Best Universities In the World

Some of the best universities are given below, choose the one which you think is the best.

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1 Harvard University

This is so hard to get in if you get in you're a god and it is harder than getting in this

Harvard is undoubtedly the best, most famous and respected today. It has been ranked number 1 consistently over the years and its simply the best.

Harvard University... Where world leaders are created.

It will never be dethroned in first place till the end of days for this university historically was dedicated to educate the ministers of God even if most of the educators here are atheists now.

2 MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

In engineering and technology, MIT is far way better the Harvard

MIT is better than Harvard

Better than Harvard

No comparison

3 Jagannath University

If you want university rankings, go see the website of QS Rankings. This is a waste of time. Jagannath University is a good university but it's nowhere near Harvard or MIT in terms of endowment or research output.

Amgo moto vokchod go leigga Jagannath is the best in the world. The best of the best.

What can I say, every time I enter Jagannath University, it leaves me feeling thankful to be alive. Incredible feeling!

This is probably the proudest achievement this so called university ever done. Congratulation students, you just make the history of your very dear out-of-nowhere university!

4 Stanford University

Stanford might not be in the Ivy league but continues to educate some of the brightest minds in modern society. The range of subjects and caliber is amazing.

The smartest football team in the world

5 Oxford University

Oxford University is better than all the other universities in the world bar none.

Oxford University is the best University!

Oldest, most prestigious college of yesterday. Today it remains as one of the top 10 colleges in the world. Easily one of the most recognizable colleges in the world.

Oxford beats Harvard every time!

6 University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

Best university in the Philippines!

The Fist university in Cebu

7 University of Cambridge

That is my dream

I took a summer class at Cambridge called "The Brain and Learning." In one of the early classes we took a test which would tell us what type of learner we were. Since I was a science major, I thought my decisions should be based on evidence and data etc. Surprisingly, my results were that I should make decisions based on how I felt inside. In other words, I should listen to my heart not my brain. So, I started making my life's decisions based on my feelings. Guess, what happened? Yep, my life got better! I was surprised but it actually worked. Thank you Cambridge!

Cambridge univesty is very best and good.

Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking,

8 Yale University
9 California Institute of Technology

Amazing place! Proud to be a Caltech student.

10 University of California, Berkeley

Top class.. Real quality here!

The Contenders

11 Princeton University

It's the most prestigious school in the USA and probably in the world. I can't believe its not on this pathetic list.

This is a very strange list... - as1999610

This is the best college!

12 University of Michigan


13 University of Chicago

Go Chicago

14 University of California, Los Angeles

I've always dreamed of going there


15 Columbia University

The Core Curriculum is the heart of Columbia and the heart of a real education.

Some of the most well rounded and educated students on this planet.

16 Cornell University

One of the universities for law till date!

17 Heidelberg University
18 McGill University


Very well regarded school. In a fantastic city with excellent academics. - as1999610

19 California Polytechnic State University
20 Boston University

My brother goes there

21 Technische Universität Darmstadt
22 United International University

Quest for excellence... One of the best private university in Bangladesh. here education system is so good and teaching method is so helpful for the students.

It is the best private university in Bangladesh...

It's a best private university in Bangladesh.

This university is now the best of all private universities in Bangladesh.

23 Bangladesh University of Business & Technology

I think bubt is one of the most university in Bangladesh. It has a permanent campus. I am proud of a student of bubt.

I love this university. Cause it is best for my topic.

I am proud of my university.

Feel proud to ba a bubitian

24 BRAC University, Bangladesh

Best in the world for sure

It's awesome for student like us

25 Dartmouth College
26 American International University, Bangladesh

Please vote for our respective university

Though this university sucks the biggest time but still I am voting for this ;-)

Where Leaders are created

Great and best university

27 North South University

NSU is the best.

28 Independent University, Bangladesh

Best Private University in Bangladesh.. Best in School of Business... Award Winning Business School in Bangladesh.

The second government approved private university & one of the leading university in Bangladesh

Everything is best and state of art here. Who comes fall in love simply true.

The real test of Business Studies! Trust me

29 London School of Economics and Political Science  
30 Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology commonly referred to as CUET, located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, is renowned as one of the public engineering universities in Bangladesh.

One of the best engineering universities in Bangladesh. Every year it produces many talented students. It's a green valley of science, knowledge, technology, competition and amusement.

One of the best universities in Bangladesh

One of the famous university of Bangladesh

31 East West University, Dhaka

The students, teachers and other stuffs are like family here. We all take good care of our family, protect them and learn new things from one another.

Best education, nice campus...

32 International Islamic University, Chittagong

IIUC is one of the best university in BD, I'm proud of a student of IIUC. there is nothing else to say about iiuc because everyone know about iiuc, it has a large permanent campus which is only one in BD.

33 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

One of the best private universities in Bangladesh

This is the best Private university in Bangladesh

Best... Best... Best... Private university in Bangladesh

34 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as BUET, is a public university in Bangladesh, which focuses on the study of engineering and architecture.

It's a place of real talent!

Its simply the BEST

The products come out from BUET are the best in the world... There is no doubt in it.. But the cause of the political imbalance of our country BUET always don't get so much attention from foreign counties..

I thing BUET is the best university in Bangladesh.

35 IIT, Bombay

Guys.. You don't even know what is IIT.. It is the best University in the world as it is very new one that is the reason why it is not so famous.. But if you ask Indian students what is IIT they will say please don't question about my fear.

Please, it should be in top 3, just type iit question paper on Google and try to solve it, you would understand the difficulty level for just admission in it.

It's the best College in the world, IIT is the best university! - vivek0305

I Live in India. I understand its Value.

36 Jahangirnagar University

Okay the list is quite ridiculous, but whether you are a student or not you cannot deny this university's culture and natural beauty, the campus is just awesome!

Its a great university with full accommodation facilities along with a nice natural beauty.

Best of the best

Our versity is the best...

37 University of Dhaka


Nothing to say, but I am proud of my University

My beloved DU, I am proud of it.

I feel very proud to study here.

38 National University of Singapore

NUS offers a diverse options for choices of fields from air and space to research.


39 Paris-Sorbonne University

Think of the people who went here for example Marie curie. This school is the best college in France and should definitely be in the top 15 school wise.

Number one of ten

40 University of Pennsylvania


Leading in many fields.

41 Imperial College London

Amazing. I love how its 100% based on science, engineering and medicine.

42 Georgetown University
43 King's College London
44 Bocconi University

The best university in Italy and one of the most famous worldwide in the economic and scientific field!

45 Catholic University of Milan
46 University of Helsinki
47 University of Indonesia

Not the best in the world

48 Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

Nice university, nice location.. Best for modern agriculture

Best for ever

49 Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

In no time, it will be one of the best Universities in the world. As a University of Science & Technology, we are improving & invented new things.

The most innovative minds are studying thus working here to lead the world in near future, for must.

50 New York University

Opening up to a more diverse academic and student population. Producing graduates who affect the world.

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