Best Things to Do While Home Sick

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41 Text Friends

I can't because their all in school

I do that because they always have so thing funny to say

What if its gross?

I love to talk to my friends but there all doing something my bff has gone to a park my other friends still in bed and another one won't answer my call! 😭

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42 Stare at the Celling

It helps me reflect on life and think deep thoughts and cookie cake.

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43 Write a Song

This is a really good way of beating off sickness!

Even worse, you don't wanna think when your sick!

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44 Paint Your Nails

Not allowed to have nails painted at school and to be honest you will probably be going to school the next day

I love painting my nails when I'm sick because it makes me feel prettiest in the house

I don't have to take it off I go to public school

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45 Play On Your Phone Until You Have Nothing More to Do On It

I like to do that so I can have no chores to do

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46 Online Surveys

This is a great time waster and great way to earn money, one website I suggest is Opinionworld, dw it's not a scam I use it all the time and you actually earn money.. Many people I know use it as well so it's a great idea

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47 Text Your Friends

Texting your friends (helps) boost your happiness and your relationship with them

48 Try Not to Think of Unicorns

As a horse mask owner, I highly agree with this sentiment.

It's flipping impossible

Not gonna work


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49 Throw Up

Gross but true

I love doing this

Yuck but do it

I did that yesterday and it was so grose

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50 Drink Tons of Soup

Unless its homemade or something most processed soup (basically all) are bad for u so I don't suggest having too much or u could do damage

I'm home sick and so I had chicken noodle soup for lunch and dinner. It never gets old!

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51 Surf the Web

It'great I look up random quizzes some that are way to inappropriate for my age its fun

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52 Yoga V 3 Comments
53 Reflect
54 Drink Cold Liquids

Not a good idea if u have a sore throat, it will just make u badly cough and make u feel even more sick than u already were.

This will help the gunk in your throat

55 Count All the Corners, Doors, Light Switches, etc In Your House

It gets my mind off of everything. You will get amazed by the numbers that you get. E

What if your not allowed to get out of bed?!

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56 Play with Legos

I love Legos I do dis all the time!

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57 Practice Beatboxing

I'm talented at this thing and the problem is... What if I have a sore throat? - LightningBlade

Its good unless u have a sore throat and can't beat box to save your life

What if I'm not allowed because I'm sick

58 Eat Soup With Saltine Crackers

I think this was said already

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59 Look Through Old Photo Albums
60 Have Sex

Why would you have sex when your sick? ARe you evil? are you trying to spread your disease? why? I mean how would you even have the energy to have sex? you are SICK? this is dumb and it has made ME PERSONALLY OFFENDED.

This is stupid kids are on this site it's not like they don't ever get sick don't put stupid and dumb stuff on here

I am 7 years old

That's gross u pass your sickness on this is just not suitable for this website

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