Best One True Pairing In the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

The list of the otps that make you fall in love and break your heart at the same time!
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1 Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth)

Percabeth is the cutest couple
They're ready to give up their lives for each other. And unlike jasper percabeth built up very slowly.
Relationships that are built up slowly last longer

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! Even better then Hinny (Harry Potter and Ginny Weasly) but just by a little bit.

When I opened this up I knew Percabeth would be 1, but seriously? It is overrated

Yep. No denying it. The best couple. Most developed. Sweetest.

2 Solangelo (Nico and Will)

Their ship name literally means "Sun Angel" which is amazing! It is LGBTQIA+ representation in media which is very important to have, it helps young people realize that either they are not alone, or it shows them these kinds of relationships so that they know that these things exist and are normal and are okay. Unlike in Harry Potter where only after publishung JK Rowling comes in like, "Oh yeah Harry is bi and Dumbledore is gay," and is only writing another another series for the sole purpose of making a character bisexual. That kind of stuff annoys me because she is literally using a community as a platform to advertise her books. I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter, but this is just something that Rick Riordan managed to do well that JK Rowling couldn't, although the time period at which the books were published does give an excuse. Also, Nico has gone through so much, he deserves a happy ending, and he deserves something nice, and Will us exactly that. He is someone who will take care ...more

I love Solangelo. Nico, of all people, deserved a happy ending after all that he's been through. After he finally learned to accept himself, he found Will, who is totally cute and perfect for Nico. In the Hidden Oracle, my favorite parts were Solangelo. Also, they definitely have the best ship name in general; it sounds so cool! (Of course I also ship Percabeth who doesn't)

Reasons to love Solangelo.
1. beautiful ship name. Other ship name sounds okay but Solangelo is so catchy and BEAUTIFUL!
2. yin and yang., it's so interesting! opposite-attract!
3. Nico needs a happy life!
4. Will needs to be appreciated!
5. LGBTQ+ support! (Love Riordan for making Fierrochase, Solangelo, etc)
I just wish there are more Solangelo. Percabeth had the whole of House of Hades about them, there should be a book full of SOLANGELO parts too!

I will fight you to the death if you dis this ship. I do and always will ship every ship (unless it is Smelly Gabe and Sally) but dissing a ship just because you don't like it is just unnecessary and hurtful to those who ship it. Also solangelo is is my happiness.

3 Caleo (Leo and Calypso)

To be honest I absolutely loved caleo until trials of apollo came out. the ENTIRE book calypso was completely rude to leo. I think rick was trying to go for the whole 'tough girl who doesn't depend on a man' thing but that only works if they haven't started a relationship yet, like percy and annabeth. with calypso, it just came off as rude, especially since she's dating leo. I mean she literally SHOUTED at him for saving her? what?

Nope. Leo was the character I was hoping would prove that he you don't need somebody to be happy. He was just way tooo awesome by himself (before BoO, I mean then Caleo was a bit dragged)

Leo is awesome. Calypso is awesome. Caleo is amazing! End of

No. It's too forced and overall, horrible.

4 Beauredorf (Silena and Charles)

This is one of the best, most well written tragic ship! It's just so sad. It's impossible not to ship these two heroes together!
I hope they are in Elysium together. (Correction: I am PRETTY SURE that they are both in Elysium together)

I hope they’re having a great time down in the Underworld... sigh. I wish we got to see more of them.

5 Jiper (Jason and Piper)

It is Jasper first of all. Second, this was the second most developed ship, closely followed by others. Jason sacrificed his life for Piper and THAT is a lot. Not to mention all the moments in HoO. But still, a weaker romance as the foundation was not strong and Piper had a lot of emotional issues. They broke up and SERIOUSLY? Solangelo is second? Hardly anytime together and hardly any development. Only saw each other in BoO and was cannon in though. But no major part there. So Jasper is officially dead now unless Jason is bought back from the dead.

I agree with the person below. Little or no development. They jumped straight into the caring, cute and romantic moments. Seriously, look at how much time Percabeth took to become an actual ship. And that's why Percabeth is good and Jasper (NOT JIPER! ) is not. And really, isn't it a typical Perfect girl x Perfect boy relationship, what makes the chemistry between them special or interesting?
Actually, I think this is a failed attempt to do a Percabeth 2.0

It's Jasper ya dummies!

6 Fazel (Frank and Hazel)

Honestly I don't ship this

7 Ellson (Ella and Tyson)

Why would you spell it like that?

You are the worst speller ever!

8 Clahris (Clarisse and Chris)
9 Grastellan (Thalia and Luke)

It's Thaluke!
But yeah, it has a lot of potentials. I think it would have happened if Luke didn't betray the Gods. But he still did it for Thalia, didn't he? I mean his thinking is all wrong, but he did do it for Thalia...

Huh? Did you forget that she kicked him off a cliff? But in Diary of Luke Castellan I shipped it, though

It's Thaluke! get it right! one died one swore never to marry aka have a boyfriend. luke poisoned her! are you crazy?

10 Posally (Poseidon and Sally Jackson)
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11 Lazel (Leo and Hazel)

Move it higher. Canon ship,

12 Juniver (Grover and Juniper)

Isn't it Gruniper? I don't know but anyway it is a cute ship but with little development. Kinda like a minor background ship?

Juniper...evil eye

13 Brason (Jason and Brick)

Haha why not! Best funny joke ship!

14 Perlia (Percy/Thalia)

NO. Better as friends. Thalia is a hunter, Percy is with Annabeth. And they wouldn't have worked out anyway.

15 Hazy (Hazel and Sammy)

I love this ship

16 Pothena (Poseidon and Athena)

They are RIVALS! Don't think that'll ever change...

They are like my parents.

17 Jeyna (Jason and Reyna)
18 Pipercy (Piper and Percy)

I like this as a friendship but not a romantic pairing

19 Pipe (Piper and Leo)

I like both Piper and Leo but they don’t seem attracted to her Piper said in the mark of Athena that Leo was like the annoying little brother she never had and Leo thought Piper was pretty but there was never chemistry between each other there relationship was more brother and sister like then boyfriend and girlfriend Bessie Leo is dating Calpyso and Piper is still getting over Jason’s death

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