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1 Bandeh - Indian Ocean

The power of the song is just exceptional - none of them has such power. Awesome vocals, awesome arrangement of instruments. IO forever

This song is just E-P-I-C! Gets you lost into a real word of rock! A worth listen for each and everyone out there! Seriously! Keep rocking Indian OCEAN! M/

I saw Black Friday because of this song. Should be number 1
Vocals, guitar, lyrics... epic! Hail Indian OCEAN

Hi I'm pankaj yadav I want to join your band to give new lirycs - pankajyadav

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2 Main Laut Aaunga - Kaash

Awesome one... Simply superb

Great music.. All the band members are awesome at what they do..

If not on 1st, deserve a place in top 3. Superb song, awesome lyrics, emotional composition! "naa ho abh udaas tum, naa kar aankhen numm". Lovely yaar!

Epic, must listen

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3 Maaeri - Euphoria

Most hear.. For d superb lyrics..

Perfect fusion of Indian classical and modern music. Euphoria's amongst the few bands who revive the true essence of Indian Music, and Maaeri's the perfect example of this.

This is one of the must awe-striking songs ever composed. Brings a tear to my eye every time I listen to it. can't believe its not number 1.

Lyrics is best by any Indian band...

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4 Aahatein - Agnee

Soulful voice.. Touches the heart. One of the best band songs

Beautiful... Vocals and lyrics are SO touching...

I just love this song..

Amaizing song! Really heart touching

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5 Dooba Dooba - Silk Route

How can it be at 4? Song sounds heaven. This song broke all records and was a chart-buster for a very long time. Mohit rocks! :-)

I want to show my lyrics to your band

Best ever song... It is still there in my playlist...

6 Azaadi - BloodRockz

Ist Rock Song By A Kashmiri Band
Love Their Work
Encouraged Me To Found A Rock Band.
Aasif Reshi

This was the 1st Rock song of J&K. It encouraged young bands to move forward and make their own music. Love their work, /

Yes I've met them, a super talented band. Best wishes to Adnan & Rahii: keep the spirit, and touch the sky

Awesome lyrics with great vocals n good music... 7.5/10

7 Rooh Ki Hai Pyaas - Junoon V 3 Comments
8 Fariyaad - Aagman

Lovely songs cn you give me chords of this songs

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9 Hawa Hawa - SQS Supastars

The whole album was great. Fresh sounds, young blood. Listen to 'Bekha'

Good song and good voice.. should be high up in the ranking..

10 Duur - Strings

Very nice. Chords sound good!

MIND BLOWING! And Fresh, so Fresh


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11 Karmah - Punkh

Fresh and ultimate production as these guys are recording mostly in Germany and outside India. Superb LIVE act with some of the best musicians from the scene like Brennon Denfer (Bass), Joshua Grant (Drums), Karan Sharma (Guitars) and Deepak Nair (Vocals). Must Hear all their songs from karmah E.P.

Great new hard rocking Hindi sound. The whole album is simply stunner! MUST HEAR!

12 Kandisa - Indian Ocean

Attend a live concert from these veterans and you'll know that 'Kandisa' is definitely their most popular track world over!
P. S Pardon me including them on a 'Hindi Rock' band list... Sadly we have a dearth of good bands playing music in hindi... Leaves me with no other choice... Ill have to go with the audience poll here!. - Desirock

Stir my soul and energize me!

Best of this top 10 list

Best and of course soul stirring

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13 Choo Lo - Local Train

Amazing lyrics, beautiful redemption.. Soulful music!

Can't say a word about this song.
Can"t stop listening it. Such beautiful lyrics..

Amazing lyrics.. Soulful voice... I fell in love with this song

Awesome song

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14 Teri Yaad - Jal Band

Best song... I request every one to listnen this this song from the Pakistani band. This song should be on number 1..

Really nice song with heart touching lyrics.

Amazing song...the best by any indo Pak band.

15 Sadda Haq - Rockstar V 2 Comments
16 Tu Jo Nahi Hai Yahaan - Swastik

The Best Unplugged Number by Swastik... Heart Touching lyrics, voice and music.

Heart touching lyrics... It deserves in top ten position.. Come on guys

Best band n song

17 Dekh Bawari - Ahhirann

One of the best Indian classical fusion songs ever made by the Indian Rock band Ahhirann. Sounds the best

Love the song very much one of the best songs heard after a long time do you have a music video for this song? This is a beauty

Beautiful song. Love to hear it when I am alone gives me peace of mind reminds me of my romance

Super song love it every time when I hear it

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18 Sayyoni - Junoon

Just can't leave the first ever Rock song in hindi... Changed the scene... Before the tons of desi bands cropped up. It was junoon with Sayyoni that showed the way... Pure nostalgia every time I hear this one.. Thanks Junoon! - Desirock

Pure junoon...a true music lover would experience how this song has surpassed generations and still finds its way to the best

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19 Insaan - Punkh
20 Dheere Dheere - Antariksh

Very very fresh sounding Hindi-Rock song! Great melodies and guitar playing!

Such great lyrics and melodies. It just connects to my soul every time I listen to it.

I've heard Antariksh's full album.. Fantastic it is... Music like you've never heard before and way better than any hindi rock music I've ever heard.

The word Hindi Rock is synonymous with Anariksh. what a great band and an even better song.

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