Top Ten Caillou Episodes That Should Be Created


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1 Caillou Falls Off A Cliff

This should happen

Yeah, I hate that whiney battard - Chromium

It allit all started when car you was playing with his toy plane then the accident we slipt of the cliff and was

2 Caillous House Is On Fire
3 Caillou In The Purge

The purge is a bad thing and it's a good thing that he's going to be in it

4 Every Character In the Show Dies and the Show Ends

I think Caillou is an idiot who seriously needs to be punished... badly! Racist show!

5 Caillou And Rosie Burn To Death
6 A Dragon Kills Caillou

That's a good dragon! Wait,did you kill that bald boy?
You deserve a treat!

7 Caillou In Godzilla
8 Kylo Ren Kills Caillou
9 Pingu Kills Caillou
10 Caillou Explodes

The Contenders

11 Rosie Poops Out A Horse

Cailou likes playing with Rosie's poo



12 Stewie Griffin Kills Caillou
13 Terminator Kills Caillou

Terminator: HASTA LA VISTA BALDY (shoots Caillou) Later...
Daddy: Thank you Terminator I've always hated that retarded excuse of a person.

14 Caillou In Jurassic Park

Caillou vs t rex

15 A Pal For Caillou
16 Caillou The Pinata
17 1,000,000 Pals for Caillou
18 Spanking Caillou
19 Caillou is Gay

Everyone will hate Caillou now-strange spider

I meant his whiny irritating voice!

20 The First Order Attacks Caillou's Family
21 Caillou Gets A Spanking

For pinching Rosie

22 Caillou Gets Grounded

Already made on youtube

23 Caillou's Evil Babysitter Vicky
24 Fluffy Puffy Eats Up Caillou
25 Caillou Gets Rabies

Murphy should get rabies and create a Caillou-Cujo scenario.

26 Caillou meets uolliaC

"Ki U stop crapping on Eric", "My Butterfinger", "Warren Nooo" & "Church is over" are really old. If you are making this then I suggest you to make a better story instead of just Bart Sampson and Warren Cook.

27 Caillou Gets Eaten By A Titan


28 Caillou In Teen Titans Go
29 Caillou's Nuts Are Eaten By Rats
30 Justin Bieber Plays in His House
31 Caillou in Boku no Pico
32 Caillou's Family in Naked and Afraid
33 Caillou Finds A Death Note
34 Caillou Eats Crap
35 Caillou Gets Beat Up by The Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls are Cuter than Caillou.

36 Caillou Goes To Jail
37 Caillou Becomes Robin In Teen Titans Go
38 Caillou in The Attack On Titan
39 Caillou Gets Butt Plastic Surgery
40 Caillou In Mortal Kombat
41 Spoils the Spoiled

Topic-Killing Caillou (this is Magic School Bus)
Arnold-I officially like field trips! We ran over Dunga the Explorer!
Miss Frizzle-Caillou! A male spoildos spoildus!
Run him over

42 Red Hot Catholic Love
43 Caillou Gets Fat
44 Caillou's House Gets Nuked
45 The Execution of Caillou
46 Caillou Gets Mauled by Sticks the Badger
47 Caillou Farts
48 Caillou Runs Out of the House Naked
49 Caillou Gets Cancelled
50 Caillou Watches Super Minecraft Kid
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1. Caillou Falls Off A Cliff
2. Caillous House Is On Fire
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