Bulacan State University


One of the country's best university of its kind. Home of the future leaders. A recognized leader for excellence in instruction, research, extension and production services, a key player in the education and formation of professionally competent, service oriented, and
Productive citizens, and a prime mover of the nation's sustainable socioeconomic growth and development.

The Bulacan State University envisions itself to be one of the country's leading institutions in developing graduates capable of responding to the needs of the region and the demands of global standards. Aspiring to improve the quality of life of the people and promote the socioeconomic development of its service areas, the institution shall pursue excellence in its programs and will manage its affairs with efficiency and effectiveness. college of education visions

BulSU is the BEST university.. Because the university is not just focusing on the four corners of the classroom for their quality teachings they are also considering other forms of learning experience for their students and they give more than a 100% quality teachings for the students..


I LOVE being BulSUans

One of the best for it molds not just good professionals but good leaders as well and not only that, Bulacan State University trains not only Filipino people but it also train Korean, Japanese etc. To improve their language skills. The University is mandated to provide higher professional / technical training and to promote research, advanced studies and progressive leadership on Engineering, Architecture, Education, Arts and Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, Medicine, Law, Public Administration and other courses. It has been identified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as one of the Center for Excellence and Development in the country, and one of the Training Centers nationwide for teachers who want to be educated in areas beyond their specialization.

This is really one of the best University in the country. Offering good and quality education that molds and prepare students for the their future endeavors with growing ties nationally and internationally. Keep it up BulSUans!


I believe that BulSU is one of the top university in the country because it really bestows an effort for a qualitative and high level of education to be one of the best competitor in the world. Not only in the four side of the school, it facilitates learning but also through globalization and modernization. Also learning and abilities are developed in the level of excellence.

One of the best universities sa bansa that produces TOP CALIBER ENGINEERS acknowledged in the industry locally and in abroad. Has excellent performance sa mga licensure examination, distinguished topnotchers, power-house line-up of professional instructors, places top among national quiz show (academically and now even in engineering researches) and most especially province-cultured morale and values! No need for very expensive tuition fees! BulSu has paralleled other national universities through its diversified core vision and mission.

Topping board exams and producing quality students over the top universities in the country? Let's not forget that education is not about the value of money you pay for but it is the quality that you are rooting for. And Bulacan State University is so much capable to provide it! Go BulSU!

BulSU is the number 1 university for me. It gives the best quality of education for the students. They aim to produce globally competitive graduates and excellent programs for the students to learn more.

... This is really one of the best universities which I proudly say though I am not a graduate here. Having board topnotcher in Engineering board exam, producing graduates that are globally competitive, having high employment rate well I can two thumbs up for this university

Proud to be a BULSUAN.. This is one of the best university not only in the region I but also in the country. They offer quality education..

Go go go BULSUAN go..

A university that can compete at the same level with other well known private and state universities in the field of science and engineering. Yes, we may not have state of the art equipments, but the wisdom and knowledge of the teachers, professors, and instructors make up for it.

Bulacan State University (BulSU) is one of the best university here in the Philippines. It is a State University that offers low tuition fee that every student can afford but still provides a high quality of education, that's why I'm so proud to be a BulSUan

BulSu excels in both academic and sports. Bulsu is also one of the most competitive university in the country. Students of Bulsu are well trained to face the real world experience and producing excellence in all fields of learning.

For me Bulacan State University is the best for the reason that it doesn't mold only our intelligence but they made us responsible for us to be the next future leader. Professors in this institution are not just professors they are individuals who teach and learn in both ways.

BULSU is the best university! It helps every Bulsuan to reach their dreams and prepare them for the real world outside the campus...

Best UNIVERSITY ever! Because this school prefers for the good quality of every students. And this school is for a deserving one.
This campus also gain you to be a better student not just student but also a better citizen in the Philippines. It also gain us to be responsible one.

Aside from being able to sustain its quality good education. Bulacan State University manages to be a strong competitor not only in region 3 but also in the whole country in many terms like in the Level of educational credibility, sports competitiveness, researches and international projects/affairs that helps in its vital improvement and continuing excellence among other universities; Plus its vital role in growing a community of Professional Good Citizens commonly called as students... BULSU!

This was a great university not only in the CENTRAL LUZON but in whole phils.

Offers what course that you will see offered in private colleges and also having an affordable tuition for any course and to masters degree courses

BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY is one of the best universities here in the Philippines because of its passion and determination to give a high quality of education among FILIPINO youth. The university served already even thousands of professional and outstanding personalities of our nation and the thousands of applicants (graduates from high school) hoping to be part of this humble institution proves that BSU is one of the most reliable and right learning place to be with. - romzmagsharpz

BulSu bot only is the best, it also holds the best students, both high school and college.

Its more fun in Bulacan State University! BulSU meet or exceed the standards listed above for the best Universities. Enough is enough.

The Bulacan State University- Sarmiento Campus affirms and avows its commitment to pursue excellence in instruction, research and extension services to provide higher professional and technical know how by developing linkages with various sectors in education, industry and the community and the cultivation of values and development of professionalism among its students, which is the integral formation of the human person.

The BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY is the number 1 and the best university in the country. It provide higher professional, technical and special instruction and they develop the youth to the fullest by equipping them with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary for economic, political, socio-cultural, spiritual and moral life in a just humane society.

There's no perfect education in terms of profession. But I might indeed say that Professors here are somehow inculcated a different perspective of life to each individual. It depends upon how the students will pursue it.