Best Things to Do While Home Sick

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81 Jigsaw Puzzles

I wanna play a game

82 Play With Old Crutches

I always do this it is so time consuming!

83 Shop Online

What if I'm not alowed because I don't have credit. I am 12. Minecraft is cool thouh. I think my cat is sick.

84 Take Random Silly Quizzes

It's fun and distracting

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85 Play With Toys

It helps if your grounded or in trouble

What if you don't have none!?

86 Call Your BFF'S V 2 Comments
87 Make a Book

You can make a book on wattpad or just for fun on your computer. It helps me, even just by writing this I feel a little better because I'm sick.

88 Look In the Mirror for an Hour

Surprisingly I am actually really into this

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89 Cook or Bake
90 Post Things V 1 Comment
91 Ask Someone to Give You a Massage
92 Make Up a Game

I know when I get sick I like to make a game up

93 Watch Little Kid Shows

I always make fun of little kid shows

I'm tottally gonnaa doo thaat... with my dog, and stuffed animals surrounding me

94 Play With Your Animal

Make them go crazy!

95 Make a Drink

My mom always buys me Gatorade when I'm sick.

Staying hydrated is the best way to stay healthy so use fruit,flavoring, vegetables or water

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96 Write Down Lists V 3 Comments
97 Have a " Single Person Slumber Party"

Wow! I have gotta try that! Thanks!

That's dumb because you do that every day Right?

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98 Eat crackers and put a show on, snuggle up and stay warm. Eat if possible and drink any kind of drink, but I recommend water

Eat yummy crackers and stay in bed with a drink. Watch somethin. On television or get some rest. And most importantly, take all the medication you can

, What is up with you guys and crackers?!

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