Top Ten Worst Percy Jackson Characters

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1 Piper McLean Piper McLean is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan in The Heroes of Olympus series. She is one of the Seven of the prophecy and is the daughter of Aphrodite.

Anybody who is saying piper is bad cause she is whiny clearly just got the story from Wikipedia. Because she is not that whiny. Yes she complains because her dad was captured by Gaia who was trying to force piper to choose to betray and kill her friends, or let her own father die. Oh...yeah. I'm sure that is nothing to cry about. And it certainly doesn't help that her boyfriend forgot about her and she found out all her memories are fake. Yeah of course she has nothing to cry about. And she didn't broadcast her father being famous, it just slipped one time. The other times was with trusted friends. (what you cannot share secrets with your friends? )

And yes she is a bit of the jealous type but anybody who actually READ the series not just skimmed would know that is her fatal flaw and she is Aphrodite cabin so jealousy wouldn't surprise me.

And useless? She got rid of ghosts that possessed Jason and Leo to kill each other and even Percy. She put Hercules in line.

I LOVE Piper. She's strong, brave, she brought someone back from the dead! That was within weeks of finding out she was a demigod. And also, she's the first Aphrodite child we see that doesn't care about appearances. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look fabulous, but Riordan points out that you don't have to love makeup, Jewelry and clothes to be a child of Aphrodite. Piper shows us what it truly means to be a child of Aphrodite. It means to be loving, not breaking hearts. She realizes that Aphrodite is the most powerful god/goddess, that her power trumps ZEUS'. I'm pretty sure if you're more powerful than the so called "King of the Gods", you're pretty awesome. Also, why is she #1 and 10 on this list?

I've always hated her. I don't really know why. Every time a flash back occurs, I am tempted to skip it. She's all 'they wouldn't understand' or 'I can't be friendly because I have to kill them' or 'I'm too pretty' or 'my life is so unfair'. She gets a little bit better the closer you get to the end, but the tomboyish attitude is probably the worst trait she has.

Just imagine if she tried to look beautiful, like a regular Aphrodite girl. Maybe she would try to look beautiful to get a compliment from her father, or have more friends to fill the void, or attract Jason, or make the other Aphrodite girls jealous. That would make for a much more interesting character.

One of the worst character had ever created.

She is manipulative as hell, towards her boyfriend Jason. She twists his brain with her powers, she tries to stop to Jason thinking about his old home, his friends in there because of she is selfish as hell. She doesn't even consider Jason's goodness, and while failing to be a good and decent person who puts Jason's goodness before herself; she is even not stop and continues to does this. How on earth, none of those people realize that Piper is manipulating Jason, and that is unhealthy, disturbing as hell? The worst part is that, that when Piper does something like that, none of the characters do call her on her behavior. They act like it's somehow not disturbing and crappy thing to do. And then Piper easily gets away with her crap, with being a horrible person.

2 Rosa Valdez

Normally, I'm not one to hate on a character just cause they're classified as "evil" in the book they come from. But Rosa... Unlike Gaia, Octivian, and the other main evil characters, doesn't even have any personality. She's just this bad side-character that made Leo's life suck even more than it already did. I extremly dislike her. A real scumbag, that Rosa Valdez.

I honestly feel bad for piper. She may not be an exciting character, but she doesn't deserve to be only this list, especially not having two spots in the top seven, one of which is NUMBER ONE. She really isn't such a bad character. Come on, you guys

You can't just reject your nephew after his mom died in fire then blame him for his mom's death and then turn his family against him. I don't care about her motives, she is evil

She actually rejected her own nephew who was grieving and in pain. Years later, Leo was still scarred. It just shows how awful she really was!

3 Octavian

As I read these comments, I face a dreadful decision about how this fan base reacts to Octavian. Nobody really understands that he may actually be calling for understanding from the beginning. His family was one the most highest and respected in the roman communities and imagine trying, to live up to that. Remember people judge and if your family was well respected and people were acting very strange or nicer than they usually are, or treating you better than every one else. It will makes you feel like an outcast and then trying to live up to his family's image

I believe there is more than meets the eye with this character.

I can't help but feel sorry for him. If the circumstances were different, maybe he would've turned out better...and after all, I think that at least a FEW Greeks (cough CLARISSE cough) would have gotten at least a little ticked off it the Romans fired at CHB, even if it WAS by accident. I like to think that Gaia was influencing his actions. Maybe some of the choices were his, but to be fair, taking history into account, the Romans had a pretty good reason for their distrust in the Greeks. And remember: though supernova Leo was awesome, I doubt he could've completely finished off Gaea without Octavian's unintentional help.

Like the comments below me said, Octavian was actually not that bad, and was somebody people could look up to. I didn't mean people should be crazy like Octavian, but he was doing what he thinks helps the Romans. You see he usually leads an army of Romans? He was trying to defeat the Greeks for the Romans' good, similar to Morrowseer from Wings of Fire trying to do what's good for the NightWings, but Morrowseer was treated exactly like Octavian. Octavian should maybe get a little more love instead of so many hate... and what's so bad about ripping a panda doll? I hate pandas

In my opinion Octavian is not only the worst Heroes of Olympus character, but one the worst BOOK characters ever! And Piper was awesome (better than Jason and DEFINITELY better than Octavian anyways). To be honest "spoiler alert" my favorite part in Blood of Olympus was when Octavian died. Also I never actually believed he could predict the future. PS to the Piper haters how is charmspeak a bad power? It's like a Jedi mind trick but better.

4 Drew Tanaka

Drew was probably just created to show everyone how fricking good and strong Piper was. One does not hate on one's sister for no reason, and it's never explained. Drew's character had so much potential.

Now wait just one darned second! You mean to tell me that DREW TANAKA is behind Piper AND ahead of OCTAVIAN? How the bleeding heck does that work? Octavian was a ' idiotic and psychotic little brat, who deserves to be at least top two. (And he burned OREO the panda! ) Piper doesn't deserve to be first. You all keep going about how she's a Mary Sue and all that. Please, Mary Sue is a term for FANFICCERS! And Mary Sues are confident little ladies with sad childhoods, whom later become beautiful and perfect. Piper? Sure, she's pretty, but people mainly took note of her beauty because she was a friend. All Aphrodite kids are pretty. And the main reason she wears all the, 'dumpster,' clothing is because she feels that people might see her differently and much more one sidedly if she let the other side of her shine through. Thus, insecurity is formed. Also, did you not forgot the things she, 'stole? ' Drew Tanaka was a horrible leader- more of a dictator- and pretty mean to most of her ...more

Am I the only one wondering how Piper is more hated than Drew? I mean seriously. I LIKE Piper. Yeah, she's a bit of a Mary Sue, but not to much to get annoying. Compared to Drew she actually is pretty deep, and her complaining about her father is very normal. Don't compare her reasons to the others in the seven, actually think about why she's complaining. And who says tomboys can't be tomboyish on most occasions but act girly sometimes? She is the daughter of Aphrodite.

I honestly think she needs more character.
She is so one-dimensional, she had almost not motive at all for being who she was. I feel as if she was made JUST to make Piper seem cooler, like Piper needed that anyways. Piper had everything, a famous father, Aphrodite as a mother, and a cool, perfect boyfriend. Yet Piper was 'insecure'. Who wouldn't get a little jealous? I honestly hope that in future books, Drew might do a Draco and actually have more character and bio.

5 Jason Grace Jason Grace was the Roman demigod son of Jupiter (Roman God of the Sky) and the late actress Beryl Grace, the younger brother of Thalia Grace (whom Beryl had with Jupiter's Greek form Zeus), the former co-praetor of Camp Jupiter, the Counsellor of Cabin 1 at Camp Half-Blood, the former boyfriend of Piper McLean and one of the protagonists of the 2010-2014 Greco-Roman mythology book series The Heroes of Olympus (the sequel series to the 2005-2009 Greek mythology book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and a supporting character in The Trials of Apollo book "The Burning Maze".

I despise Jason. That is simply because of Piper's unfounded adoration of him. How dare he force Percy Jackson out of the camp? How dare he assume he could beat Percy in a battle? Jason is a cold, flat character who understands duty, and that is it. He has no sense of humour, major character flaws or character development, and we are expected to love him, believe he is 'the bravest'. Percy offered to relinquish his praetorship for him, and he DID NOT DECLINE. Excuse me? Did you restore honour to the legion and defeat and army of Gaea's forces? Percy did more than you ever could, all in four days. My hatred is founded in the fact that he competes with Percy, and he does it with unabashed arrogance and expectation. If any hero had to die, I would rejoice if it was him. He offers no entertainment value, except when Percy finds an opportunity to prove how much greater he is.

Jason Grace is really not so much a person and more of just a character with a pretty much nonexistent personality. With the other characters we got to see their flaws and troubles which made their achievements shine so much more. With Jason everything he does is perfect, which substantially takes away from the allure of his character. He doesn't really impact the plot or the characters around him, with an exception to Piper and her unfounded love and appreciation of him. Sure, he's brave and that is perfectly fine, every character in this series show extreme courageousness in one way or another. But being brave cannot being a person's only character trait because if it is then that person just really isn't a person. The reason this series's characters work so well is that they all have flaws and and that make us love and root for them. There isn't much to discuss about Jason because, being quite honest, there isn't much there.

I realize a lot of people feel that he didn't have much personality. You guys have to remember, he DID get severe amnesia, so he's been through a lot too. Imagine waking up in a place you've been before without knowing these people who're hovering next to you, claiming they're your best friends, and all you remember is your name. At least Percy remembered Annabeth, he had a PURPOSE, to find her. He might be a little goody-two-shoes at times, but he was praetor of Camp Jupiter, so he kind of did have to set a good example. I'm not saying he's better than Percy, definitely not saying Jasper's better than Percabeth, all in saying is that some people should give him a chance...

Why? Jason wasn't my favorite character but I can't see why he gets so much hate! He fits the rich pretty kid archetype well and really takes it home, making him painfully relatable and quite tragic in ToA. He's boring, flat and a bit unthoughtful but well written, and that's makes him a good character with a dislikable personality that you can't help but secretly admire. The way he has bad thoughts and makes his point of view kind of depressing to read just makes his character realistic and duh, I'm not going anywhere with this confusing explanation. Try to understand that Jason is just misunderstood and narrow minded, but he does try to be a better person.

6 Hera

Ok, Hera in Percy Jackson time isn't so terrible.Annoying and kinda bad, yes. But not terrible. But in Greek myths she kills pregnant women because they had affair with her husband, sends snakes on little babies just because they dare to be her husband's kids and dare to live(now, it's time, you gasp at the horrible deeds this baby has done and realize that Hera had to try to kill this innocent child). She is constantly making lives horrible for every demigod child of Zeus, like it is their fault Zeus is their father.

I love Hera. She is the only goddess willing to sacrifice anything to save her family. She risks isolation from her Olympus family when uniting the camps, yet she doesn't hesitate. While the other gods are content to stand around and allow the giants to rise, Hera understands sacrifice and makes them. Sure, a few poeple have amnesia and spend a few weeks on a ship, but they are DEMIGODS. They'll get over. You go, Hera.

I agree, the end. Wait... No! Piper is amazing... she's brave and pretty, but she uses that pretty to help her friends! Do not judge her because she's sad or pretty! She has the right to be sad and the right to be pretty! It's not like she's just gonna look ugly to make y'all happy! She is a role model in so many ways! She is courageous, loyal, brave, beautiful, and quirky!

At first She I thought she was real bad but then I realized she is an awesome character!People always say she's trying to kill all her husband's other wives and their babies but what would you do if you got cheated on?She is horrible still but she doesn't deserve to be on this list.Imagine your community made a list of most hateful people and you were on it.

7 Gabe Ugliano

I feel like everyone here is thinking about whether a character is good or bad. But honestly I judge a character by their character development, not whether they are good or bad. Yes obviously Gabe was not one of the good characters but he was meant to be bad! Imagine every character being like a tree. They have branches coming out of them which show their personality. You can't hate them just because of one of the branches they have because they are meant to have that branch! But if you don't like a character BECAUSE of it's branches, their personality, then that's fine. Honestly, Gabe is alright for character development. Shame he's dead.

This makes NO SENSE. How the hell is Piper and Jason higher than this annoying-ass, pathetic excuse for a human? Piper is kindhearted and not weak. She helped the 7 so many times and is way more helpful and kind than Gabe. Jason is strong and tries to help as much as he can. So don't make them more hated than Gabe Ugliano who is abusive and rude.

Gabe hit Sally, the best mother in the world and how could somebody EVER hurt somebody like that. I'm not exactly sure if he hit Percy since it was never mentioned in the book but he still stole his money. How could anyone be mean to Percy and Sally?

Yep, I'm kind of shocked that he didn't make it to number 1 on this list.
Percy and Sally are so awesome they didn't deserve someone like him! (I'm so glad Sally's with Paul now)
I'm really happy that he is currently a piece of stone.

8 Tartarus

Tartarus is a land but he can take a human form.

How is Tartarus not number 1?!

He killed Bob, enough said.

9 Gaea

She is a primordial villain, and she wants to make earth a nicer place, I suppose, both of which I can respect. But I hate most of her followers, and the ways she got them (think Phineas) or tried. She literally offered to enslave Percy (unforgivable) if Calypso killed Leo (would have been unforgivable). How sick can you get? She also almost caused Leo's death ( yes, you guessed it, unforgivable).

She is a villain, but as character she's pretty well thought - out. She has a personality (unlike, for example, Meg from Trials of Apollo) and she's not overpowered (powerful, yes, but remember, she's a primordial). Well, despite she is evil, in some way... I like her. I mean, not because she did those horrible things to The Seven, just because her personality. And this is a list of THE WORST CHARACTERS (Mary Sues, etc), not the most evil.

In my opinion there is no worst character in Percy Jackson except Atlas and Annabeth Chase.Gaea is just trying to make life better for earth and the creatures on it.

She was the villain of the series. This is a list for the WORST characters, not the most annoying (Piper).

10 Meg McCaffrey

Meg is VERY immature. Acts like a 5 year old to be honest. Fights like she is on the street. Hasn't she learned any manners? My gosh horrible character, a Mary Sue. And everyone cares for her! No one even the slightest actually says something bad to her, whether is be Apollo, Calypso, or even Sally. So overrated, acts like she is the best when she is not.

She is a child, who doesn't understand the difference between good and bad. Also, she had a tragic past (obviously), is a very good fighter (why? ), her stepfather is evil (because why not? ) and she is useless, but everyone worries about her. Really, Uncle Rick? She's a Mary Sue. Definitely a Mary Sue. And I won't say anything more about her.

The girl has to deal with a manipulative Nero who pretends to care about her but in reality just controls and uses her. And she still manages to stay on the right side and help Apollo. I get that she might be overpowered, but it's a nice change to see a powerful daughter of Demeter. (because in the previous series we only see children of Demeters growing plants)

Meg's personality is slightly annoying at times, but she's got a lot of problems to deal with. Definitely less irritating than Piper and Jason (ugh), but not a great character. Also she pretty much highlights the fact that Demeter is almost 100% irrelevant in the entire series.

The Contenders
11 Kronos

How is Atlas not on this list? Kronos is awesome when it comes to power, but Atlas is a straight-up monster. For God's sake, he effectively killed his own daughter, imprisoned Artemis and acted like an absolute brat

Kronos was the main villain in the first Percy Jackson series, he should be higher.

Kronos is spelt with a K in the books, but I think a C in the movies. Straight out evil titan!

Why the heck isn't he number 1?

12 Orion

I honestly can not believe he was not on this list. I also can't believe so many of my favorite characters are on this list.

Orion caused the death of too many hunters and amazons. He should be higher than this.

He is definitely the most sexist character in the series.

Orion is a sexist jerk

13 Zeus

He is an A class jerk... He ain't the king of gods... He's the jerk of gods. He cheats on Hera, is power ambitious and the list goes on. At first I didn't like Hera but now that I think about it he's the one to blame. I actually have respect for Hera after my theory.
Also the 1st prophecy was kinda his fault too. Luke became influenced by Kronos because he ran away from his home when he was young... He ran because his mother got fits... She got fits because she treed to become the oracle... Oracle was cursed by hades(it doesn't end here)... Hades was angered by the fact that Maria di Angelo was killed by lightning ( send by Zeus ). So it's his fault Luke is dead. #hate him #jerkofgods

I hate him he is such a disgusting philandering tramp who deserves to die and I hope his wife Hera kills him.They should make a story about Hera and how she cheats on him and has multiple demigod children without him knowing as he is never around so Hera could pretty much get away with anything.

Gees! He is such a retard! He refuses to listen to other people who know best! Like when Kronos was attacking Manhattan he went to fight the big monster instead of be smart and protect Olympus! Poseidon saved his butt!

The reason why this is so low on the list...nobody wants to anger him.

But in all seriousness I used to think that Zues was the meanest character in percy jackson (for gods I even put their mythology into consideration) but then I read about his son. :3 Hercules is an even bigger jerk than his own father.

14 Frank Zhang

Frank is sweet. Although he was mean to Leo, that just proves that he had flaws. And, the guy was hitting on his girlfriend. I don't know one guy who wouldn't be rude about that. Frank is sweet and he loves Hazel- that's all I would ask for. That, and although people are mean, that doesn't make them bad. Frank proved how good he was in SoN. And how could anyone say he's boring? He can turn into animals, he turned into a ' iguana to get out of Chinese handcuffs.

I mostly disslike his character because I don't understand why he is afraid all the time because a wood piece would burn up. Like I have a wood piece in my basement and it hsavent been close to burn for severall decenials of years. And that woodpiece is almost his whole dilema and so overdramatic. Like if I was peanut allergic I would die risk dying if someone opened a bag of peanuts close to me. Would I get insecure and worry for my life all the time? No. It's so stupid. If my life so was connected to a glass that could break if someone dropped it I wouldn't worry as much as he does. Hard to say but I don't think so.

I TRY to respect people's opinions and all that, but... THIS IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Frank is higher up on the worst characters list than on the best characters list, like no! Frank is a sweet, caring, humble, demigod! People hate him just because he was rude to Leo in the Mark of Athena, but really, who can blame him (can I also mention that eventually he came to become great friends with the guy). Leo liked his girlfriend, and we all know how much Frank loves Hazel. I mean, show him some love already! His mom died in the war, and his father turned out to be the one God that he didn't want to claim him. Later, he watched his grandmothers house BURST INTO FLAMES! How can you say he is boring when he can take the form of any animal he pleases! Sorry... I'm giving up on this website. I can't stand that more people dislike Frank than Gaea, Atlas, Kronos... Octavian for sake! WELL BOI BYE

How can one hate Frank?
He is one of the best characters!
He is so humble and nice to everyone. He was kind of mean to Leo but he was jealous because of the Leo and Hazel thing. Let's be honest here. It is impossible for one to be nice to every single person. That is totally understandable and relatable! and he is SO sweet to Hazel!

15 Mallory Keen

For the people who do not know who Mallory Keen is, she is the Irish demigod on Magnus floor in Hotel Valhalla in the Magnus Chase series

Who is this character?

16 Phoebe

Phoebe was a really minor character that was barely even in the series, so why is she on this list? She didn't do anything wrong and she gave up her life for Reyna and Hylla

The titan or demigod?

Pheobe is artemis

17 Luke Castellan

Ok, the reason why I depise his character is because of Annabeth's love for him. He betrays Annabeth who looked up to him, and I have no problem with Annabeth here, because it makes sense for her character to constantly believe Luke has a good side, and then he believes he is going to Elysium because he fixed the problems that HE CAUSED! What the heck. This is the only character sacrifice that I think was deserved.

The fact that he assumed he would be sent to Elysium for dying to destroy Kronos solidified my hatred for him. Without him, there would have been no Kronos in the first place. He exploited innocent characters' love and trust for him, and placed a need for love about the duty of demigods. Perhaps his father did not love him enough, BUT HE WAS A GOD. I imagine he is quite busy. He was a selfish character. He failed to look beyond his own needs and acknowledge the limitations or, I don't know, Ancient Laws, that bound Hermes. I have always hated him for what he did to Annabeth.

Why is he on this list at all? Luke was awesome. Not only was he a sympathetic character, he was the Hero of the Great Prophecy, he was an amazing swordsman, and, even set in the background of Ares, Daedalus, Atlas, Polyphemus and even Kronos, Luke was a far more compelling villain with true motivations and heroic qualities. Also, except for Percy and Dionysus, Luke was the only character in the films that actually worked!

I hate Luke. Before you go ahead and defend him, everyone has their opinions. Luke, he was whiny about how his father never paid attention to him, which is honestly annoying, because his father is a damn GOD, of course he doesn't have time for his sons. None of the Gods have time for their children! Plus, I hated the way he played with Silena's feelings. He should rot in hell.

18 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Annabeth is a typical and a cheap character. Her portrayal is basic; Riordan tells that she's smart etc without showing it. It's the epitome of a crap writing but I don't blame Riordan because in order to a writer's being capable of writing an actual smart character, he too needs to be smart. Riordan doesn't qualify that. For example, he qualifies a joke/sarcasm tone so his characters are funny when he wants to write them as that. Annabeth on the other hand, when she supposedly have to be smart, just isn't, it's poorly done.

Also, Annabeth's punching and seeing Percy as lesser is not funny by the way. This is not a crappy shounen anime where Tsundere acts like a trash but it's played for the laughs. I can say okay to some scenes at some degree, but there are many scenes where Annabeth's punching etc made no sense like judo-flip, Annabeth's punching Percy's stomach when he didn't invite her to dance etc. Riordan often goes too much that he doesn't realize it's getting started to be dumb at times.

19 The Gigantes
20 Hades

You all do realize that Hades is the only god of the twelve Olympians that was faithful to his wife and didn't constantly throw his children into hazardous battles and hardships? Rather, he respected their boundaries and didn't try to invade their lives every paragraph. He didn't cheat on his wife like his two brothers until the diAngelo twins and Hazel came along (which was to be determined by the Fates), and he remained sane and chill for the entire series except for the Greek/Roman personality split, which occurred to every god except for the primordial gods and Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Nemesis. So if you ask me, he's a very important character who was crucial to the plot and the series.

WHAT THE HELL? Why is Hades on this list. Hades is one of the strongest gods out there and could probably kick all off the other god's butts. Not only does he have amazing children,(Nico Di Angelo, Bianca Di Angelo, and me, I'm a daughter of Hades) he's just plain amazing himself. Remove Hades name off this list at once! This is CRAZY AND UNACCEPTABLE!

Hades Is Amazing, in my opinion he included the demigods the most! He shouldn't be on the list at all.

WHAT? Why is he in this list? Hades is not that bad at all, I actually feel sorry for him. Remove him off this rediculous list

21 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Annoying character and she acts like going to a rich private school is a huge sacrifice even though Percy Jackson has sacrificed his life several times.

We shouldn't hate Rachel just because she liked Percy! I mean, what's wrong with that? Percy is so nice that liking him is perfectly understandable. She got in Percabeth's way, but how is that her fault? When she kissed Percy, Percabeth wasn't even completely official. It was pretty obvious but not official yet. Rachel just had feelings for Percy and expressed it. She didn't do anything wrong.
Rachel is amazing. She is artistic and talented. What's more, she is so BRAVE. She just got confirmed by Percy that monsters are real in Battle of the Labyrinth but in that VERY YEAR, she nailed a titan in the eye with a hairbrush! That took A LOT of courage.
Guys, please appreciate Rachel as a character with a personality and not just an obstacle for Percabeth!

I absolutely hated Rachel. And before you ask: no, I do not only hate her because of Perachel (although seriously, who ships that? ) Is Rachel really considered a hero? Really? She divided Percy's attention in the middle of a WAR, and other than that, risked insanity to get out of going to a private school her filthy rich father wanted her to go to. What a shame. And she could've been a really interesting character too, maybe sort of like America from the Selection.

At first I thought Rachel was a bit obnoxious, but I mostly liked her character. In the next book though she basically just kind of becomes a Percy fan girl. The only times she's ever really in it is because she's worried about Percy. I think so much more could have been done with he character and it was really disappointing. I will say now though that I haven't read all of The Last Olympian, so my thoughts may change if she becomes more interesting again.

22 Peaches

What the heck peaches is amazing. My friend and I cam up with a whole peaches fandom.

Why the heck would peaches be put on the list?

Peach is so cute and loyal to Meg!

Peaches got annoying.

23 Aphrodite

Ok I will admit Aphrodite was a harsh goddess. And she was about the most selfish goddess there was. But you know what? I found her the most interesting of the goddesses. She actually does care a lot for her children. She has a nice side. She just has a selfish side as well. But I wouldn't expect much more from the goddess of beauty and love. Selfishness comes with the territory.

In the "Greek Heroes" Aphrodite is mean to Pshych, so no wonder why she's on the list.

She is always talking about tragedy love in the first books and there's like so much more pretty women Percy portrayed like Calypso.Or in actual Greek myth like Helen.

24 Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

He should be on the best character list, not here!
He is so tough, he was just a kid when his sister died! And even though he hated Percy after Bianca died, he still cared about Percy so much in Battle of the Labyrinth! He is one of the saddest characters! Sister and mother died, stuck in casino for many years, scared that he wouldn't be accepted because he is gay and also because his dad is Hades. He convinced his dad to help Olympus! He played such a major role in Last Olympian. Then in HoO, he and Reyna were practically as important as the Seven. Without him, who knew what would've happened. He is such an awesome half-brother to Hazel! He didn't let hardships break him, they made him stronger. His fatal flaw is holding grudges but he got over Percy not being able to save Bianca. He got through Tartarus alone. Just think about that. His willpower is incredible. He is awesome, powerful but relatable all at the same time.

I liked Nico at first. I liked his cheery misunderstood personality. But after Bianca died I hated him. No, I don't hate him because he is LGBT+ I respect that. But he was just a whiny little brat. All the things he went throught, yes I feel a bit bad about that, but he faced them like a coward. Nico is a coward and I have proof. Also why does he have so many screaming fan-girls? They make me sick.

Nico is my favorite. I was disappointed to find out he had a crush on Percy, but seriously get over it. I feel so bad for him and if I were in the books he would probably be my best friend. He is seriously the best character because he is so real.

Nico is a horrible character. He is only popular because he won people's pity by being gay. He is a complete wuss. In every book he is in. HE IS SAD AND DEPRESSED. And everyone talks about how he is so brave. HE IS FAR FROM BRAVE. If you want to know what true bravery is, ask Leo, Hazel, Percy, or Thaila. They are all true heroes. All he did was cry. And then everyone loves him and is like "he lost everything he had." He is an awful character. I loathe him.

25 Calypso

Words cannot express how much I loathe this character...I can't even say her name without getting angry. Let's see the reasons, shall we? She gets angry at Leo for no apparent reason. Just because he isn't Percy doesn't mean he isn't human, sweetie. Fine, there might be an excuse for her horrible behavior when she was on the island. But in the Trials of Apollo? No one can excuse that. She is super rude to Leo. When he rescues her, she gets angry and starts yelling at him. She is manipulative (she was only nice to Leo because he could help her get off the island). She cursed Annabeth just because Annabeth and Percy were together. Jealous, much? Even Piper can't do that. She is also very abusive and toxic to Leo. The poor boy already has low self-esteem, you're making it worse. She is also a huge hypocrite. She gets angry that the gods cursed her, but she goes and curses another girl only because why not? In conclusion, this whiny character does not deserve to be with Percy or Leo. She ...more

Super manipulative, useless, rude, selfish, and narcissistic, but the worst part is that nobody calls her out. She makes Piper look like a candy bar. She's useless and gets angry for no apparent reason. Also, a huge hypocrite, since she cursed Annabeth when the gods cursed her. There are people that have worse backstories but all she does is whine. Every time I read her name, I literally skip to the next chapter. Every time any character says she's amazing and pretty and all of that trash, I literally want to bang my head on a wall. Annoying too. And she expects Percy to apologize to her. Um, no way is that happening.

Thanks for Riordan that had turned into one of the most modest, calm and helpful character that had made an appear in the pjo series, into a bratty, sucker, annoying girl that had cringiness pulled into her character.

I get that, you know. I really do. Calypso was acted like this towards Leo in the HoO series, but it can be said that she acted like that because of she was bitter and angry because of her curse. But now, in the ToA? Nope. She was just drastically turned into a brat that is spoiled and annoying girl with losing all of her decency that had shown before. I do not know what is Riordan's thinking, but turning Calypso into like that... how is suppose to make the things good? Why can not we get a decent relationship that a person who is not abusive, crappy, bratty, annoying to another? Caleo is so sucks that it often stinks.

I find Calypso extremely untasteful and obnoxious character. I think Riordan doesn't know what to do and how to portray her. From Pjo to the Hoo and Trials of Apollo, her character lacks any kind of sturdiness. In PJO, she is a loving, caring and a kind girl who depicted as a helpful deity. In HoO, we see the opposite side of this, in a very drastic and extreme way. She is now openly rude, brash and hostile for no reason to Leo. Could be understandable given her past and situation, but her behavior doesn't really make sense given the fact that her hostility towards Leo is just stupid. Her anger should be directed towards the gods themselves, not the heroes who land on her island. Even if she can be hostile towards heroes, lets say, it doesn't make any sense for her character to be so different than the first series. It is like she is a complete different character. Butchers her established portrayal in the start. Kinda looks like all her kind words and actions were just acting. Not to ...more

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