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1 Super Mario World

Ah yes, the iconic Mario pack in game for the SNES. Let's be real, the NES and SNES would be MUCH less successful without the Mario games. They all defined platforming but Super Mario World simply had more freedom, impressive graphics for an SNES launch title and more power ups than previous Mario games. Without this game, the SNES would fall down to the Sega Genesis and half the people here wouldn't even play other SNES games like a Link To The Past.


The fact that a system with 16-bit graphics still to this day totes some of the best games in many of Nintendo's most popular series is amazing. Although I didn't play super metroid or A link to the past until years later, I played my fair share of the SNES's greatest hits like Donkey Kong Country 2, megaman X, Final Fantasy II (really IV), Super Castlevania IV, and Street fighter all back when I was growing up. But none of these games left the same impression that Super Mario World did. To be a launch title that not only remained one of the best titles on it's system throughout it's lifetime, but that also topped its predecessor which was considered one of the best video games at the time (Mario Bros 3) not even a year later since it's release was unprecedented. Take into account that this game is still to this day considered by many to be one of the best in the series as well as one of the best games of all, and you have a game with feats the few other games can ever compare to. The ...more

Next to Super Mario Bros. 3, this is my definition of a video game: its color, its cheerful music, its limitless imagination and replay ability. It's truly a game I can recommend for everyone because of its PERFECT controls and EASY TO PICK UP gameplay.

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2 Super Metroid

Definitely deserves a top 5. Metroid defined the exploration-platfomer genre and Super Metroid perfected it. AWESOME boss battles, spectacular music, and a memorable adventure.

I love this game! It has good gameplay and a lot of secrets. It took me 2 years to find the spring ball. I loved fighting mother brain but It killed the big metroid that also appeared in Metroid 2 return of samus (If that's what it's called). This is my favorite SNES game of all time! I even accidentally skipped the plasma beam and tried to fight Ridley :P. I couldn't defeat him and I got pissed off. I started playing it all over again

Near perfection

Well, this games is a masterpiece. The exploration, the gameplay, the soundtrack and the controls are all perfect. Huge detailed bosses, high variety of enemies and... lot of secrets! The difficulty is just right. Not so hard, not too easy, every one can play it who is a little bit experience with platformers. Great game, fun to play and explore, for me, it's the best SNES game closely before A Link to the Past.

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3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Best snes game ever! they even make altp2! Or albw, but the sequel is even better! this is also good though.

How is this not #1? While Super Mario World and Super Metroid are absolutely brilliant games, and some of the best in their franchises, they're simply second to Link To The Past. The dungeons are great, especially Skull Woods. The bosses are fantastic, the music is superb, it all feels right. - TheFrodo

Best rated SNES game, best 2D Zelda game! This game had many other items to make the game much easier and it's a HUGE improvement over the first two NES Zelda games!

Simply fantastic: this is the game I've played though the most times and it never gets dull. They just got everything right with this one. - JesusCommando

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4 Chrono Trigger

This is arguably the best RPG ever, with a great story, lovely graphics, beautiful music, good pacing, innovative gameplay, and a dozen possible endings. This is the game that all other RPGs try to be. - Salnax

Chrono Trigger is an amazing rpg with duo person tech, time travel and a great story line. Its also based on the bible witch is really cool! And it has more than 10 endings to it and that adds so much re playability to it and if you have never witnessed this masterpiece I would highly recommend it to any player. Fan of RPGs or not try it a true masterpiece. Also EARTHBOUND is a true masterpiece but this barely beats it by a bit

A masterpiece with an amazing story, characters with real personality, and great gameplay mechanics, along with a good helping of time travel. In short, absolutely brilliant.

Best RPG ever! It's from the brillaint minds of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Dragonball/DBZ! Plus the time travelling makes it like a mix between Back to the Future and Final Fantasy!

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5 Earthbound

A very overrated snes game. Not a bad game - Yes, it's really well written and original, but the game's worst quirks quickly become woefully tedious and overshadow the experience. - Arse

My absolute favorite game of all time. It doesn't have the prettiest graphics, the most original story, or the best battle system, but it is one of the most unique and charming games of all time. There is nothing that even compares to it. A truly fantastic (and at times, trippy) experience that cannot be described in words. One must simply play Earthbound. Not to mention the soundtrack alone is an absolute MASTERPIECE!

Being the only classic JRPG set in America in the 1990's, Earthbound has the kind of charm that very few, if any, games before or since have managed to create. This parody of American life is all the more endearing due to fantastic, well fleshed-out characters and writing that was heart felt and hilarious. You can tell that the developers had an absolute blast while making this game and that fun translates over to the player. There's a reason that an original copy of the cart will set you back $200+ on eBay or Amazon, Earthbound is the most lovable game ever created.

This list make me remember the past...
Good times playing SNES with my friends...
Earthbound is by far the best game of SNES, No, It's the best game I've ever played
Mother 3 is a great game too.

IF Earthbound wasn't here, I would vote one of the Donkey Kong Country Serie. Maybe the Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble.

I don't know why people care so much about graphics and reality in the games, I'd like the new games was the way they were in the past.

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6 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

The graphics are so cute and gorgeous to look at; and the gameplay is a step forward from the already state-of-art "Mario formula". And the best of all: it's fun and has a good amount of challenge. 2D platform gaming at its finest. A masterpiece.

Yes my childhood game! - Spongehouse

Absolutely love this cute game. The levels often get me thinking and the emphasis it has on finding collectibles keeps me coming back - it's such a sad feeling to find there's nothing more to do in a game after finishing the final level, but I never have to worry about that with Yoshi's Island! There's even tough bonus stages to unlock as well if you're up for a challenge. - Entranced98

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a Classic Master peace with awesome music and interesting graphics. And the Boss battle are epic and lets not forget the good amount of Super Mario bros 2 (american version) references such as the Shy guys, The slot machine bonus game etc. Pick this Game up if you can find it for your SNES/GBA!

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7 Donkey Kong Country

This game was nostalgia the enemies I remember were the best

an absolutely brilliant platformer. the best video game music of all time combined with diverse levels and exceptional graphics.

The graphics were phenomenal for the time. - thunderstar1124

It's fun, but I haven't played it in a while. - RdrTech

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8 Super Mario RPG

Not the most complex RPG game, but definitely one of the most fun, it's a great idea to take Mario characters and put them into an RPG.

It's quite the classic, with all sorts of things to do, it brings back so many fun memories, until I beat the game.

This should be at least top 5.

I'm surprised that Mallow & Geno weren't major characters after this game.

It's a slight challenge worth picking up

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9 Super Mario Kart

All racing games pay omage to Super Mario Kart!

Like gran turismo or need for speed? Without Mario kart they probably wouldn't exist

10 Kirby Super Star

Really innovative game for its time

I love Kirby! - Spongehouse

Ultra on the ds was better

Why the heck this game isn't on the top ten? This game is amazing. Probrably the best Kirby game during the 90's. The Helper system is awesome, although the Helper can do some stupid mistakes sometimes. My favorite helper is Wheelie Bike because you can ride him. :D This game deserves to be on Top 10.

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11 Super Castlevania IV

How is this not top ten? More importantly, why are there two super Mario world games in the top ten? The atmosphere in this game far surpasses anything super Mario world could ever accomplish.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying super Mario world is a bad game or anything like that, matter of fact it's a great game, excellent control, memorable worlds, great level design. But come on people super castlevania 4 definitely deserves top ten. The graphics, the music, whipping in 8 directions, memorable levels, genius enemy/weapon placement, super tight responsive control, walking while crouching, right down to moonwalking not to mention the challenge this game provided was out of this world.

I guess bottom line, this is an opinionated site, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. All I can say is if you haven't played this castlevania, definitely give it a try. And don't be so quick to vote Mario just cause it's Mario, it's great and everything but play Mario then ...more

Gotta love Dracula, Death, Frankenstein, Mummies and friends

Everything about this game rules.

The control, graphics, sound, etc is perfect. Not to mention it's cool you can whip in all eight directions. I don't care what Egoraptor says.

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12 Mega Man X

Only good megman game in my opinion - Spongehouse

Easily the best game in the franchise. Megaman 2 comes close, but this game takes everything good about that one (the controls, the level design, the soundtrack), and supercharges it. - Zach808

Number 1 for me. Yes it is easy to zip through the first 8 bosses if you played before but this is the still the ideal epic platformer game for all ages and a hero we can all cheer for. They can make a movie out of this guy.

The best x game in the x series.

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13 Super Mario All-Stars

Heres the deal, Super Mario Bros. 1 was great, SMB 2 was great, SMB3 was great, Super Mario World Was great, so what happens when you have a game that combines all those amazing games into 1... Damn near perfect, plus "The Lost Levels" is a nice little bonus.

The best snes game ever it had 5 games

This is a good old game, but I'm very surprised that Princess Peach was in this game instead of Princess Daisy.

14 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

While I love the first game, I love this one even more! - Spongehouse

One of the most atmospheric, emotional platformers I have ever played. Also the best soundtrack that I have heard.

Two words: Stickerbush Symphony

This game shiny in every area. Amazing gameplay with a beautiful setting. Soundtrack is amazing, also. There isn't a drawback. 10/10

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15 Final Fantasy III

Second Best Final Fantasy

Originally called 3 in the States, it's now known as 6. Best SNES game ever; gripping story, amazing villain. Graphics and music better than what people thought the system could do.

It was tought deceiding which was the best RPG because Chrono Trigger comes really close, it's a toss up, but in the end Final Fantasy 3 is a better game in our opinion.

Super Mario World is my favorite but this needs to be second! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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16 Final Fantasy VI
17 Star Fox

For its time an absolute 3D shooting masterpiece!

Man, I voted for this just to tell sagat2010 that it's called Star Fox in the U.S.

This should be higher. It was reveloutionary. Besides, super Mario world is good but insanely overrated. Vote star fox.

Great game although it's a little unplayable because as you get closer to Andross, things go crazy, the game gets harder and harder, even Level 1. Is a killer, if it ain't for Space Armanda being so hard, still great game, I hope I'll make it to Andross one day...

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18 Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana has such an amazing atmosphere. The wonderfully composed music contributes a great deal for it. Playing around with your selection of weapons is really fun too.
But that's not why I love this game. I love it because of its co-op. My brother and I finally had an adventure we could play through together, and god was it beautiful.

19 Street Fighter 2

helped shaped fighting games forever

Among all fighting games the SNES had, Street Fighter is the only one I hated with passion. Killer Instinct and Samurai Showdown are so much better.

20 Contra III: The Alien Wars

My favorite SNES game along with my favorite soundtrack.

Too tough, but so rewarding once you beat it.

21 Mortal Kombat II

Not a great port, but did the job back in the day. The laughable AI meant it wasn't much good as a single player game. - Arse

How is this masterpiece not in the top 3? MK2 is one of the most iconic games of the 90's - Abel123

22 Kirby's Dream Land 3
23 NBA Jam

The Tournament Edition is the best. NBA Jam is top 10 for me.

24 Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
25 Tales of Phantasia
26 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

I loved teenage mutant ninja turtles four turtles in time I use to play it when I was ten back in 1992 it was christmas gift it was like the arcade game and I can hope for there to be a other teenage mutant ninja turtles video game that can be a fighting game it would be like super smash bros it would have things like unlockables and rare artwork and they would use extra weapons and there can also trophies and the colors and looks can also change and the shredder would be the last game boss also other good guys bad guys and special stages

Throwing all those baddies at Shredder never gets old!

27 Castlevania: Dracula X

Yeah, or castlevania 5

28 Mega Man 7
29 Killer Instinct

I remember this cool game - Spongehouse

The most dynamic and brutal fighting game on SNES (Mortal Kombat just makes me laugh). Nothing beats those combo breakers.

Fun fighting game

C-c-c-combo Breaker!
Ultra Combo!
I like the No mercy
Where Orchid flashes her boobs - sagat2010

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30 Alien 3
31 Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
32 F-Zero

One of my favorite racing games for the SNES along with super Mario kart - Artattack

I'll never grow tired of the super-fast gameplay and simple yet comfortable controls. For a 1990 release this is phenomenal! - Entranced98

33 Super Bomberman
34 Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble

Most underrated game ever

Better than the 2nd one

Creepy game over man

It's good, but I hate that big, fatass monkey. He's useless.

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35 Doom

This and Goldeneye for N64 are the Kings of FPS.

36 Yoshi's island
37 Mortal Kombat
38 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
39 Uniracers

It's all Disney's fault. They made this game stop being produced, since they thod the unicicles were being stolen from their short "Red's Dream".

40 Ninja Gaiden
41 Aladdin

Did anyone notice that Aladdin & Jasmine look like older brother & younger sister?

42 Mega Man X2
43 Mario Paint

Get out the mouse pad and swat some flies

An amazing game that I almost got a SNES just for. It's the presentation that makes it as fun as it is. make music, draw, and even play a mini game. even though saving a picture takes years, they have some catchy music for you to listen to!

44 Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

A great game to grow up with. an amazing storyline, great gameplay, lovable characters, and a lot more. this game is a great icon of 1990s RPG's.

45 Super Bomberman 5
46 Star Ocean
47 Star Wars

Great Fun relieving star wars moments

48 ActRaiser

I can't believe this game is not higher! This game is a masterpiece!

49 Biker Mice from Mars
50 Rock N' Roll Racing

So many great memories with my brother and cousin, playing this classic.

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