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1 Keith Jackson

a gentleman, a scholar, and a voice for college athletes.

This man was the greatest. It was a pleasure to hear him on T.V. or the radio. He actually made the football game which he announced more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

2 Vin Scully

called 4 perfect games great drawing card nuff said

It will be a sad day when mr Scully retires.

Let's not forget Game 6 of the '86 World series

Should be #1

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3 Al Michaels

He knows his football very well.

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4 Pat Summerall

The only reason John Madden has a job is because he was part of the greatest tandem in announcing history with Pat Summeral

Pat Summerall is precise, accurate and always on point, besides that he's a great guy. We love you man!

Nobody in football beats Pat Summerall. Nobody!

5 Marv Albert

Very knowledgable and brings excitement to the game, especially in the NBA.

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6 A. Lennart Julin
7 Howard Cosell

The one and only.

8 Jack Buck

He is on the Mt Rushmore of announcers

The very best, the timber of his voice was so strong. Loved the Monday night radio broadcasts with Hank Stram- better than watching the game on T.V..

9 Hawk Harrelson

The best, goofiest, most passionate announcer the White Sox and major league baseball has ev seen

YESS! No one better. Very passionate about his team - crazyeyes56

This debat is OVAH! Hawks number 1! - crazyeyes56

Dadgum right he's the best.

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10 Curt Gowdy

It wasn't a real football or baseball game unless Gowdy was announcing! - BurtReynoldsWig

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11 JIm Nantz
12 Harry Kalas

Every time a Phillie hit a home run, I had to scream "OUTTA HERE" with him.

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13 Gus Johnson

He screams of excitement! He's the best announcer in America in my opinion. He is one of the best football announcers. I have him as my top favorite sports announcer.

"'DOWN THE SIDELINE" This guy is passionate and isn't afraid to yell

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14 Brent Musburger
15 Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler
16 Jim Ross Jim Ross

"As God as my witness, he is broken in half. " Nobody has as much passion as good ole' Jim JR Ross

17 Ernie Harwell

Ernie Harwell was the GREATEST baseball announcer ever!

18 Joe Buck

just listen to the mans voice, ahhhhhh so dreamy - bore5

19 Harry Carey

No other announcer so loved the fans and the Cubs as Harry Carey did...

20 Terry Bradshaw Terry Bradshaw
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