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1 Dreams of an Absolution - Theme of Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)

Honestly the best sonic song I've heard. And when I first heard it after Silver's story, I got the song will it was playing on my screen. SEGA PLEASE, we need more masterpieces like this. Too bad the game was bashed.

It's a great song in what turned out to be an atrocious game.
I love the upbeat and techno feel of it. It's one of the only good things in the worst sonic title.

I just LOVE this song! Especially the remix, it is the best! - TheWritingGamer

Best thing about silvers character in general.

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2 I Am (All of Me) (Shadow the Hedgehog)

An epic victory theme. It just screams "Screw you, Black Doom, you're going down! "

This music made me love rock songs

This music is completely fitting to Shadow. Enough said.


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3 Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure/DX)

The main theme for SA/SADX. It is a song that puts me in the kick ass kind if mood - nazi_zombieguy1911

You really feel the vibes you receive from this unlike Live and Learn.

4 Live and Learn (SA2/SA2B)

The main theme for Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. - nazi_zombieguy1911

I made a love song entirely out of this one soundtrack

This is a great song and What I'm Made Of Sonic Heroes

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5 Knight of the Wind - Sonic & the Black Knight

Listen to the start of this song. Just listen.

Love this song, love it, love it, love it

This song is awesome and amazing and deserves more love.

Just love this song - Sonamy

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6 His World (Sonic 2006)

A really great song with a beautiful string opening and amazing guitar solo!

Everything about the essence of sonic and the series summed up in one gift wrapped package of pure vocal bliss

Best sonic song ever made no doubt! - Artattack


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7 What I'm Made Of (Sonic Heroes)

This song is the "Live and Learn" of Sonic Heroes. It is the perfect song for the game's amazing final boss. The riffs are epic, the lyrics have a few different possible meanings, and the chorus is catchy, but the best part of the song is the guitar solo, which is the perfect blend of melodic and technical playing. This song (especially the solo) is also really fun to play on the guitar.

Why is this so low?
It perfectly suits the final battle with metal overlord, it has amazing lyrics and it tells metal sonic that sonic and his friends are going to defeat him with the power of partnership or as I should say THE REAL SUPERPOWER OF TEAMWORK

Why is this song 11? That is just bad. It's so much better than live life and open your heart. So much.

If Crush 40 doesn't comes back for Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice I'm gonna be bummed.

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8 Endless Possibility (Sonic Unleashed)

Even though I like all of these songs, I believe that this one does the best job of tying up all of the ideas of the Modern Sonic games. By all of the songs, I mean all except for Dreams of Absolution, a textbook example of nauseating autotune.

Cause it's my favorite

One of my favorite vocal songs - Sonamy

Sums up Sonic as a game, story, and character all in one. And adds the part of The Werehog as well.

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9 Live Life (Sonic and the Black Knight)

This song is a message to live life to the fullest. - Chaotixhero

This song has an amazing message!

This song is underrated as hell...

10 Reach for the Stars (Sonic Colors)

Upbeat, catchy, and light compared to other heavier songs.

Let's start a lyric chain! Race off at the speed of sound.

Why isn't this 6th or better!? This song is amazing!

Es mi juego favoruto

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11 Escape from the City for: City Escape (SA2/SA2B)

I'm sorry but if you can't sing along to this upbeat, catchy, and energetic song you are a cold, heartless person who can't follow their rainbow.

This song is the most catchy one I've heard and really suits my thoughts of a character that I made up.

I started singing it since Sonic generations and it's still stuck!

This song is a very catchy song - Sonamy

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12 Live & Learn - Crush 40

One of my favorite vocal songs - Sonamy

13 Open Your Heart - Crush 40
14 Never Turn Back (Shadow the Hedgehog)

This song is amazing I like the emotional tie it puts forth but also the total awesomeness and it kinda says "This is who I am a hero to the planet" if you complete the Pure Hero end!

It could also mean "I don't care what happens to this planet" if you complete the Neutral ending.

It could also so mean "This is why I'm going to destroy this damned planet! " If you complete the Pure Dark end.

One of my favorite vocal songs - Sonamy

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15 Reach for the Stars (Cash Cash)

I love this song so much! A great song from a great game, and is my personal favourite. It is so hard NOT to sing along to this thing! Not looking back, not giving up, not letting go, I'll keep on running!

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16 It Doesn't Matter [Theme of Sonic] (Sonic Adventure)

Sonics theme from 1998 - nazi_zombieguy1911

17 Fight the Knight (Sonic & the Black Knight)

I liked this song, it was good for a little too easy boss. I was stuck on it for a year!

Great song, but on such a terrible game should of had a harder boss.

18 Supporting Me (Crush 40)

The original song is very dark, to say the least. Though, later iterations such as the Generations and Forces remixes are more upbeat compared to the sheer disturbing tone that came with the theme of the pure incarnation of Dr. Gerald Robotnik's hatred and resentment towards the world for all of what he lost, known none other than the prototype of the Ultimate Life Form, Biolizard. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

19 His World (Crush 40)

Lyric chain! "In this world (His world)
Where life is ruff!
In this world (His world)
Life's an open book!
In this world (His world)
Where compromise dose not exist!
In this world of worlds every step meets the risk! "

20 His World (Zebrahead Version)


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