Mapua Institute of Technology


It's simply the BEST. It has several strengths especially in the field of Engineering. No doubt on it.

I was always best in math during my primary and secondary school days but I became BETTER BEST when I went to MIT. It was more challenging and mind bugling. And all the techniques that I knew in MATH I got from MIT. I don't use calculator because I am faster than it and it's more fun to use mental math.

The first and only to be accredited in the Philippines and the first in Southeast Asia, this unprecedented feat makes Mapua's programs officially world-class. ABET, the US-based and world-leading accreditor for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology, is a federation of 30 professional and technical societies representing these fields. - cariz14

Mapua is one the toughest institution when it comes to Architecture and Engineering. Listed as one of the most expensive institution, Quarterm system based curriculum and the number one producer of the finest architects and engineers in the country. HAIL THE KING CARDINAL!

I do consider MAPUA to be the ONE of the best, since this school produced WELL ROUNDED graduates who know something about everything, and not on everything about something...

Passing is not the basis. It's the result -- the outcome. It's what we MAKE for others. We DISCOVER new things for them to follow. We EXPLORE for others to lessen their mistakes. We PIONEER. We DEVELOP. We CREATE.

Mapua is no. 1 in engineering because it has now 10 ABET accredited programs. The curriculum is very intense, it's not easy to attain a grade of 1.0 with it's 70% passing mark.

It is the Best the only Abet accredited, 4 semesters, level 4 accredited engineering program school in the Philippines... I can say not the best but one of the best but when it comes to Engineering and Architecture... Well I can say so!... but only in the Philippines...

Students of Mapua Institute of Technology are competitive not only here in our country, Philippines but also, they're shining throughout the whole world.

If other schools rejoice when their students get places in the Top 10 in the board exams, MIT rejoices when their's do not. It's costly to have banners displaying the names of those topnotchers. That's how MIT spends 60% of it's funds anyway.

Founded by the first registered architect in the Philippines who is a graduate from Cornell University continued by his children who graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mapua graduates are highly respected in the Oil & Gas industry in the Middle East. Engineers from other schools tend to compare their school with MIT (for unknown reasons). However, ironically, they still prefer sending their kids to Mapua.

One of the best schools in the world! We have the best mathematicians in the world. The teachings are world-class and most importantly, we are waterproof!

Mapua is the great institution if we talk about engineering, because in the year that was establish until now they product competitive engineers in over the whole world. The continues having a topnotchers in board exams and mapua is also accredited by ABET that helps our newly graduated student to have a good job that compatible in his/her career.

Mapua is simply the best no doubt even though it is an expensive institution. It is all worth it especially for it's engineering and other undergraduate programs. Life may be hard in Mapua but the rewards truly outweigh the costs

MIT is the best in Engineering and one of the best Universities in the Philippines.


The best engineering school in the Philippines. No doubt. With 10 programs accredited by ABET, it made its mark to be an international standard tertiary school.

We may not be able to beat other schools when it comes to English and verbal communication, but no doubt we are on top when it comes to methods and application. The legacy of the Red and Gold. Viva Mapua!

The only school that accept any kind of student. You don't need to be smart or intelligent to enter Mapua. Because Mapua will be the one that brings out the best in you. 2003480008

It is hard studying here, hard math, terror prof, plus the pressure that is being feel by our fellow mapuans, but graduating here is totally worth it. :) For me this is the best engineering school in the philippines.

The only school with level 4 PAASCU accredited in the field of engineering here on the Philippines and the only school with ABET accreditation here on the Philippines!

All I want to say is I studied in Mapua because it is Mapua, nothing more, nothing less, I know that when it comes to Engineering programs it is highly well known by the achievements it gives to our country.

Being a student of mapua implies that you can go through hell, and live to tell the tale.

MAPUA The No. 1 School for Engineering! Having all the facilities that all students especially in the phase of engineering. Go Computer Engineering!