Best Things To Drink In A Party


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1 Vodka

Is the best for de party,


I turned up so hardeverybody was like that guy is fun af! I even got laid go vodka or go home

You go to a party to get drunk and vodka does that tje fastest and most fun! Love it till the day I dje

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2 Water

I embrace water wherever I go. Water is God. I don't drink nuthin else. Bend the knee to almighty water

Someone should be designated driver

I had sex with my ex when I was drunk... :( my first time

3 Beer

The best to drink I love it

4 Champagne
5 Whiskey

Finished a 70 cl bottle in one night, puked my guts out and promised myself never to drink it again. Let's just say I've never been much of a promise keeper.

Whisky is always a good idea. Jamenson is the way to go no matter what!

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6 Tequila
7 Martini
8 Wine
9 Nothing

I love nothing it made me have sex with my dog

10 Monster Energy Drink

The Contenders

11 Coke V 1 Comment
12 Mountain Dew
13 Absinthe
14 Jager
15 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper
16 Sprite
17 Milk
18 Prosecco
19 Root Beer
20 Coke Zero
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