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1 Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man 2 Product Image

Not only the best Spider-Man film, not only the best superhero film, but my favorite film of all time. This movie is incredible in every way. It understands everything that makes Spider-Man so special, more than any other. The only film that understands the character about as much as this film is Into the Spider-Verse.

Honestly, Spider-Man 2 was a masterpiece. Whilst the original will always be my favourite, Spider-Man 2 was flawless. It was deep, intriguing and kept you interested. The story focused mostly on Peter's struggle to accept the responsibilities of being a superhero, having to put the cities need's before his own, which meant disappointing his aunt, losing his job, not being with the one person he loves more than anything in the world. It's depressing, and Peter losing his powers means he can't sacrifice his own life anymore, he wants to be Peter Parker again. Regaining his powers is Peter realising that he is Spider-Man, and it's his responsibility to look after others, even if that meant he couldn't balance his own life anymore. This movie was a masterpiece. Spider-Man will never hit this high ever again unfortunately.

There are some pros and cons of Spider-Man 2
Cons: Almost everyone around Peter was dumping on him. The lady at the beginning who said she wasn't paying for the pizza. Harry who keeps bugging Peter about Spider-Man. He even slaps him in the face in front of everyone. Mary Jane who flirted with Peter despite being engaged and also not making things easier. Mr. Jameson who trashed Spider-Man and ruined his reputation making people think that Spider-Man is some sort of hideous freak. Honestly Peter was already having a hard time and everybody pushing him around only made things worse

Doc Ock was a sympathetic villain. He sacrifices him to save everyone else. He saved the day and he deserved a happy ending

Peter and M.J get together. Peter finally gets the girl. He finally gets to be happy after Always working. Even when he's tired and sad Mary Jane can make everything better

It's pretty ridiculous that this is in third place. Nobody should ever rank this behind the first Spider-Man or, especially, The Amazing Spider-Man (the latter of the two being a blatant rip-off of the former). It shows that there are too many eager, impulsive teenagers on this site that can't stop themselves from proclaiming their naïve opinions about the most recent (insert media form here) that they'll call, for 2 weeks, the best thing they've ever seen.

2 Spider-Man Spider-Man Product Image

One of the best superhero origin movies ever made, only beaten by Batman Begins. This movie is a fantastic origin story, and an even better Spider-Man movie. I have a couple issues with it, but they are nothing compared to what makes this movie as amazing as its title character.

This movie is the greatest for me not because it's the "original", but because it gave us a perfect Spider-Man. Everything was perfect, the suit, the characters, everything. This suit is my 2nd favorite out of all of them, only behind The Amazing Spider-Man 2's, but not by far, & it is certainly better than Homecoming's suit because that looked like a kid's Halloween costume you could buy from target. Next up is the actors which were unbelievably stunning, Tobey Maguire was a legendary Peter Parker & pretty decent Spider-Man. Also Willem Dafoe is an amazing Green Goblin, he practically is the character. But of course the story is the best part of this film, they nailed the origin & never made us bored. This film is legendary, & nothing can top it for me.

All right lets clear things up. Original spider man movies are better because one simple little thing: they have heart. In other words. They were movies that get you inside the story and get you moved and involved with the characters emotions and experiences. In short: They make you care. The new spidey films are good but they are much like enjoyable cliched superhero movies. Really good action, cgi, cast and all BUT don't have that ingredient of the original ones, it doesn't make you care at least not that much. It's a pretty enjoyable film though don't get me wrong (Only the first amazing spiderman, second one sucked and you know it). Well that's how things are. Spiderman 2 is the best superhero movie perhaps ever. Tobey Mcguire made the best superhero performance perhaps ever. Period.

This movie is way better then the first amazing spiderman, Peter was a nerd like he always has been, where as the new films turned him into an Emo skateboarder, the original had an amazing villain, and the new films have extremely bland villains. The fight scenes in the original focused on being more brutal and personal, like in the last fight with the goblin, the new films just have a ton explosions and obnoxious kabooms, the old films took time to develop amazing villains, the new films have villains who have no time devoted to them so the writters can squeeze in more characters. The old films had tobey maguire, who was more like spiderman was In the comics and the one we all grew up with, the new films apparently thought they needed a different Peter Parker so they made one that instead of being sad and sorry about it like the original would, if an innocent person died in the new films, Andrew Garfield's spiderman wouldn't have given a crap about it. The new films have some good, ...more

3 The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man Product Image

This is not only the most faithful adaptation of both the comics and character, but also the one that saved the spider-man franchise after spider-man 3 nearly killed it dead.

Spider-Man 2 was a little corny to me and the plot was a little out of sorts. Andrew Garfield also does a much better job of portraying Peter than Tobey Maguire.
Also the love interest, Gwen Stacy, was a lot better than Mary Jane- especially in Spider-Man 2. It just seemed to me that MJ only wanted to fall in love with someone who would go to her play! What the hell is up with that?
The villain, Lizard, is one of the best villains of Spider-Man to be seen on-screen to date.

Fantastic acting, fantastic plot, and fantastic character development. My favorite Spider-Man movie.

In my opinion The Amazing Spider-Man is an overall good film. It's not as good as the Raimi movies, but it's still a decent Spidey-flick. I think this movie explains the origin story of Peter Parker much better and in a much better pace for newbies to Spider-Man, as it takes up a good ol' 30 minutes of the movie. But there are flaws, like the villain looking horrendous and having weird motivations for wanting to learn everyone into lizards, but overall I like the movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man series is without a doubt the best cinematic production of this Marvel superhero. I mean, come on--Andrew Garfield's skills as an actor seem far more superior to Tom Holland or Toby Maguire, no contest. The depth of his character, the dynamics--Homecoming could never compete with that, ever.

Between Tom and Toby, Holland marginally surpasses Toby Maguire. Although Tom, in Homecoming, sounded irritatingly young and squeaky in his portrayal, Toby was just... ugh. Pathetic.

4 Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Homecoming Product Image

Spider-Man 2 was awesome, but Homecoming is the best. They made the Vulture intimidating (and to top it all off, he's played by Michael Keaton, an actor who knows a thing or two about playing characters with wings), the Shockers were awesome, and so was Tinkerer. Basically, Homecoming was a much, MUCH better version of TAS2 and Spider-Man 3 with the multiple villains thing.

Spider-Man homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie, because we actually have some one who looks like a teenager playing the character. It also has a scene at the end which I will not spoil, that shows the true esccense of Spider-Man. We also have a great supporting cast, a terrifying villain and a third act that actually builds upon the first two acts. What can I say this is the best Spider-Man movie and we've been waiting good one for 13 years

The only reason this movie is not that high on the list is because it is new so not much people got to vote for it before. I think this a great spiderman movie. The cast is great, the story is great and everything about this movie is great. I love it so much.

This movie is clearly the best one but because it's so new it's lower on the list. But it's a no brained, this is by far the best Spidey flick.

5 Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man 3 Product Image

This is the second best out of all of them. This movie needs to stop getting so much dislikes. I know that this film has maybe one or two unnessary scenes like Emo Peter Parker and the jazz club scene but blame don't Sam Raimi, blame Sony/Columbia. They did not want to do Sam Raimi's idea. They wanted to do they're way. But still this movie is still pretty good. This is a LOT better than The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

This movie gets too much hate. It might not be the best of the trilogy but it has a great character transformation. I think they added too many villains into one film.

This movie needs to stop getting hated on, this is my favorite Spiderman movie and probably the 2nd greatest superhero movie ever. Venom and Sandman were so cool. That bell tower scene is probably my favorite movie scene ever. I love this movie and it shouldn't get all this hate.

This deserves to be above The Amazing Spider-Man 2 it had good fighting, music, characters and a overall great story! Unamazing Boreman 2 was a screw up. This movie however is quite good and deserves to be higher then 5th hell it should be third on this list!

6 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

It's the best. Probably the first movie to show the true characteristics of comic book spiderman - the humour, the tone and the animation style is a tribute to original marvel comics. It's what a spiderman movie should be...

Clearly a better version of Miles. This is legit the best spiderman movie ever made, love the unique animation and story and one of the things besides the action that made this movie awesome was its comedy. Damn this movie was amazing

It's the best-reviewed Spider-Man movie of all time, sitting with a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Spider-Man 2, better start brushing your throne off for the new number 1 Spider-Man movie of them all.

This takes the cake. The animation is outstanding, the story develops a great plot. There are plot twists but other than that, this is number two next to the first Spider man.

7 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Product Image

Worst spidey film yet. It's cheesy, it's so off limit, and it's a movie that throws so many things in one film. It doesn't explain what the main point it. It's about so many things: Peter and Gwen's romantic problems (I actually knew that Gwen was gonna die like in the comics, but sadly it was too early to kill her), Harry's suffering after the death of Norman Osborn (his Goblin Costume looks disgusting), Electro's bad luck (Jamie Foxx is not a good decision to play electro), and some random things about The Sinister Six project. And the deleted scene had Norman Osborn's head in a tank and Mr. Fierce aka The Gentleman replied "Wake up my old friend." It's a grim scene that Sony took that off just for random reasons. Oh! And Felicia Hardy was just there. Very random. Also, I was disappointed that Rhino didn't have that much screentime. I did expect Rhino to get his big screen debut. But we just got a short screentime Rhino, who has a somewhat robot design that's nothing to the comics. ...more

Meh it's fine. Raimi trilogy all the way but TASM 2 isn't nearly as horrific as most people make it out to be, especially considering how bland the MCU Spider-Man movies are. At least there's still a lot of emotion put into this movie and I felt sympathetic for the villain. Then there's a lot of flaws though like Harry immediately turning evil for no reason, and the weak plot with an over-abundance of explosions, but it's a fine movie for what it is.

This movie is over rated or at least on superhero movies standards.
It has some good elements like the excelent acting of Emma Stone As Gwen Stacy, The Best Spiderman Costume and the main cast. But it is defecated by a bad script, The two weakest villians on Spiderman movie terms, a big tone problem and one of the worst endings in superhero movies.
The special effects are some what good but poorly render. The Peter Parker on this movie is to cooler to be a losser and poorly developed as a charater not because of Gardfield performance (he is a great actor) but because the poor script.
The villians motivations are terrible and cliched.
It looks more like a commercial for other movies than a a well made movie over all.
The sad thing is that it is a poor men version for Spiderman 3 and very disappointing in terms of how good The first Amazing Spiderman was.

It's great to be Spider-Man. For Peter Parker, there's no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen. But being Spider-Man comes at a price: only Spider-Man can protect his fellow New Yorkers from the formidable villains that threaten the city. With the emergence of Electro, Peter must confront a foe far more powerful than he. And as his old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, Peter comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp

8 Spider-Man: Far from Home

I know this is never out yet. But let me put my excitements why this will be great. First of all: It's taking place after the Infinity War events. Spider-Man will come back after Thanos' defeat by Captain Marvel. Second: Spider-Man is going on a few trips from New York with a few Avengers for their new mission. Third: Spider-Man will have a few problems and suffer after the death of his mentor, Iron Man (it's probably just rumors), or maybe having a horrible backstory of his Uncle Ben being killed by someone he doesn't know who. And finally the best is yet to come: The Villain they're bringing to the screen is Mysterio. He's the villain we've all been waiting for. Mysterio deserves to be on the screen. Every Spidey fans would love to see how Mysterio can look on the big screen. Jake Gyllenhaal's role as Quentin Beck will be so great for how he will become the master of illusions. This will be great. So yeah! I'm really excited.

This film is really bland and boring. It's fun and all, but outside of Mysterio, who's a great villain, the movie itself just has that bland MCU feel to it with no actual emotion put into it. Same problems apply to Homecoming and I'd go as far as saying TASM 2 is better

Best Spider-Man with great action and plot twists!

This film is better than endgame!

9 Spider-Man (1977) Spider-Man (1977) Product Image

We do not speak of this film.

10 Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
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11 Spider-Man Strikes Back
12 Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge
13 Spider-Man (1981)
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