Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)


This university lives up to its vision -- to improve man as man.

Being well-known to various medical courses, this university not has students who excel on the allied medical sciences, but also on other fields of endeavor, such as HRM, business administration, marine transportation, and many others.

Yes, Fatima U is quite famous, and it's not just a hotspot for aspiring individuals to live up to their dreams. The university helps us students to enhance both the skills and personality of an individual. Fatima U helped me became who I am today. :D

This may not be the best comment you may read about this school, but I guarantee you, experience inside Fatima U is definitely astounding!

Proud Fatima graduate here :) Rise to the top! *clap clap*

rise to the top!
fatima is the best in medical studies nor in other studies.
i love fat

the OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY is just one the best of best universities here in the philippines because of its High standard and High quality education that every filipino youth can afford. FROM scholarships, best service, availability, wide range of courses and also home of TOP BOARDPASSERS in the College of Medicine and many more... CAUSE WE RISE TO THE TOP in just a span of time... O.L.F.U. can secure everyone, a better future, and you may be just a part of this prestigious Alma Mater and become ONE!

Vote O.L.F.U.! GO! GO! GO!. R-I-S-E to the T-O-P!

Our Lady of Fatima is one of the best Universities in The country, which proves that they make many top notchers and passers in any field, and mostly in the field of Nursing and Medicine, Truly, they mean what their Vission and Mission, OLFU RISE TO THE TOP! - simonjakiriblas

I support Fatima not because I am a student there, but because Fatima really teaches students to improve.. It doesn't mean that if the tuition fee is small or if there is no Entrance exam that this school is a joke, but because it believes that EVERY student deserves to have a good education.. This school taught me that you don't have to be the smartest or wealthiest person to top the board exam..

OLFU indeed one of the best universities in the Philippines. In providing high quality of education and improving, enhancing, developing students with great passion in their academics and personal talents. They provide the best students not only physically, spiritually and mentally but also intellectually ready to be a competitive and productive to our industry.

Our Lady of Fatima University already produced various topnotchers in different areas of health care services. They trained their students not just to be a passer but a TOPNOTCHER and a record breaker as well.

Quality education is the key to success

Rise to the TOP FATIMA

OLFU is granted Autonomous Status, plus the fact that the students doesn't have to take the entrance exam because they believe in the vision "improving man as man", they don't care what course you want to take as long as it is your interest.. and that's really a "dream come true"! you want to be someone, we will take you to the top!

Here in the Philippines, if you say quality education, it will cost you to leave this country for your children to study but olfu proves it wrong. With lots of state-of-the-art facilities not just in medical but also in other courses and efficient teaching, olfu leaps the student to reach their goals and not to bury them in high cost but low quality education.

OLFU has been consistent is producing TOP Notcher in different filed of expertise like medicine, nursing, med tech, but with all this claimed, I think we should thank all of the instructor ( which are good in teaching )...

What I love about OLFU is the affordable tuition. Everybody is given a chance to study expensive courses like Nursing, Medicine, Physical Therapy, etc. Imagine how much is the tuition of those courses compared to other Universities? What I love about teaching in OLFU is seeing students from low income families being given a chance to study College courses that will give them a good future. Go OLFU! I am proud to be a member of this excellent insitution.

Our Lady of Fatima University proved its quality through its graduates that topped the board exams; in Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Physical Theraphy and Medicine.
The results of the board shows that Fatima is one of the finest in teaching Medical courses. In 2010 : 6 among the top 10 of the Physician Licensure Exams came from this Institution. No wonder how Fatima dominated.

Fatima is also one of the few Universities in the Philippines that is granted Autonomous by CHED. Which indicates that it is one of the top universities in the country.

Why go to other school that has 40, 000 pesos per semester if you can enter a top school that will surely provide the same amount of education, with affordable tuition fees?

Rise to the TOP olfu! This university is the best university in the Philippines, because' they are not only teaching the students in academic but also they develop students to improve them man as man through a legacy of excellent education and compassionate value formation.

As of now I'm already a 2nd year 1st sem college under the curriculum of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at OLFU and so Far this University Had me pushing towards the excellence of a man for me it is not in the name or how famous a university is but it is in the value on how the process of teaching is distributed to the students and OLFU have this very Equal standards that is why for me this is the best university

I am a Nursing student at Our Lady of Fatima Antipolo Campus and Yes. I considered Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) is the best university in the Philippines because they provide top notchers, the professors there was great, besides the tuition fee is very affordable, facilities are very organized and clean aside from that this is the school improving and enhancing the minds and ability of each students.



The best nurses graduated here. You can get quality education for a low price. It's not hard to find a job because all companies know that when you graduated in Our Lady of Fatima University, you came from a great school. =)


OLFU produces not just competent graduates, but also board passers and even topnotchers. QUALITY EDUCATION. Literally. Tuition Fees are reasonable enough to give the best educational services & facilities. It also promotes friendship & fun through extracurricular activities & sports fests to enhance one's physical, social & leadership skills, improving man as man.

OLFU is consistent in producing topnotch students honed with topnotch skills and competencies thru its topnotch method of imparting topnotch education.

I am a graduate of ateneo and UST but after finishing my masters degree here in fatima, this school unleashed the better version of me. A big thanks to all of you my beloved fatima.

Molding student to be come competitive in their chosen career is the main goal. being at the top every time board exam result release is just one of the reason why this university should be the number 1 go fatima! Soar high

Fatima because this school produces best skilled nurses like me... This university provides the low cost tuition fee for everyone dreams of becoming a nurse but high quality for the future nurses... Always reaching TOP

OLFU is the best university because of it's wide range of learning that has given to us.. They have also very good facilities.. And most of all.. Is that they improve us as man with high intellect and acceptable character )

The Training they offer during college are Excellent! And the facilities are more upgraded than other schools.

They obviously focus on medical courses compare to other school known just because of the high tuition fee