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1 Anderson Silva Anderson da Silva (born April 14, 1975) is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is a former UFC Middleweight Champion and had the longest title reign in UFC history at 2,457 days. This started in 2006 and ended in 2013 and included more.

Still don't know if he's my pick for GOAT or not. Someday I'll have to sit down, compare W columns, and do some serious soul-searching.

I think this is too obvious, Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. He is the most dominant champion of all time, making his opponents look like they were amateurs. His timing and precision is second to none, plus he has the best highlight reel ever and it is not even close.

Anderson Silva = UFC
Perfect Fighter: An athlete (Anderson Silva) who is well-rounded in all aspects of fighing (Anderson Silva) and is willing to prove so at any given moment (Anderson Silva), refusing to accept anything but success (Anderson Silva).

Gotta go with Anderson Silva, too obvious. Fighting him must be like striking at smoke. Smooth and elusive movement, ridiculously accurate strikes, and the Muay Thai clinch... Vicious. Definitely the best

2 Georges St-Pierre Georges St-Pierre (born May 19, 1981) is a Canadian retired professional mixed martial artist. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in mixed martial arts (MMA) history. He is a two-division champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) having won titles in the welterweight and more.

GSP coming out of 4 year retirement to move up in weight and win Middleweight title clinched the #1 spot for me. Plus both Jon Jones and Anderson Silva took steroids. That disqualifies them for me. Just like Barry Bonds in baseball. And Minnie Mouse lost to the 3 best fighters he fought. beat bums. GSP fought all the best, beat every fighter he ever faced - avenged both losses with dominant performances. Not UFC, but Fedor is the only one I think had as great a career as GSP

Came back after a 4 year hiatus to choke out Bisping and become a two division champion. Has convincingly avenged his only two losses, completely dominating both Serra and Hughes (twice) in the rematches. Only clean fighter in the GOAT conversation (alongside Fedor). Dominated a division stacked with talent (Don't forget that most adult males would fall in the welterweight division, which means that fighters who make it to UFC overcome the higher level if competition.). Only fighter who has won 30+ consecutive rounds. Survived a juiced up Hendricks.
People might criticize him for the number of fights he won by decision, but don't forget that this sport is not about who does the more physical damage, it's about who displays more dominance in terms of skill and endurance.

No doubt that he is the best, he fought the most dangerous fighters and came out smiling. He mastered many styles of martial arts, he is the most respectful fighter in UFC and he is the most consistent fighter of all time. He is a TRUE martial artist with a big heart. Even though he fought against animals like Hendricks and Diaz, he never lost his soul...

Over the years I've learned a lot from him mentally and physically and I wish him all the best in the future.

GSP is no doubt the greatest mma fighter of all time! He has held the welterweight and middleweight belts, his record currently sits at 26 wins and 2 losses and he avenged both those losses and just look at the names he's beaten ( frank trigg, Sean sherk, bj penn, matt Hughes, josh koscheck, matt serra, Jon Fitch,
Thiago alves, Jake shields, Carlos condit, nick Diaz, Johnny Hendricks, Michael bisping) and pierre consistently fought much harder opponents than Anderson Silva. There is no doubt in my mind Pierre would beat Silva, think about it Pierre's biggest strength is silvas biggest weakness which is wrestling. I also believe Silva would not have been able to beat opponents Pierre has particularly Hughes, Fitch and koscheck due to there strong wrestling.

3 Jon Jones

Always will be the undisputed light heavyweight champion of the ufc, at least according to me! Nobody's perfect, everyone has flaws! Makes me sick to my stomach whenever I'm reminded that cormier is champ, because realistically he's not! Never had an answer for Jones, nobody did!

No one stacks up to Jon Jones he is the best of all time no doubt about it. The guy is an assassin out there. He's an absoulte freak that can beat you in any way. Technique, speed, power, athleticism, versatility, vision, etc. Jon Jones is a clear number 1 no question about it.

Light heavyweight has always been and always will be the toughest division in the UFC. Jon Jones will make you reconsider your whole life. If Jon fought Silva or Pierre at the same weight based on skill alone he'd ko in the first. Not a real list if bones ain't #1.

How is anderson higher up than jones I understand anderson is one of the grates but he has used steroids. jones has been stated to be the greatest light heavyweight to live he is younger and still has many more fights then silva ufc is a testerment to how much jones can do against a truly grate champ in daniel cormier.

4 Chuck Liddell Charles David "Chuck" Liddell (born December 17, 1969) is an American mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He has an extensive striking background in Kempo, Karate, and Kickboxing, as well as a grappling background in collegiate wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. A professional more.

Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva are the only two who seem interesting to watch. Chuck is a very stronger hitter than anyone else in the UFC and has some good kicks too. Chuck can dominate in the octagon and knock somebody out cold and had a cool nickname as the Iceman the only name that's as cool as that is Silva's the Spider. Chuck I think at least is at least number 2 if not 1 in my opinion. Great fighter with much power he gets my vote.

Chuck is a legend. Even though he lost to Rampage he still impressed way more people then Rampage. Chuck comes up on top of Ranpage in the end.

Man the fighters the Chuck turned to ice is unbelivable Randy Coture 2 times, tito ortiz 2 times, ken shamrock, wanderlie silva I belive if Chuck liddel was as young as the fighters today he would still be DOMINATING THE COMPATION!

Finished fights in a devastating fashion. St. Pierre is great, but nowhere near as exciting as Liddell.

5 Conor McGregor Conor Anthony McGregor (born 14 July 1988) is an Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer. He is the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight and lightweight champion. more.

Why is conor not #1 he is the #2 P4P in the world by statistics and he will sure be number one he has just turned 27 and fought at welterweight and he had to eat extra that week to make that weight which is also the cause of him running out of breath too much weight but he repeated it and won and now he won another fight outside his vision by becoming the only ever man to hold 2 ufc tittles at the same time and made it look easy. If he is not number one within a week or two it means this site is rigged and anti mcgregor.

He found UFC had no competition held 2 belts at once and did better than pacquiao against the best boxer of all time should I say any mote

Overrated.. Complete bumb! Beat siver. beat a young holloway. Got his ass beat by Mendes got lucky! Then the Lucky Leprechaun got lucky against Aldo..His luck ran out against Diaz...

Get real. This guy is an absolute joke. He's lucky weight classes exist cause he could never stand in for a real punch.

6 BJ Penn

The BJ Penn that beat Joe Stevenson and Diego Sanchez is without a doubt the best LW ever. He did overstay his welcome, but that does not take away from the greatness that is The Prodigy.

Won a round against layoto, beat 2 gracies, beat matt hughes when everyone thought he was unstoppable, put an ass whooping on gsp in 1st fight, he also put an ass whooping on din thomas, kenny florian, carl uno, diego sanchez, jens pulver, takanori gomi, joe daddy stevenson.

7 Randy Couture Randall "Randy" Duane Couture is an American actor, retired mixed martial artist and former collegiate and Greco-Roman wrestler.

This guy made what Connor McGregor did he was the first person to conquer 2 weigh classes he has a record of winning the heavyweight championship 3 times and is tied with Jon Jones for the most Light heavyweight championships with 2 (3 if you include the fact that both have one interim title each and are the only light heavyweights to hold the interim title) and the uff 13 tournament winner.He is the only UFC hall of fame inductee to win a championship after being inducted. He is also the oldest title holder in MMA history from 43 until 45 and won his last fight against boxer James Toney as the oldest fighter to win a fight at 47.

I think so that he is the best

He is the best fighter in ufc

Captain America

8 Brock Lesnar Brock Edward Lesnar is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler, professional American football player, and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to WWE.

The beast incarnate Brock Lesnar is the best in its class, because he went through a bad time, but still woke up and delivered big time!
We are very fortunate to have him in our ERA!

Brock lesnar is a beast. He an defeat silva in a fight but the don't fight because they are in different weight class

Lesnar was never knocked down by anyone when he is perfect condition. Brock is best in the world.

He is a monster weighing 265 lbs you can tell Brock is just stronger than everyone in ufc

9 Amanda Nunes Amanda Lourenço Nunes is a Brazilian mixed martial artist. She currently fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Not the best but needs higher

10 Royce Gracie

No pound-for-pound ranking discussion.
Royce would fight any guy no matter how bigger, heavier and stronger he was.
If he was contemporary to Fedor, I bet he would challenge him without a doubt.

Gracie fought and beat bigger fighters them him. He could submit anyone. He is a human anaconda.

There was nothing he couldn't do grappling wise!

Royce would not even win a fight in the ufc now seeing as he only has bjj

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11 Demetrious Johnson Demetrious Khrisna Johnson is an American wrestler and mixed martial artist. He is the first and current Flyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and currently holds the longest active championship reign at 8 title defenses.

Should be higher, just because he's small doesn't mean he can't fight, in my opinion he should in top 10 greatest fighters of all time.

Finally the all the time best. Just like its suppose to be, the only fighter who is amazing in Everything.

Number 1 pound for pound why is he lower than mcgregor?

12 Daniel Cormier

Currently champion of light heavyweight and heavyweight! Best only one loss.

He beat everyone that ever stepped in fhe octagon with him except for Jon "The Juicer" Jones.

Why is he 17th come on people he should be at least top ten

Great both outside and inside the ring

13 Matt Hughes Matthew Allen Hughes (born October 13, 1973) is a retired American mixed martial artist with a background in wrestling. He is a two-time UFC Welterweight Champion, UFC Hall of Fame inductee, and NJCAA Hall of Fame inductee. During his tenures in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Hughes put together more.

Former GOAT, probably underrated in hindsight, since his true peers caught up with him post-prime. You'd need a sports channel bio pic, to adequately cover his W column.

Matt Hughes is pound for pound the strongest UFC fighter ever. He literally man handle his competitors. UFC puts him at number 4 and I think that's a good spot for him.

How Hughes isn't top 5 at least is absolutely bizarre! He's amazing and one of the longest reigning champion! How is lesnar 6! He is not good at all! But that's my opinion

It's funny how Hughes had defeated two of the people ahead of him on this list. But apparently he is lower then them lol

14 Dan Henderson

Hendo should be higher. One punch knockout power and always willing to fight anyone and mix it up! Even when mixing it up means he or his opponent is going to go to sleep! I respect his is what makes me love UFC. Nobody wants to see some guy run and play defense; take notes Floyd Mayweather. Fortunately we will never have to watch that one dimensional game in the UFC because he would never make it there anyway!

15 Khabib Nurmagomedov Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov (born 20 September 1988) is a Russian professional mixed martial artist of Avar ethnicity. Nurmagomedov is a two-time Combat Sambo World Champion and the reigning undisputed UFC Lightweight Champion. He currently holds the longest undefeated streak in MMA, with 27 more.

Never cut. Never bled. Never lost. Never rocked. Never done for PEDS. Can't the same for half these guys.

Lost 2 rounds in his entire career. The second of which he outstruck and aggressed his opponent.

Beat the number 3 without issue. Number 1 and 3 were popped for PEDS, with number 3 also consistently cheating. You can hear his team telling him to eye poke when he was taking down for the first time.

Undefeated, and a champion, basically unheard of for the sport. A lotta people questioned the people he fought but he took every fight that was given to him. The only reason you don't see him higher is his language barrier which makes it hard for him to get American fans. He dominated Dos Anjos, he dominated Michael Johnson, He dominated Edson barboza, he dominated Darrell Horcher and recently wiped the floor with Conor McGregor. This guy seriously hasn't lost a single round.

Swift and accurate like an eagle...
He is the reigning undefeated and undisputed lightweight champ... He should be#1... 28-0... The Eagle landed and ate up the chicken and destroyed the diamond...

THE BEST OF ALL TIME! And he is the same religion as me he is also calm when stupid Connor mcgregor try’s to talk bad about him saying oh you can’t have beer cause your Muslim and all that crazy stuff and Khabib stays calm and when ever the match comes out he dominates so bad the the best of the best are afraid of him

16 Ken Shamrock Kenneth Wayne "Ken" Shamrock is an American mixed martial artist, Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer, and professional wrestler.

Dude the world's most dangerous man he was at the first ufc event

He was the world's most dangerous man

Best ufc fighter ever

He’s not the best but he’s up there

17 Cain Velasquez

One of the strongest hitters in UFC and mma history.

I've got a nick name for him: The Mexican Nightmare

He would be ranked higher that that red neck Brock he whooped his ass

Velasquez should be number 1. He would destroy Anderson:Pierre:Jones

Come on lets get him to #1 he is the best and there is no denying that!

18 Forrest Griffin

Forrest griffin is a true definition of a great ufc fighter he have fighting moves that most ufc fighters can not compete with he is a great ufc fighter and he is good looking with his supermodel hair hairy body, and goofy personality and I just think forrest griffin is one of the most greatest fighters and he can actually fight and hold his own inside the ring and never get tired he is a and born a fighter.

Forrest griffin! Amazing man, amazing fighter, amazing heart! Still to this day had the best fight ever with Stephen bonner so who could forget that :D

If this list was for personality and heart, he is number 1

This Guy needs to get higher

19 Quinton Rampage Jackson

Yo I don't even watch mma at all but I know for sure rampage Jackson is a BEAST

MINT! loved the way he put silva away

20 Nick Diaz

Nick and nate Diaz are two tougest fighters of all time the more you hit em the stronger they get

He grew up in Stockton California you gotta be tough to live there

The toughest guy in the business absolutely NO QUIT in him

Sad that he doesn't get the respect he deserves

21 Dominick Cruz

Got revenge on his 1 loss twice beet Demetrious Johnson and loads of other great fighters and he is the bantamweight champions

22 Jose Aldo José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Júnior (born September 9, 1986) is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He was the fourth and final WEC Featherweight Champion, becoming the first UFC Featherweight Champion after the UFC/WEC merger. He is a former three-time more.

Would destroy the lil leprechaun in a rematch

23 Claudia Gadelha Ana Claudia Gadelha is a Brazilian MMA fighter and currently competes in the women strawweight division in the UFC and with a record of 14-2-0

She is an amazing fighter. BJJ blackbelt and heart of a champion. I would put her at number one but she definitely should be top ten pound for pound.

Should be in the top ten for her ass alone

Claudia is great but the queen of strawweights is Joanna Jedrzejczyk

24 Dan Severn

How could no one put this guy on the list! He was one of he first to go in the ufc hof. he went toe to toe with royce gracie

25 Lyoto Machida

He has the best technique and the best cardio of all the fighters

No one and noo one beats lyoto

Look at his resume.

I'm voting for lyoro because first of all I'm brasilian, and I do karate with his father here in brasil once a year, for me the best player of course is minotauro Nogueira

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