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61 Western Visayas College of Science and Technology

"This now converted into University known as Iloilo Science and Technology University. An academic institution where students are equip in Technical aspects. "

A school that produce globally competitive graduates who are outstanding in academe and versatile in skills and talents which give quality and excellent performance. Go TRADEANS...

This is where students pass the engineering board exam without taking a refresher or coaching in a Review Center.
Center of engineering in Western Visayas

Best Technical School in Philippines

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62 Lyceum-Northwestern University
63 Caraga State University

Only school in caraga granted as Call of Duty in the field mathematics

And consistent top performing scholl in Geodetic and agricultural Eng. Exam

A good looking school and also a high standard school in terms of academics and sports, visit us and you will find it.

The number State University in CARAGA region.
Best performing school in Geodetic Engineering.
Center for Excellence in Mathematics in the region.
CSUans on the GO!

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64 Sultan Kudarat State University


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65 Medina College

Best school for nursing

66 University of Pasig City

"Proud to be a PLPian, We definitely have the Quality Education, and Very Inteligent Students. Last 2011, PLP, Specifically Students, Graduate of BS Accountancy take the prestigious CPA Board Exam, this was the first time and Glad to say, as a First Taker? We gather 45.57% of Passers, and one of those passers Rank 15, Nationwide. Another to be proud of, was the Nursing Board exam. We are always on the Top. Be Proud

I am one of the students of University of pasig they teach well and have quality education. Yeah plp is a public school but We gather 45.57% of Passers, and one of those passers Rank 15, Nationwide. :) so we proud to be PLPIAN

Go Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig or University of Pasig City... I'm one of the Pioneer students of PLP and I'm proud to say that I passed the LET because of my very intelligent professors in Education Department...

my father is pasigueno and all his clan too, but I graduated in negros occ. I want to enroll here.. Plp.. Can i? Tnx rea C. Santos

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67 Samar State University
68 Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary
69 University of Perpetual Help System

UPHS is the best school for me. Quality education in very affordable rates. This System of Universities keeps on excelling in different fields and is now a very competitive school (despite its NCAA-Basketball losses). Health, Hospitality, Education, Maritime, Law, Management, a lot more fields and still counting are being inculcated in these systems. these fields' excellence now matches those of which have respectful places in the same fields in the country.

A school with a humble beginning, now a merging System of Universities, Witnessing Firsthand how this System matched respective Giants, I must say; I am proud to be a student here (DALTA-system/las pinas).

I am proud to become a Perpetualite.. This university gives us a good practice and prepared us in real world after graduation. Character also consider in this university as there institutional motto "CHARACTER BUILDING IS NATION BUILDING".. Actually all the graduate students of my alma mate, we are very competitive local and abroad. I'm proud to say that "PERPETUAL IS MY PASSPORT TO THE WORLD".

Because its my school

The motto "Character Building is Nation Building" says it all. Proud perpetualite here!

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70 San Sebastian College

SAN SEBASTIAN COLLEGE is one of the best schools in terms of tourism, hotel and restaurant management, business management, legal management and of course mass communication and LAW. Most of the law students from other universities are taking their reviews in the recollect law review center of SAN SEBASTIAN and after they took the examination, they surely passed and majority aside from the law students of san sebastian, the others made it to the top. BRAVO BASTE!

It's the golden age of San Sebastian College Recoletos! This school is proving the rest of the educational institutions that the Golden Stags are of proven excellence. Bravo Baste!

San Sebastian is a best school for learning. A level 3 PAASCU accredited that gives a better quality education.

SSC-R Golden Stags became the first team in NCAA history to win four straight Seniors Basketball crowns.

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71 Jose Rizal University

Jose Rizal University is the best for me... Its comfortable to study here... You are accepted immediately but the most important You have to do your very best in accordance of your successful career..! So what else should I say... ENROLL NOW! See you there..

... THE BEST AND QUALITY EDUCATION? JRMSU is the solution. This is the best choice for students who choose higher education to enrich them and to better their lives. This is a university that would cater the needs of poor but deserving students. Competitive programs that are at par with those of the finest institutions in the Philippines are offered here.

... So come and enroll now JMRSU, the premier state university in zamboanga del norte...

I will not study in jose rizal university from grade school to graduate school if I have no confidence with my school

The quality of a school defined by the success of the their Alumni

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72 Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PHILSCA)

As I know about our instructors, this school leads to the exponent of Philippines progress with respect to aeronautical courses.

The no. 1 school for aeronautical engineering.

The only state college that offered the aviation courses in the country.

The no. 1 school for aviation sciences, producers of aeronautical engineering topnotchers.

"It's not about the looks, it's about what's inside."

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73 Manila Central University

What can I say? This school started a humble beginning and yet with high caliber of education. I must say that, popularity of school counts but still, it is about you. This school is really trusted by many people up until now. They started 1903 and still counting years in providing excellent education. I am a proud CENTRALIAN :-)

I'm also a Centralian:). Yah! Money is not the issue here but the caliber of the education that this school given to there students. No limitation when it comes to knowledge that they shared to us. I'm really proud to my Alma Mater! GO! GO! GO! Manila Central University! Even your in the 65th placer but in my HEART your number 1! Thanks MCU!

Simply the best... Brain matters nothing else...

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74 Tarlac State University

This school have a complete facilities for every student, with air condition room and have a high degree of learning. I enjoyed most is the school activity wherein the student can participate and they have the opportunity to show their talent. This school is the training ground of the student, specially for the student leader, for turning into next level in life.

I really want to study in UP before since I passed the UPCAT, but because of financial problem, I have lost my dream. Instead, I studied at Tarlac State University, and I have no regrets studying here. I finished my bachelor's and masteral degree in this university. And now, I pursued my dream and I have a lot of open opportunities. I'm currently working in a well-known company with a high position and a high salary. Aside from me, there are also many TSU Alumni that have good and stable jobs, therefore, I consider my Alma Mater as one of the best universities in our country. Recently, there were two students from TSU who excelled in the Licensure Examination for Civil Engineers (ranked 10th) and for Chemists (ranked 5th).

But I believe that success does not depend on the name of the school, it is still up to the student's behavior, attitude, and ruling. You hold and mold your future. It depends to you, whether you will destroy it or make the best out of it.

The fact that the university acquiring high passing rate in different licensure examinations despite of having small number of academic staff and poor facilities makes it particularly capable to be a top educational institution in the Philippines.

TSU is an underestimated state university in Central Luzon which perhaps offers better quality education than those of listed on top.

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75 Ateneo de Davao University

Ateneo de Davao University is best in Accountancy, Education, Engineering, Business Courses, Nursing and Arts (Philosophy, POlSci, Masscom and English). Known for its graduates who have never failed to achieve in the scale of ten to any board related courses, Ateneo de Davao is truly a lion echoing its roar from jungle (Mindanao) to Luzon. Granted 3rd as best Law School in the Philippines, AdDu is truly the best.

Ateneo de Davao University has the standardized Curriculum based in American Universities. Due to its high capability to fight at par with the affluent and renown universities in Manila, many rich and middle class family send their children in AdDu. Apparently, students who are also from AdMu, transfer to ADdu because it is believed and recognized as the second best Ateneo school next in Manila.

The students in AdDu are honed academically and spiritually as Ateneo schools are mandated to inflect religious activities and religious subjects in learning. Moreover, ...more

I love ADDU.. It is really one of a kind. This prestigious school provides an excellent education for all. This school proved to all that they can really compete and be the top among all universities. I'm glad to heard that this institution still one of a kind and very well known university not only here in Philippines but in the whole world..

One of the best engineering school.

The best and ADDU

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76 Ateneo de Zamboanga University

The Jesuit University in Western Mindanao - Living 100 Years of Excellence, Spirituality and Citizenship.

The Ateneo de Zamboanga University believes that education is a process of formation that develops in the person the knowledge, skills, and orientation needed for a life of dedicated service. The university also believes that its institutional responsibility includes working for peace and progress particularly in Western Mindanao.

In the context of this general mission, the Ateneo commits itself:

As a Filipino University - to deepen appreciation for our country's rich cultural and historical heritage and to help enhance the country's participation in an emerging global society;

As a Catholic University - to foster Christ-like values so that they may govern every aspect of the life of the community and of the people it serves while engaging in a dialogue of life with others of different religious convictions or cultural traditions;

As a Jesuit ...more

I finished my undergraduate studies in Ateneo. After graduation, I decided to take my master's degree from other university. Then, when I finished my master's degree, I decided to go back to Ateneo to enrol in a Ph.D. Program. Ateneo is really different. It has an X factor that you could not find from other academic institutions.

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77 Wesleyan University-Philippines

A very good university with sound morals and solid in both Christian tenets and academic values. A school that was granted autonomy for years by the state because of her believe in excellence.

Outstanding school and most of all, best in teaching about FAITH.

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78 STI College STI College STI College, formerly known as Systems Technology Institute, is the largest network of for-profit information technology based colleges in the Philippines.

Establishing one�s career in today�s competitive industries has become a challenging pursuit to most job seekers. Employers too are increasingly having difficulty finding the right person for the job. Too often, there remains a huge gap between the skills required by the industry and what a graduate has to offer.

STI steps up to bridge this gap by introducing the Enrollment to Employment or E2E System. The E2E System is a complete approach to human resource development, which aims to develop ICT-enabled professionals through innovative learning and career planning methodologies. Through the E2E System, STI students get applicable education, job market skills, job preparedness, and job placement assistance.


We need a school that cares for students even after their graduation. After all, we study to get employed, right?

I'm planning to enroll na here eh..
And STI really give a lot of oppurtunities to students who were'nt able to seek for schools who give oppurtunities for working student like me.

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79 Cebu Institute of Technology - University

CIT University is the first higher educational institution (HEI) in the Visayas and Mindanao classified as Category A (t). This places CIT as a mature teaching institution under the CHED-IQUAME framework. IQUAME is Institutional Quality Assurance Through Monitoring and Evaluation, a system of higher education quality assurance and classification.

CIT is one of only nine schools nationwide awarded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) as Center of Excellence in Information Technology Education.

CIT University has 661 Board Topnotchers with 72 1st placers to date since 1946.

Have the most number 1 First Placers In all Engineering schools in the Philippines.. Bit that.. Beat that..

The Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) in the Philippines is a private non-sectarian, academic institution, providing basic and higher education with a strong foundation... The Technologian...

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80 Visayas State University

Previously Visayas State College of Agriculture & Leyte State University. One of the schools that have topnotchers in the board examinations in agriculture, forestry, agricultural engineering & veterinary medicine!

It's the premier university of science and technology in the visayas!

THis university is world-class and never before been surpassed... This university deserves to be number one!

Visayas State University is not just a school, it's a research university and a "green science city" focusing on developing young minds for a productive life after graduating from college.

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