Best Things To Drink In A Party


The Top Ten

1 Coke

If you're a kid,that's the best

2 Water

I embrace water wherever I go. Water is God. I don't drink nuthin else. Bend the knee to almighty water

Someone should be designated driver

I had sex with my ex when I was drunk... :( my first time

This is the only thing I drink at parties. I don’t drink anything sweet.

3 Wine
4 Champagne
5 Vodka

Is the best for de party,


I turned up so hardeverybody was like that guy is fun af! I even got laid go vodka or go home

You go to a party to get drunk and vodka does that tje fastest and most fun! Love it till the day I dje

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6 Beer

The best to drink I love it

7 Whiskey

Finished a 70 cl bottle in one night, puked my guts out and promised myself never to drink it again. Let's just say I've never been much of a promise keeper.

Whisky is always a good idea. Jamenson is the way to go no matter what!

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8 Tequila
9 Martini
10 Nothing

I love nothing it made me have sex with my dog

The Contenders

11 Monster Energy Drink
12 Mountain Dew
13 Absinthe
14 Jager
15 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper
16 Sprite
17 Milk
18 Prosecco
19 Root Beer
20 Coke Zero
21 Codeine/Promethazine Syrup

Best drink ever please try it

22 Punch
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