Top 10 Best Silly Bandz

The Top Ten Best Silly Bandz

1 Phoenix

Dude, My friend, is a serious collecter, she's got over 200, and she's got a couple of phoinexes, and she handed one over to me for nothing more than a pink guitar out of the rock pack, she's real nice, which is also really cool, everyone wants to get their hands on one, good luck newcomers and phoenix out-lookers.

There aren't very many of these I have seen about 20 of em but that's because if some one has one they SHOW it off because it is so rare although I have a friend that has 10 of em! She got like 3 24 packs of the kind that has em and she gave one to ME (for free) I <3 her!

The a piece of awesomeness. There aren't very many of these I have seen about 20 of em but that's because if some one has one they SHOW it off because it is so rare although I have a friend that has 10 of em! She got like 3 24 packs of the kind that has em and she gave one to ME (for free) I her!

I have a friend that is just CRAZY for silly bands she has more than 1,000 she had the About ten of the Phoenix, and she gave me one, but the only thing I hate is everybody begs and begs for it. But I love the Phoenix! It's AWESOME! ;-)

2 Dragon

it's really cool and the person that has it is really cool, too I also collect silly bands. they are really cool. I heart silly bands. I think the most fave silly band of mine is the unicorn. They are really cool/awesome well it was the best so I voted for it. Sorry Pheonix. I think I need more silly bands. I really like silly bands. P.S. I love baseballs, dollar signs, longhorns, Pneonix, geckos, rock hands, gorrilas, broncos, and tree frogs. Better luck next time others. Anyway, I love Silly Bands. That I my comment! Pr

omg the dragon is so awesome! I have a red sparkley one! I got it from my friend and I only had to trade my blue jellyfish! it was the best deal I ever made. I really love the dragon!

I have a glow in the dark dragon! I got it from my friend and she didn't even no how rare it wus! now she wants it back but no way am I tradin it!
- boocarolina1234567890

Wait Silly Bandz are still a thing? I used to love these (although it was pretty much a trend thing in second grade that people quickly outgrew in third grade for Japanese erasers at my school). - Anonymousxcxc

3 Dollar Sign

the dollar sign is so amazing I didn't even know that it was in the top ten best silly bandz in the world also it looks so detailed and the design is super awesome! - sanglee1234

It comes in the fun pack but really hard to find - dan1232000

The dollar sign is awesome. I have three but I'll only trade one for a phoenix. - dan1232000

the dollar sign is so cool! My friend wouldn't trade anything for it! I got so mad. I had to trade the phoenix for it!

4 Unicorn

The unicorn is so cool! My friend didn't want any of her Silly Bandz so she gave them to me. I love the unicorn! She had two of them!

I've have all of the above on this list and I'm still trying to locate the unicorn one yeah that one is really rare I wouldn't trade it if I were you either. - lcady

Ooh please its not silly at all its an awesome brand...

That's what I think...

It is part of the very rare fantasy pack. Rare and not as well known.

5 Genie

genies are cool I have a genie too and its glow in the dark tidei and it changes colors in the sun!

Sparkly and purple. Wicked. -

Ah... I remember back when SillyBandz were popular... - Minecraftcrazy530

that's hot

6 Mermaid

You should show the silly bands but I also agree mermaids DO rock!

Mermaids rock! I love this band so much.


7 Gecko

the gecko is like the 2nd rarest


omg I love the gecko because its like geico. I don't have it but I will get it soon. its like so awesome! =)

well I like the gecko because lizards are my faveorite animals so its really cool

8 Fairy


Omy osh I have too of the fairy I think it is the sickest thing... And its glow in the drk so its uper cool!

9 Rock Handz

I love the rock hands there sick but in a good way.

I have searched like three websites and like this has comed up like three times-and also has the planet and the heart which I have that's all.

I want a lot

I have these

10 Monkey

There is only 40 in the whole world - David55721

This monkey is awesome I have 1

, The monkey is so sick. My little sister thinks it's bs that I am not giving her mine.

I bought this off eBay with my birthday money from my meema. I am saving it so I can sell it to go to college

The Contenders

11 Baseball

what the heck, why is this number seven, this is awesome and it is a lot better than Pheonix, because, I mean seriously, why is this seven. I still don't know why but it is way better than a lot of their other stupid ones.
- footballanytime

This thing is sick, I only have 1 but it's one of my favorites. The design is awesome. Honestly, the dollar sign is cool but it should not be in the top ten.

I love all of them but the base ball is pretty darn cool.

the baseball is awesome once i saw it come from the baseball pack i saw it was a tie dye so im like omg this must be the rarest one. - asdasdasd007

12 Longhorn

The longhorn is BEAST! Mine sticks to the wall and I had no idea that it was so awesome when I found it on the ground

I like the longhorn my brother is crazy about it too

i love the long horn because it looks really cool

This thing is AWSOME! I two of them. I can't believe th so much because I like th Teat they make xas Longhornsthese. I like them

13 Birthday Cake


14 Gorilla

I love the gorilla its my fav out of all of them

15 Tree Frog

the tree frog rocks! I got one from my bff a few days ago. I no it was a rip off because I had to trade my blue phoenix for it. but I like the tree frog because no won else has it!

16 Black Apple

Pretty god-like

Pretty god-like

17 Bronco

By far the most popular Silly Bandz in the Evanston area... well, I would think. I can't really back that up.

I love this one it is so cool I probaly like it so much because I love horses!

18 Penguin

So cute not rare but cute.

Penguins rule!
I have so many penguin silly bands and I WORE EM SO MUCH!

Penguins are also my favorite animal, I love penguins -



It's says ROCK. You can't get any better than that. -

20 Sun

I have this pack! The sun is so awesome! I heard that everyone wants it. If you don"t have one and you really want one, I think you should check at Hallmark. You can get it there for like $2.50.

it can fit around your neck - Gail

sun is awesome it strechiz like so faaaarrr! -

The sun rocks you can wear it as a necklace - Lordhasta

21 Shark
22 Dog

It is rare I have only seen 2 in the entire school -


I love the dog silly bandz, my brother won't give it to me!
I love it, it's so cool
I definitely want one, but the petz pack is retired in the United States!

23 Sea Shell

I have this one. It reminds me of the beach. So cool!

I have never saw one in person but they look cool!

24 Drums

It's rare cause I only have 3 (It's my favorite silly band). -

The drums is rare cause I only have 3 (it's my favorite silly band) - xamsto

I have lots of drums like 5 or something.

25 T-Rex

I only have 1 t-rex... and can't seem to find another... my friends won;t trade because they say it's their favorite one... it is mine too... it deserves to be in the top 10. (:

I love t-rexes so much! Definitely should be in the top ten, without a doubt! The one I had broke D:

It comes in the dino pack, but you are lucky to find one with one in it. Once again, a rare find.

T- Reex is so rare and it is hard to finded

26 Dolphin

The dolphin is awesome

27 Elephant Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Two species are traditionally recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant, although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species.

I like that this is just a real elephant. 10/10 best silly band

Y am I here

28 Panther

Once again I have only seen two of them one I had to trade for a hedgehog and the other I still have. -

29 Paint Brush

It's my favorite when it broke I cried for 10 minutes. You have to get this one. Anyone else know that this one is the best!

One of the six tie dye silly bandz - in my opinion the best. -

30 Rudolph

it looks so cool and cute. It remindes me about christmas - baseballrules5

31 Mic Stand

I love the mic stand. I look on here to find the rarest sillybandz through number 40 because my friend is really still into silly bandz so I look on here very week and when this one was on here I was like "YES". My favroite silly bandz is the mic stand!

It's not as rare as the drums but it's really cool. - booklover1

32 Bone

It's actually one of those silly bands where may wrist perfectly fits on them

Its in the basic pack but like the sun, is hard to find

33 A
34 Flamingo
35 Guitar

No this thing is fierce! I have a clear one that glows in the dark and I've seena few others but the only thing I know is that when I have it on my wrist everyone tries to come up to me!

This is probably the coolest thing ever! Well except for pheonix, but it's like third after pheonix and dolar sign... It's AWESOME!

36 Cat
37 Toucan
38 K
39 T

Silliest band I ever saw

cool t

40 Jumping Rocker
41 Dragon Fly

I had one but I traded it for 2 silly bandz, a baseball glove and a girrafe - cassikuehl

42 Sheriff Badge

It's really rare
I only have one yellow one

43 Horseshoe
44 Pitcher
45 Baseball Bat
46 Home Plate
47 Bieber Heart

I love this silly band, someone was going to give it to me but I said no then I wanted to trade him the next day because I checked on the internet and it was a justin bieber one and I love justin bieber - cassikuehl

48 Batter
49 Wand
50 Cowboy Boot
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