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1 Keith Jackson

This man was the greatest. It was a pleasure to hear him on T.V. or the radio. He actually made the football game which he announced more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

a gentleman, a scholar, and a voice for college athletes.

2 Vin Scully

One of the best baseball announcers, period.

It will be a sad day when mr Scully retires.

Let's not forget Game 6 of the '86 World series

Nobody comes close to Vinny.

3 Al Michaels

The best football announcer in today's day in age.

WE need to see him instead of Mike Trico! MIke is not very good.

He knows his football very well.

Articulate and very prepared

4 Mike "Doc" Emrick

No one comes close to being as good as Mike Emrick, no matter the sport. You don't even have to understand hockey to feel enthralled and excited when he announces. His passion for the sport is evident, and his respect for every player is awesome. I wish every game I watched was announced by him. He can make a boring game (which basically never happens in the NHL) feel like a playoff game. And when it's a playoff game, Mike Emrick will most definitely give you goosebumps. Mike deserves to be number 1.

You haven't watched an exciting hockey game if Doc wasn't announcing it. Its like every player he talks about has a section of docs brain dedicated to him. He knows that much about the sport and the players.

You always hope when your team plays its on NBC Sports just so you can hear it called by the Doc without a doubt still to this day the best play by play announcer of all time.

Simply the best play by play man in any sport

5 JIm Nantz

The best for multiple sports.

6 Pat Summerall

He is the best period although the only two times I can remember him on T.V. was him calling the 2010 Cotton Bowl and doing a pregame interview the next year's cotton bowl.

Pat Summerall is precise, accurate and always on point, besides that he's a great guy. We love you man!

Nobody in football beats Pat Summerall. Nobody!

The only reason John Madden has a job is because he was part of the greatest tandem in announcing history with Pat Summeral

7 Jack Buck

The very best, the timber of his voice was so strong. Loved the Monday night radio broadcasts with Hank Stram- better than watching the game on T.V..

Way better than his stupid son

He is on the Mt Rushmore of announcers

8 Marv Albert

Very knowledgable and brings excitement to the game, especially in the NBA.

He has a good partner, Rich Gannon for football.

9 Howard Cosell

Cosell was my idol growing up, and so was Jesse Ventura. So my famed Tell it Like it is was from those 2 great announcers.
Its Joeysworld

His interviews with Ali are classic, he was very entertaining on MNF, and his style and vernacular were unique and exceptional.

The one and only.

10 Curt Gowdy

It wasn't a real football or baseball game unless Gowdy was announcing!

the greatest ever

The Contenders

11 Gus Johnson

He screams of excitement! He's the best announcer in America in my opinion. He is one of the best football announcers. I have him as my top favorite sports announcer.

The most exciting play by play

"'DOWN THE SIDELINE" This guy is passionate and isn't afraid to yell

12 A. Lennart Julin
13 Hawk Harrelson

The best, goofiest, most passionate announcer the White Sox and major league baseball has ev seen

YESS! No one better. Very passionate about his team

Dadgum right he's the best.

This debat is OVAH! Hawks number 1!

14 Harry Kalas

And that ball is outta here! Michael Jack Schmidt!

Every time a Phillie hit a home run, I had to scream "OUTTA HERE" with him.

The best baseball announcer

How can HK not be in the top 10?!

15 Brent Musburger

You are looking live at the The top 10 best sports announcers of all time
Its Joeysworld

Great and precise

16 Kevin Harlan

Kevin Harlan is the best active sportscaster. Even makes crap games interesting.

Never heard a voice like his before. I will sometimes tune in just to listen to him.

He sure knows his football and NBA. Very intelligent.

17 Jim Ross

"As God as my witness, he is broken in half. " Nobody has as much passion as good ole' Jim JR Ross

18 Ernie Harwell

Ernie Harwell was the GREATEST baseball announcer ever!

19 Bob Costas

Best sports interviewer

20 Joe Buck

just listen to the mans voice, ahhhhhh so dreamy

21 Harry Carey

No other announcer so loved the fans and the Cubs as Harry Carey did...

How the heck is the Hawk higher than Harry Caray?

22 Verne Lundquist

OH WOW! In your life have you ever seen the great moments Verne had broadcast through the years and decades.
Its Joeysworld

Yes Sir! SEC football, Master's golf, March Madness, he was a voice that always brought tingles.

When it comes to the Voice of the SEC Verne is. It.

23 Terry Bradshaw
24 Dick Enberg

Enberg should be at least in the top five of top ten. Not 24, one of the best announcers period.

A very descent football announcer and baseball announcer.

A destinctive , awesome voice with his own " oh my" catch phrase. I think he is the best

"oh my" Dick Enberg is a Top 5

25 Michael Kay
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