Bob the Builder Characters that Could Turn Into Serial Killers

The Top Ten

1 Bob the Builder

Bob the Killer! Can we kill it? Bob the Killer! Yes we can!

I have a lot of questions about this list, but if I was to guess one charwcter, it's the guy with the "tools" that are actually the murder weapons. - SirSheep

He claims to be an alleged ''Constructor'' but he could see his victims buried in concrete in houses built by him. - MickeyMouse

2 Lofty

That smile says it all - BreakFastBeast2005

Look at this bastard, he's shy and innocent but he could be the mastermind among the murder and disappearance cases in Bobsville - MickeyMouse

3 Spud

This scarecrow demon could have been created by evil forces to make massacre in that small town - MickeyMouse

4 Roley

He can be the most dangerous of the group, going at a light speed crushing his victims - MickeyMouse

5 Muck

With how playful he looks, so could be with his victims playing with their minds and then finish them with a macabre game invented by him. - MickeyMouse

6 Dizzy

She can be the most complete murderer, just look how distracted she is with the music so as not to hear the voices of her victims that are in her head - MickeyMouse

7 Travis Tractor

He and Spud are the union of evil, they could make murders and make them go through suicides - MickeyMouse

8 R.Vee

There is a damn reason why this vehicle comes out in only one episode, hidden in the garage of Robert goes out at night in search of victims are always very attractive women which he tries to rape them but without penis his start his violent and very bloody killing - MickeyMouse

9 Dodger

He could be one of the most original assassins, appearing on stage making himself kind and very clever but when he is not being observed he is one of the most ruthless assassins in the town - MickeyMouse

10 Tumbler

Look at this beast has ripped humans for the macabre reason that fantasizes with their screams - MickeyMouse

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