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1 Phoenix

The a piece of awesomeness. There aren't very many of these I have seen about 20 of em but that's because if some one has one they SHOW it off because it is so rare although I have a friend that has 10 of em! She got like 3 24 packs of the kind that has em and she gave one to ME (for free) I her!

Dude, My friend, is a serious collecter, she's got over 200, and she's got a couple of phoinexes, and she handed one over to me for nothing more than a pink guitar out of the rock pack, she's real nice, which is also really cool, everyone wants to get their hands on one, good luck newcomers and phoenix out-lookers.

I'm so mad because everyone is saying the phoenix is the most rare silly band ever and I don't have one! Although, my friend has so many phoenixes and she won't give one to me, so I don't think it's all that.

I HAVE ONE! Actually, I had 4. I got two in one mystical pack and I bought two of those at the dollar store for 1.00 each! I don't really think they are the rarest though... I thought it was the swinsuit one.. Well, if you say so!

2 Dragon

it's really cool and the person that has it is really cool, too I also collect silly bands. they are really cool. I heart silly bands. I think the most fave silly band of mine is the unicorn. They are really cool/awesome well it was the best so I voted for it. Sorry Pheonix. I think I need more silly bands. I really like silly bands. P.S. I love baseballs, dollar signs, longhorns, Pneonix, geckos, rock hands, gorrilas, broncos, and tree frogs. Better luck next time others. Anyway, I love Silly Bands. That I my comment! Pr

The dragon is awesome! I got one of the sparkley red ones, and it is totally awesome. I only had to trade a ty-dy "C" to my friend (I had two of them, and he was my best friend). What a deal! I'd only trade this for phoenix. Go dragons!

The Dragon is the best of the bunch. It's a coolio dealio and is worth millions. I am now a millionaire because of my dragon. It can fly me all around the world. *Drops Mic*

dragon is fire-breathing creature, you got to want it, as rare as the phoenix/dollar sign

3 Dollar Sign

My friend Taylor gave me some of these before she moved to Colorado I am never gonna trade em!

I have this one, but most people want it for like 20 bandz. I deny cause I know it's rare

The dollar sign is awesome. I have three but I'll only trade one for a phoenix.

I never knew it was rare until now and I accidentaly traded it for a dolphin. I was totally ripped off.

4 Unicorn

While they fell out of style quicker than they gained there popularity these small colored rubber bands bring me so much joy. Thinking of trading and rocking these fills me with pure child hood nostalgia, and that is why I have decided to add to the list to deem what the best silly band is. I hope you agree with my Opinion, the unicorn is not the only the most magical band but is also the most unique band; with a recognizable and complex outline it is clearly the best of the best. I rest my case.

P.S. Ya'l rel uns fr on g if you love dees bandz

I've have all of the above on this list and I'm still trying to locate the unicorn one yeah that one is really rare I wouldn't trade it if I were you either.

The unicorn is so cool! My friend didn't want any of her Silly Bandz so she gave them to me. I love the unicorn! She had two of them!

Ooh please its not silly at all its an awesome brand...

That's what I think...

5 Genie

Sparkly and purple. Wicked.

6 Mermaid

You should show the silly bands but I also agree mermaids DO rock!

Mermaids rock! I love this band so much.

7 Gecko

They are awesome I have one and I'm not training it it's the only one I've seen

I adore the gecko because I am a huge animal lover, plus it is so darn cute!

I gave one to my friend for 3 pheonixes

the gecko is like the 2nd rarest

8 Fairy
9 Rock Handz

I have searched like three websites and like this has comed up like three times-and also has the planet and the heart which I have that's all.

I love the rock hands there sick but in a good way.

10 Monkey

I bought this off eBay with my birthday money from my meema. I am saving it so I can sell it to go to college

, The monkey is so sick. My little sister thinks it's bs that I am not giving her mine.

There is only 40 in the whole world

This monkey is awesome I have 1

The Contenders
11 Baseball

I think baseball silly bandz are better because baseball is one of many great sport! I have so far 993 silly bandz they are the my favorite thing so keep on making and I keep on buying! Worrd peace out

This thing is sick, I only have 1 but it's one of my favorites. The design is awesome. Honestly, the dollar sign is cool but it should not be in the top ten.

The baseball is just the best ever I can't tell you why it's cool because it has so many ways of being cool.

what the heck, why is this number seven, this is awesome and it is a lot better than Pheonix, because, I mean seriously, why is this seven. I still don't know why but it is way better than a lot of their other stupid ones.

12 Longhorn

The longhorn is awesome! My friend just threw a ton at me, and later I found out I had the … LONGHORN, I love it, it's just fun to look at and one of my favorite restaurants is the Longhorn Steak House. It matches

The longhorn is BEAST! Mine sticks to the wall and I had no idea that it was so awesome when I found it on the ground

This should be called Bull, not Longhorn. But still, this one is super rare. I've only seen a blue one.

I voted for the longhorn because I love western stuff I have 96 and I have 4 longhorns

13 Birthday Cake
14 Gorilla

I love the gorilla it's my favorite out of all of them

15 Tree Frog

the tree frog rocks! I got one from my bff a few days ago. I no it was a rip off because I had to trade my blue phoenix for it. but I like the tree frog because no won else has it!

16 Black Apple
17 Bronco

By far the most popular Silly Bandz in the Evanston area... well, I would think. I can't really back that up.

I love this one it is so cool I probaly like it so much because I love horses!

18 Penguin

Penguins are also my favorite animal, I love penguins

So cute not rare but cute.


It's says ROCK. You can't get any better than that.

20 Sun

I have this pack! The sun is so awesome! I heard that everyone wants it. If you don"t have one and you really want one, I think you should check at Hallmark. You can get it there for like $2.50.

The sun rocks you can wear it as a necklace

Another not as known of silly bandz.

it can fit around your neck

21 Shark
22 Dog

I love the dog silly bandz, my brother won't give it to me!
I love it, it's so cool
I definitely want one, but the petz pack is retired in the United States!

It is rare I have only seen 2 in the entire school

23 Sea Shell

I have this one. It reminds me of the beach. So cool!

I have never saw one in person but they look cool!

24 Drums

The drums is rare cause I only have 3 (it's my favorite silly band)

It's rare cause I only have 3 (It's my favorite silly band).

I have lots of drums like 5 or something.

25 T-Rex

I love t-rexes so much! Definitely should be in the top ten, without a doubt! The one I had broke D:

It comes in the dino pack, but you are lucky to find one with one in it. Once again, a rare find.

I only have 1 t-rex... and can't seem to find another... my friends won;t trade because they say it's their favorite one... it is mine too... it deserves to be in the top 10. (:

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