty. Like buying 3-4 of these just to make sure I have more than enough this time. Better safe than sorry

At school there would be some people who just smelled really amazing and I wanted to ask them what they used for perfume but I thought it would be too awkward. I went to Bath and Body Works the other day and was just trying all the scents when I found this one! Smells amazing!

This is the best scent I have ever bought from bath and body works. When you take a bath the scent stays with you and I always get compliments on how amazing I smell. for Christmas I got a box of winter candy apple and I had to go back and buy 2 more boxes just so I didn't run out of it. Love love love this scent

Winter candy apple is AMAZING! Defiantly deserves #1. I have the fragrance mist, pocketbac, and sparkling snowflake scrub. With the sparkling snowflake scrub, in the shower it feels so good on you with the scent of apples and just the cleaness left on your skin is amazing. I have already gone through3 full size fragrance mists of it and where it all year round! I can't help it! Love it sooo much!

6 Twisted Peppermint

It smells as if Christmas is just around the corner. The sweet minty scent is great for the winter and can be used throughout the year. It somehow reminds me of the sugarplum fairy; I just love how this scent smells so yummy, although not in an artificial way.

I love this scent. At Christmas time it does have the "holiday in the air" scent, but I like it year round, I find it calming. If you want a candle that you will smell throughout your home, this is it.

Sweet and crisp. Not like a breath mint or the candy but a sweet crisp mint scent with a light undertone of vanilla. It's a shame it's only available during the holidays, I love it.

Twisted Peppermint is AMAZING! The scent is stronger (that's what I like) it smells like peppermint candycanes and some vanilla! Perfect Christmas Scent! I also get many complements on this scent. BUY IT!

7 Sensual Amber

My ALL time favourite! My go to scent! I'm from Trinidad and Tobago sand unfortunately it was not readily available for a while...thank heavens I found it back. The scent is long lasting, but subtle...very sexy. Great for night or day.

I love this scent it is warm and alluring at the same time, not to sweet, favorite all time go too, I put the lotion on after bath at night and I can still smell it the next morning... What a treat!

I love this scent, I thought for sure it would be top 10! The foaming hand soap is the best. The other products don't quite smell the same.

Had this before discontinued in stores and bought after reshelved, I still love it. Not like I use to, but I need another bottle by the way. A good choice. Last throughout day

8 Carried Away

I absolutely adore this scent! It is hands down my favorite B&BW scent. I wish they had it in everything! It smells just like fresh, fruity laundry, and it makes everything smell amazing. It's light scent is just the right balance of light and fruity without being overpowering. I highly recommend it to those who love the smell of laundry detergent or duet sheets.

Carried Away is GORGEOUS. I have never gotten so many compliments on a fragrance! It's the perfect balance- long-lasting, but not overpowering. I've found it's best with one spray on your neck, and one little one on each hand. I got the glitter spray- simply exquisite! Vote Carried Away!

I've worn this scent for as long as they've had it and get compliments every time! They no longer carry it in stores near me, however I order 6 when it's buy 4 get 2 time! It's fruit under tones come through as the day goes on and I love that! It really lasts.

Carried away is a subtle scent that is also mature. You can wear this scent on any occasion and the packaging is super cute. I love this scent so much, because it isn't too strong or too light this is one of my favorites!

9 Sweet Pea

I feel like this scent is underrated. It's just that one that everyone forgot about because it's been around forever, and everyone thinks smells plain. I was looking for a body cream in a nice natural soft scent, and I picked sweet pea, because it's just a classic. I used to always think it smelled plain, but then I fell in love with it. It actually has a really nice raspberry, pear scent to it. I just got it in a body spray, and it's my new favorite! You can never go wrong with it!

When I was younger, I had a gym class and this girl would always smell so great after gym and I wanted to ask her so bad what she was wearing, but I never did. A few years ago, my aunt brought me a whole bag full of Bath and Body Works and Sweet Pea Body Lotion was in it. I was in love with it in gym, I was in love with it a few years ago and I'm still in love with it today.

I absolutely LOVE the scent of Sweet Pea. This is such a sweet and girly scent that doesn't give a chemically smell like most do. Every time I go to Bath & Body Works, I automatically look for this scent because it's so good! I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a SWEET and pleasant smell.

I love this scent! To me it smells like soft fresh picked flowers mixed with a sweet fruity scent (maybe like a blend of raspberry and some sort of citrus fruit) that makes Sweet Pea so good. It reminds me of a fun, Sunny spring/summer day. You should definitely smell this!

10 Moonlight Path

This fragrance is so yummy, ugh I just love the beautiful feel to it. It's perfectly in the middle of a flirty, girly feel, and a beautiful midnight atmosphere. This scent is to die for and one of my favorites. It's not too overwhelming and powerful, yet some of the fragments are very pronounced and others are very simple and passionate. This has been my favorite fit and my most commented on scent (even more than my Michael Kors, Chanel, Victoria's Secret, and even some of my Gucci perfumes). If your looking for a glamorous yet simple aroma, then moonlight path is a definite must have for your perfume/body spray closet.

For me Moonlight Path is by far the best fragrance of the entire brand and it is even better than many expensive perfumes. It is elegant and suggestive, I don't like sweet fruity scents and this one differs from the rest because it's fresh, sensual with a little bit of lavender, roses and musk. I love it.

The first time I tried it in the store I fell in love with it. The smell is so perfect and very subtle.I don't like too fruity and sweet fragrance that why I love moonlight path. I bought a dozen of this fragrance as a gift to my families and everyone loved it. I even use it more often than my bulgari, gucci and lacoste perfume..If you don't want a strong scent fragrance you will really like this one.

This fragrance has a beautiful, sensual scent that can go from day to night with ease. I have the shower gel, fragrance mist, and perfume, as well as the lotion. It is always best to layer your fragrance, and this is the ideal way. My hubby loves it, too!

The Contenders
11 Pink Chiffon

It's is the most nice smelling I have ever smell since I have been wearing it. I walk into a bath and body works store and a sale person was wearing it I ask what she was wearing and she said Pink Chiffon. I told her I would like some perfume and have been wearing it ever since. This has been a perfume like no other. Talk about compliance right and left. People would ask me what are you wearing and I told them Pink Chiffon.Now you can't buy Pink Chiffon in store Not all people shop online more in stores in Ontario

I loved this scent the first time I smelled it in the store. It's so girly and sweet scented! I love it! I have it in the big bottle of lotion and I have 2 bottles of it in the diamond shimmer mist perfume! My birthday is coming up and I want to get it in the mini lotion,mini perfume,shower gel,mini shower gel,bubble bath, and in the pocket bac! It's not too strong and doesn't stink or give me headaches! I have asthma and some of there scents made me cough but this one doesn't. I highly recommend it to anyone who has not tried it! I especially recommend for people's first bath and body works scent!

This scent reminds me more of a much simpler time in my girlhood when everything I wanted to have was a shade of Pink. And now they have a scent that can only be described as Pink. Well, you bet your Pink Chiffon smelling body, that I bought at least 6 bottles of it. Absolutely a great buy and one of my favorite smells to put on my skin.

I am a huge fan of this scent. It's nice and girly without being too overly fragmented. I smell like all sorts of things. My mom says I smell like a vanilla cupcake but me friend says I smell like a vanilla cupcake. Overall I smell like an amazing, sweet, PINK scent. I think it's amazing.

12 French Lavender and Honey

Love this one! People comment on it every time I wear the lotion and spray and ask me where to get it. Everyone should try it if they haven't already.

I've been a Japanese Cherry Blossom addict for years now, this is the first scent I've tried in a long time and I'm in love!

If you like Japanese Cherry Blossom, you will absolutely love this.

LOVE this one, one of my all time favorites next to pearberry!

13 Lemon Vanilla

I absolutely adore this scent. I bought a few of each scent when the " Signature Vanillas" collection came out and fell in love with the lemon vanilla. It smells wonderful on its own and it pairs so well with everything ( especially Sweet on Paris- another DC'd scent that needs to come back! ).

This was my all-time favourite - none of the others have compared. I used to get compliments from friends, colleagues, strangers -- even my dentist -- on how great it smelled. Wish they'd bring it back.

Every time I wore this total strangers commented on how fresh it smelled! Why do they always do away with my favorites!

BRING THIS SCENT BACK! It's smells like a summery vanilla sweet scent that I just can't get enough of! I get so many compliments because it just smells different; not too flowery or overpowering. Can't live without this scent!

14 Paris Amour

One of my friends wears it all the time and she always smells fantastic so I went and bought some. It has to be my favorite, though I have many. The bubble bath is amazing. I feel silky smooth after using it. Love the spray too!

I love this scent so much, I have the spray and I wear it to school everyday. I like it because its fruity and fresh at the same time. Paris Amour is also not too overpowering. My favorite spring scent!

The best scent from Bath and Body Works! I wear this to school and I always smell great. I've even been complimented on how great I smell! A plus: the packaging is beautiful, and who could resist Paris?

This fragrance smells great! It's not too strong and not to light. It's perfect. It doesn't have an over whelming smell when you wear it. I wear it often and I just love this perfume.

15 Velvet Sugar

I am a husband who has trouble differentiating between smells when I have to take my wife to Bath & Body Works because, to be candid, olfactory overload. But when my wife tried this one I immediately keyed on it. It has a great mix of girlie and earthy tones that it radiates sensuality. I have since identified the scent and how it wears on my wife with the softness of character and strong sensuality of both her physicality and personality. I don't identify her by the scent, rather I identify the scent as her. So needless to say this one above any other is distinctive for me and the desired effect was definitely achieved.

This scent is so amazing that it is rare to still find this scent in their stores. People really love this scent like I do. This is just a really great sweet smell of a candy store where they make everything from scratch and when you walk in you are instantly hit by all the amazing smells of sweet Cotton candy, taffy, hard candy, soft candy, Velvet Sugar! I get so happy just thinking about it. When I have it in a bottle I just can't stop smelling it. This really should be in the top 5 at least. Yell "I found Velvet Sugar" in your BBW & watch as people turn to see where you are and run over to see if there is more! This stuff is amazing. One sniff and you'll be hooked for sure!

I love Velvet Sugar. It was my first Bath & Body Works product ever so maybe that's why it is so special to me. It smells really sweet, fruity, flirty and fun. To me it isn't one of those too sweet smells that are like in your face and give you a headache, but it's just fine. I only have the lotion so I don't know if the Fine Fragrance Mist or the shower gel are different, but as far as I know it's an amazing scent. I absolutely recommend Velvet Sugar to people who are into sweet and fruity scents.

The first time I tried this, I fell in love. It's a sweet and girly scent, however it has some notes of vanilla and musk. I liked it so much I got the whole set and have been getting compliments at school nonstop. Overall, I do recommend you check it out at Bath & Body Works

16 A Thousand Wishes

I discovered this on my first ever visit to bath and bodyworks last Thanksgiving in New York. I was told it was their new holiday fragrance. I fell in love and have the set. Every time I smell it it reminds me of my trip to the Big Apple. Its gorgeous, so fragrant, sweet, warm, subtle, gorgeous.

I honestly fall in love with this scent every time I smell it. I'm not te sure why! The flowery yet delicate scent makes my heart just stop! I love this! It's great for a time of the year! I highly recommend this scent! It's my favorite one!

I was at a friends house for a sleepover and she had a body spray in A Thousand Wishes. When she used it, I immediately new I needed it. When I went to the store, it was one of the first things I looked for. I got it, and I love it!

It's my favorite scent from B&BW. I have it in body scrub, mist and shimmer mist so far. Granted I don't mess with anything but the mist in other scents from B&BW. Planning on wearing it during the holiday season and on special occasions. Mind you, I only wear niche perfumes. Somehow, this one made it to my favorites!

17 Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day, I voted for it, because it deserves to be higher in the list! I love the scent the spring scent like sour apples and it makes me feel like jumping into I pile of flowers. It almost feels like I'm in the most beautiful garden in the world. It feels like it's called; it feels like it's a beautiful spring day!

I went to B&BW for the first time a few weeks ago. After walking around the store for 30 minutes with my bff smelling everything, I settled on 12 mini's (4 lotions, 2 fragrances and 6 pocket bac's) that were on sale (the total was $17). Beautiful Day is definitely the best out of all of them, and I always rub some on my arms after a shower. Tomorrow I'm going back to the mall to stock up and this time get the full collection.

I absolutely love this scent because I like more natural fresh scents. Beautiful day smells very floral and has a green apple hint too. I would also recommend this scent for spring or summer seasons.

This scent definitely deserves to be higher on the list! Certainly a little sweet, more of a floral scent and people always tell me how good I smell when I wear it!

18 Midnight Pomegranate

I have used this scent ever since it came out and have some saved so I didn't know it was discontinued. It is my go to fragrance and actually aside from Cotton Blossom, it is the only fragrance that I can count on to stay and to be pleasant and something I can still smell on my clothes. I am a nurse, and sometimes you smell some things you want to erase from your memory. Having the scent sprayed somewhere inside or underneath my scrubs, such as my undershirt or bra, allows me to go quickly find a pleasant smell again. Please bring it back!

Midnight Pomegranate is amazing. It smells like a "fiery fuit and spice blend that conjures an image of rubies sparkling in moonlight. " Trust me on this one, I wear it to school and then all of my friends tell me to bring the lotion on the bus so that they can have some too.

I went to B&BW today and I haven't been there in years so I raided the whole store and midnight pomegranate was the best smell there! I absolutely fell in love with it after one sniff! I totally recommend this scent.

I'm very picky with scents but I definitely love this one! The scent tones down over time and you can still smell it at the end of the day.

19 Mint Chocolate

I always use the mint chocolate candle in the winter but I like it's the season better!

My very favorite scent. Wish they would bring it back.

20 Coconut Lime Verbena

Coconut Lime Verbena Is the best scent ever! Not to sweet but has a distinguished smell. People always ask me what perfume I'm wearing when they walk by me.

Coconut Lime Verbena Is #1

This has been my favorite scent for hand soap. Everyone always comments on it when they use it at my house. The hand sanitizer is also a winner with my family.

This one is great! It's best for summer but works all year round! My favorite!

Clean, not overwhelming, scent... Especially if you aren't into flowery scents.

21 Sea Island Cotton

Best scent ever! Smells like a mix of a paradise island and clean laundry! Every day when I bring it to school, people will always ask me for some... And some would even try to steal it! It was just that good!

This smells so nice! I have the lotion and every time I wear it my skin just smells clean! It also smells like greasy water on a beach and makes me think summer. I just love this scent.

This reminds me of being on a small island in the middle of the sea. Cloudy with cotton flying everywhere. When I have that in mind, I use that when I shower.

Smells so fresh and clean! I couldn't stop smelling my hands after using the antibacterial gel. Feels like I've just gotten out of the shower

22 Country Apple

I have the Anti-Bacterial Gentle Hand Foam from this Bath and Body Works Country Apple line. It is so fruity and perfect for a Spring scent. This also has Aloe Vera in it so it makes your hands super soft. I wish they would bring back this scent permanently!

This is my all time favorite Bath and Body Works scent, which is a hard thing to say because of all the amazing scents. It's my friends and my favorite perfume and I use it all the time, can't imagine my life without it!

Never get tired of this fresh scent. No musk, no crazy undertones, just apple. Perfect for light fresh scent. Makes those new layered scents seem cheap. Love this apple.

I love country Apple! Too bad they don't have it anymore. I hope they bring it back permanently. It's one of the best apple scents I've ever smelled!

23 Cucumber Melon

This is my summer scent. Also this is one of my top 5 favorite scents from bath and body works. It smells like cucumber and melons. It is very relaxing. I have this scent in lotion and the fragrant mist.

Fresh and not overpowering like many of the floral scent. This is my favorite, although the store doesn't carry the body spray, must get it online.

I just bought it today and the smell's completely being my favorite thing ever. It fresh, smells lightly and definitely suitable for those who are sensitive to smell

My all time favorite, and classic summer scent! My husband loves this every time I choose it. Great smelling and I always have it on hand.

24 Secret Wonderland

This scent is the best! The scent is sweet but a bit fruity for a mysterious and feminine scent without being too strong. I highly recommend the lotion and the spray and shower gel if you prefer to layer your scents.

Even though I didn't like it very much at the first use, one day my boyfriend used the shower gel and came out to the living room, I found them great scent(not too strong) and they are really good. Already ordered the shower gel and body lotion online.

Sad to find it was discontinued in stores but is still available online. It is a sweet scent that isn't too overpowering. An absolute favorite for me and my Mom. Good everyday fragrance...

This scent should be number one, it is absolutely amazing and I always have it on civvies and it totally lasts the longest.

25 Dark Kiss

I love this sent. It's soft and can be worn day or night but I would prefer night. I normally prefer tropical smells but this is perfect because it's gentle and has a sweet floral smell. I cried when I broke my perfume of this, this and sensual amber are my two favorites I can't pick between the two. Honestly though if you want to smell lovely, beautiful and feminine wear this perfume. I think it's a great perfume that reflect my personality.

Dark kiss is to die for! It is so sexy and feminine, with scrumptious, but slightly musky amber tones that help it not to overpower. It brings out the dark seductiveness, that is mature and luscious. I definitely recommend dark kiss, especially for someone on a night out with their "main squeeze"

Out of all your fragrances, dark kiss is the best! I have even received shipping requests from my friends in Europe! Please don't discontinue this one! Thank you!

Smells so great! I like it as my fall/winter scent! After I exercise it gives of a cotton candy smell. I have received a lot of compliments on this one!

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