Most Boring Things to Do In Your Spare Time


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21 Go shopping

Depends on what you are shopping for. Shopping for CLOTHES is the most boring thing EVER! I may as well stair at a wall.

I hate shopping but my family loves if



22 Ride in an airplane without TV or electronic devices

Just look out the window.

its boring


One time I begged my mom to let me use my tablet so I could play and she said no so I basically stared out the window for like 5 hours it sucked

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23 Read this list

That's exactly right I'm bored (why? )


I agree.

24 Golf

What could be more boring than taking 15 minutes (if you're lucky) to do one hole out of 9? Or 18?

At least video games have reading.

Golf is so boring asses

I. Hate. Golf. my dad makes me do it all the time for some reason

True so true

25 Listen to your parents talk about something you don't care about at all

Every time I try to ignore my mom she asks me a question and if I don't answer she know I wasn't listening!

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26 Lay face down on your bed V 2 Comments
27 Be the only sober guy at a party
28 Watching a 1hr application installation that keeps on having an error message
29 Go on Facebook

Don't you just love getting notifications on Facebook, maybe someone sent you a friend request or liked your post but no! Instead you get "Bob Jones invited you to plant a tree in farmville! " Just go away! Does anyone else get this?

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30 Look at images of Miley Cyrus

Wow that is most certainly exciting!

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31 Reading the Argos catalogue

My favourite is the garden hose section

32 Looking at the Happening Now section on TheTopTens main page
33 Typing "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm" over and over again

I do this when desperately bored

By the way gcecrcrcrvrcc v tvrrcrtbtbtgtbrbvrcrvrcercwxw f reviewers


34 Watch YouTube for More Than 2 Hours V 1 Comment
35 Play with your hands V 1 Comment
36 Stare at a clock
37 Watch Family Guy

It's better than Robot Chicken (or Boring Kitchen)

Robot Chicken is better than Family Guy, shut up! Family Guy is terrible!


A f*g just said it's fun.

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38 Masturbate

I think it's awesome

It's very fun

39 Watch the most boring show ever V 1 Comment
40 Getting sent to your room and you can't do anything

I hate that, but I eventually find a loophole

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