Top Ten Caillou Episodes That Should Be Created


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1 Caillou Falls Off A Cliff

This should happen

Yeah, I hate that whiney battard - Chromium

It allit all started when car you was playing with his toy plane then the accident we slipt of the cliff and was

2 Caillous House Is On Fire
3 Caillou In The Purge

The purge is a bad thing and it's a good thing that he's going to be in it

4 Caillou And Rosie Burn To Death
5 Caillou In Godzilla
6 Caillou Explodes
7 Rosie Poops Out A Horse

Cailou likes playing with Rosie's poo


8 Caillou In Jurassic Park V 1 Comment
9 Caillou The Pinata
10 The First Order Attacks Caillou's Family

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11 Caillou is Gay

Everyone will hate Caillou now-strange spider

I meant his whiny irritating voice!

12 Caillou's Evil Babysitter Vicky
13 Caillou Gets Rabies

Murphy should get rabies and create a Caillou-Cujo scenario.

14 Caillou meets uolliaC

"Ki U stop crapping on Eric", "My Butterfinger", "Warren Nooo" & "Church is over" are really old. If you are making this then I suggest you to make a better story instead of just Bart Sampson and Warren Cook.

15 Caillou Gets Eaten By A Titan


16 Caillou In Teen Titans Go
17 Caillou Gets A Spanking
18 Caillou's Nuts Are Eaten By Rats
19 Caillou Finds A Death Note
20 Caillou Eats Crap
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