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41 Taido
42 Kenjutsu

It was swordsmanship style of the samurai it was used on the battlefield and older art than kendo. It meant the method or technique of the sword as ken means way of the sword.

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43 Shuri Ryu
44 Muay Boran

Muay boran is one of the best martial arts in history!

It's the deadliest fighting of the world. If used correctly it can kill.

Muay boran is the parent of muay thai. It is more vicious than muay thai. It uses head as the 9th weapon. I learn kung fu along with muay Thai and boran. Muay boran should be in 1st or 2nd.

Yes Muay boran has everything joint locks, punches, kicks, elbows,knees,and also it helps you defend your self from guns knifes and even from elbows and knees and also it helps you blocking a

45 Shito-ryu

Its unfortunate that everything needs advertisements now a days. SHITO RYU is not less than any other martial art form mentioned in this list. This Japanese martial art form is undoubtedly one of the best.

Why is this 33 it should be number 1! I mean we have Sensai demura one of the best artist of all time come on people

46 Choi Kwang Do

Very similar to Tae Kwan do without locking out the joints, using modern science, derived from psychology, plyometrics, kinesiology, and biomechanics, form the basis to Choice Kwang do.

47 Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling)

Born In Mexico Jose Mata Garcia Saw Hijo Del Santo Once In Mexico But My Mom Did Not Let Me See Him Wrestle. Saw Him In Juarez Mexico.

48 Hung Ga
49 Kuk Sool Won

It's a very complete system and the best I've find so far.

Sorry auto check said look sool won its kook sool won

50 Bajan Stick Licking
51 Escrima
52 Sumo

Stupidest martial art in the world!

53 Bak Mei
54 Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Having seen this style in action I'd say it's worth adding to any martial artist skill set.

Good offense best defense
Karate most certainly does not suck

55 Modern Arnis

Its created in Philippines and I think this is one of the best martial arts

Well balanced
Empty hand. Stick. Knife

56 Angampora

Sri Lankan traditional deadly martial art

Enriched with a special feature called Maya Angam which it is said to use spells and incantations though it does not exist today due to the colonization under the british empire those days.

57 Maenpo Cikalong

A very rare martial art, commonly categorized to kind of silat, but actually it is different. It is like of combination of taichi and aikido. Some of the fighter have experience fighting with other martial art and always end with winning. When mastering it, the fighter can also "copy" other martial art style fight as it is like camouflage feature!

58 Kun Khmer
59 Thang-Ta

A weapon based martial art created by the Meitei people of Manipur is one of the most lethal forms of combat, the one which just uses hand to hand combat is known as Sarit Sarak.

60 Catch Wrestling

Frank shamrock ken shamrock Steve Paulson Josh Barnett Kimora sakubra the Gracie hunter all did catch wrestling plus with out catch wrestling there'd be no bjj no shoot wrestling no sambo or luta livre. N Kimora defeated Gracie's father. So this style needs to be voted hire

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