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1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch

How can you not love with whole heart the wonderful goodness of this. The cinnamon embraces your mouth, and takes to a dream... A dream of sweetness, of sugar, cinnamon and bright sun-shiny mornings in which you sit at by the window, the familiar ring of your most favorite childhood cartoon ringing back in your ears... The wonderful milk at the bottom, the sweetness giving you a wonderful smile. But lucky charms has still been pretty darn good for a while so it should probably be number two... Nevertheless captain crunch it is a wonder if it should honestly be ahead of cinnamon toast crunch.

Tasty, cinnamon goodness! Great way to start your morning and get that sugar buzz going.
Why is Frosted Flakes rated so high?! That stuff is disgusting when soggy in milk!

Is my childhood cereal

I don't like these - RedTheGremlin

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2 Frosted Flakes

I would be scared to choke on these.. - JayJayPlayzzz

Have always been my favorite

It good

They're great! Delicious powdered sugar on the top of HEALTHY corn flakes. The milk left behind is also part of what makes it super-good. And they taste good soggy also, if that's what you like.

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3 Lucky Charms

I love the cereal!

And Marshmallows,
And Blue Moons,
And Tasty Red Balloons!

Cinnamon toast is awesome but it gets old after a while.. So I prefer lucky charms they are magically delicious! Special k red berries is good two though... Yum

Yummy I love the marshmallows! It is delicious. I always ask my aunt if I could have some for breakfast. Come and get it! It is the greatest out of all of them from my opinion. Others are good like frosted flakes and fruit loops but lucky charms beat all of them!

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4 Captain Crunch

Captain Crunch is extremely good, especially its berries version. If anyone has yet to try it the yellow parts of captain crunch is like having caramel cereal, and the berries just taste like if you were to make berry cereal. The only downside is that if you eat it daily it can feel really sweet, so eat it three times a week at the max for the best flavor.

The cap'n is related to chuck norris and will stomp your ass out for not eating his cereal. That's also why it tears up your mouth.

If you don't like captain crunch leave this page rn

I nEeD aLl ThE bErRiEs

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5 Fruit Loops

My favorite of all time! - BloDayBey

Nah - RedTheGremlin

love it


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6 Fruity Pebbles

I like confetti in milk

Pretty good but Cocoa Pebbles are much better. - RedTheGremlin

OMGGGGGG, THIS CEREAL MAKES MY MOUTH WAter and its so crisp my mouth screams for this cereal!

This is like the best cereal - baezmya000

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7 Apple Jacks

This is literally my life cereal! My whole life I loved this cereal!

Yuck - RedTheGremlin

This should not be rated #7... so bland ;(

This stuff... Is the BOMB! I mean, really, who wouldn't want to have such a delectable cereal for breakfast? I love to get a mouthful every morning and sometimes have a bowl after work. It is the way I keep my edge in the morning. I recommend anyone who hasn't tried this cereal to do so as soon as possible!

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8 Cheerios

If it's not honey nut it's bad enough said

I like the multi grain ones

A thumbs up is that it isn't LOADED with sugar

Cheerios are flippity flippin' amazing! Cheerios should be #1 like bro what u doing

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9 Reeses Puffs

UM. #1 anyone?

I literally just had them and I'm quaking. Send more to me please.


These should be like top 3

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10 Frosted Mini Wheats

This are the best. It should be #1. All types of the flavors are the best.

I seriously can't get enough of this cereal. I go through several large boxes every week. I can eat 2-3 bowls even when I'm full. I practically stuff myself to the point of hospitalization. Good GOD I love this cereal. Frosted Mini Wheats, will you marry me?

Tastes great with its great sugar and it has great dietary fiber. Frosted mini wheats are 16th! It tastes awesome

I eat frosted mini wheats for dinner. I think I'm addicted.

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11 Coco Pops

Coco Pops are the absolute best in my opinion! - Peppapigsucks

Coco puffs are the best and I love the way the milk turns chocolaty and when you are done with your cereal you drink it and I tastes so good and you feels like you are not even eating cereal

Coco pops? Are you sure they don't mean puffs? Anyway, I love this cereal! It's chocolatey and makes the milk in the bowl turn into chocolate milk so it's like solid and liquid form of chocolate into one thing,

! The best thing in the world they turn the milk chocolatey. And I have them everyday they should be number 1!

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12 Count Chocula

I love this one - RedTheGremlin

Well, I have never really tried this cereal but from telling of these comments, I think I should try them. But I'd prefer something like Mario mini's or Uncle Toby's plus. If this cereal has marshmallows and chocolate... Count me in!

This needs to be available all year round. To bring it out only during Halloween is a sin. It's basically like chocolate Lucky Charms with chocolate marshmallows. Love it!

Count Chocula is awesome, wish they had it other than at Halloween!

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13 Honey Nut Cheerios Honey Nut Cheerios

The perfect amount of sweetness and crunch. It leaves a great tasking milk to drink after you are finish, plus how can you not love a cereal that you can eat even if you are out of milk

Hi lolpololoioskozokloekp

They have the perfect texture, don't get soggy too fast, are a great size, and have a fantastic balance of sweetness that isn't too sweet but still delicious. All around, the best cereal. - Knucklewood

Leave a honey taste in your milk.

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14 Trix

Gross - RedTheGremlin

the best.

An aunt introduced me with this cereal when I was 10 and not for long since then I stoped eating it because my mother wont let me eat it. But now I'm an adult I can't find it anywhere but online. All and all this is one of my favourite cereals ever.

Rarest cereal ever for me.

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15 Honey Bunches of Oats

The best ever!

This is the best cereal ever I've ever tasted!

Honey bunches of oats- with almonds is the best cereal I've ever tasted! It has a great flavor, and the real sliced almonds inside make this cereal so delectable!

What, why is this at number 17. Has anyone ever eaten Honey Bunches of Oats. It's really delicious and comes in a variety of different flavors. Plus, it's healthy.

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16 Cookie Crisp

Cookie crisp is awesome! Love the cookie flavor as fist crunches and then melts I your mouth! It should totally be at least in the top 10!

This is like if you want to have a cookie for breakfast and want some chocolate milk at the same time. Should be at least in the #10 area

I have never had the chance to try this (lousy Canadian selection). But I sure want to! - BKAllmighty

Cookie crisp is the best! I agree, it should be at least #6 or 7. It's so crunchy it tastes like Oreos (not the cereal).

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17 Cocoa Puffs

I'm gonna eat whole! - toshdeluxe

It is so chocolaty and it makes the milk chocolaty

choco puffs are so chocolatey!

Cocoa Puffs are good in the morning before school. I sometimes eat it all day and you should too.

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18 Raisin Bran

So good. Especially the kind with the yummy oat bunches. I have bad acid, but this cereal does not seem to bother me (as long as I have no milk with it).

What Raisin Bran #10.. It's delicious and healthy at the same time no matter what time of the day you are eating them..

This is the greatest cereal ever. What is wrong with people? This cereal should be #1 At Least #3'

Raisin Bran should be #1! It is healthy and tasty! What's not to love?

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19 Cinnamon Life

Coworkers say this cereal is as old as the pioneers. If true, I'd say they ate well! Close second to Reese's Puffs and barely ahead of Peanut Butter Crunch.

I love this taste little taste of cinnamon every time you have it I love it

So good, it's so sweet and you can fit tons in you mouth - Unknownguy

Best tasting milk after

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20 Golden Grahams

May seem boring but the flavor is overwhelming

Cap'n Crunch is number one? That's bogus. I'm sorry, but Cap'n Crunch is painful to eat. You can't eat those without getting battle scars on the roof of your mouth afterwards. Golden Grahams is by far the best ever. They're sweet, graham-y goodness. Not to mention, totally painless to eat.

My favorite cereal. after two minutes in cold milk,...Heaven...

Hands down the most scrumptious can't wait to eat breakfast kind of cereal. The way you get a bite that is a blend between crunchy and soft with the perfect amount of honey makes it the most sweet and satisfying cold cereal on the market. I love Golden Graham's!

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21 Rice Crispies Treats Cereal

Rice crispys are the bomb wit yogurt

This is the best cereal ever! People if you have never tried it you should! I never knew about this until I saw it in my local store. I tried it and loved it! Please head to your store and pick it up today!

I love how crispy and crunchy it is in your mouth. It also makes the noises it's slogan lives up to when you put milk in it. It also has a good oral texture when it is between crispy and soggy, similar to rice cereals that have the same shape.

Yea I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who didn't vote for this either hasn't tried it or doesn't remember it because it's no longer in stores in a lot of places. Including my hometown

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22 Berry Berry Kix


23 Frosted Cheerios

Even better than the first time I... ate some... blueberry

These are tasty, should be higher!

I absolutely lovee Frosted Cherrios. This cereal is so underrated!

24 Oreo O's

Oh yeah those are so good!

Never had it but it sounds nice because it has Oreo

It came back and it tastes so good this should be like number 1

I miss these come back let's protest Kraft took them away time to take Kraft away dominate

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25 Honey Smacks

Straight perfection


People have no idea how great this cereal is... My son and I eat about 3 boxes a week! All I ask is to just try it. It brought back so many childhood memories. I promise you will love it! We are a cereal family and have tried just about all cereals, but this takes the Gold.

Lovely, can't stop having it every day. By far the best cereal made by Kellogg's

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26 Boo Berry

Boo berry rocks and is the best

Boo Berry is so good it should be at least at #12 or 13. The best Halloween cereal in the world! I just love them!
P.S. Franken Berry and Boo Berry taste awesome mixed.

27 Cocoa Pebbles

This one is the best - RedTheGremlin

Unacceptable to be at 27

Why is this so low? This should be top 3 at least

Cocoa pebbles being wayy down at 27 is simply unacceptable.

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28 Pops

Pop's are the best! They're not too sugary and not too bland. You could even eat them plain.

Pops should be the winner

I eat Pops every single day! I even eat it at midnight!

Amazing, lightly sweet but not too unhealthy or overpowering.

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29 Krave

I love Krave. I wish I had some more often - RedTheGremlin

So good

I love Krave cereal! It is so addictive, I can't stop eating it if I have it in the house. Should be way higher on the list!

1%? This is the best cereal I have ever had, I am eating it right now!

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30 Honeycomb

I am in love with this

29... haven't tried many cereals but this and cinnamon toast crunch are unreal

I miss these. It's been years...

I absolutely love this cereal! When I get hungry during the night, this is the first thing that comes into my mind!

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31 Shreddies

Shreddies with honey.. Oh so yummy

32 Kellogg's Rice Krispies

Really. The true classic, lots of sugar, get them all wet with milk, wait for the snap crackle pop to peak. Just as it peaks, chow down, scraping the bottom of the bowl to pick up sugar. Add banana slices for a wild time.

Like them plain... no sugar! We get enough sugar in our diets. Try with fresh fruit instead.

These are amazing with sugar!

With French/ full creamy milk!

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33 Weet-Bix

Is weet-bix Aussie because in England we have Weetabix?

Best NZ and AUSSIE food ever made I been eating it ever since I was 3

Yahoo! Go Aussie!
Weet-Bix is the best! (sorry, but Weet-Bix is Autralian only. But Aussie does not have Cap'n Crunch But it sounds Great! ) - sagat2010

It's the best!

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34 Sugar Puffs

Where is Golden Nuggets? You guys are mentally ill. Do you know how delicious that is?

Sugar puffs. So sweet.

35 Corn Flakes


Yes love it

36 Life


I eat two bowls a day. One at breakfast and one after school. I have gone THREE WHOLE DAYS without it and everyday after school and at breakfast I just don't know what to have.

There's nothing better than Life. It's a cereal and the very existence of living.

I swear, this cereal is extremely underrated, the Cinnamon style of Life is probably the best I've ever had, no joke, just try one bowl, and you know what I'm talking about.

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37 Corn Pops

Corn Pops deserve to be in the top10.. at least anyone who has tried them before would place them there.

Sweet and airy and delicious

Pops... I gotta have mah pops... - MontyPython

38 Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries

AMAZING cereal but they don't sell it in Canada anymore :( Sometimes I drive across the border to Buffalo to get it.

39 Captain Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch
40 French Toast Crunch

I love French Toast Crunch it tastes like really French toast. It has the maple syrup taste. It is a delicious cereal


41 Honey Nut Chex

The flavor of Honey Nut Cheerios but in the shape of Chex. What could be better? - Dorito

Looks really cool.

Sweet & delicious

42 Cocoa Krispies

I rarely comment on these and have eaten majority of cereals in 40 years, Cocoa Krispies is easy in the top 10 best cereals. - kamakuma

It is one of my favorite foods ever

chocolatey and crunhcy. its better then any other chocolate cereals, plus how is raisan bran above this?? ewwww - jaxballer9

M = Chocolate and Cocoa Krispies are fastest way to deliver that flavor! Snap, Crackle and Pop - Plus it ends with chocolate milk.

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43 Golden Crisp

I was going to vote for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but then I scrolled down and saw Golden Crisp and remembered how good and addicting it is! I could eat endless bowls of this everyday! (even though my family would get mad after I ate the entire box before they even had any)

Sugar crisp in canada. Delicious yummy sweetness. Crunchy and toasted.

To say cheerios is above this is retarded, golden crisp/honey smacks are the best! Only cereal that comes close is capn crunch

Is So F-ing Good!

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44 Crunchy Nut

It's simply the best, no denying. If I'm in a bad mood BOOM crunchy nut solves all yo problems

My girlfriend said this to me before

Just started eating it this morning, I love it!

Crunchy nut is the Bom

45 Grape Nuts

The Flakes were good but these are gross. Its like eating nails for breakfast without any milk.

Yuck! Gross! Why is this here? It sucks!

Good and crunchy. I put blueberries and honey on mine and pop it in the microwave.

I miss my Grape Nut Flakes

46 Raisin Bran Crunch Extra

Love love LOVE this cereal way better than the regular raisin bran


47 Weetos

Absolutely amazing. Just a small amount gets you a good night's sleep with no aftereffects. The taste is fabulous, and my arthritis pain almost disappears. Give it a try, you'll love it

This cereal is made with lots of love...from pot heads! Thank god for them. The world has finally seen the light

Very true and that is the only cereal I have

48 Special K 5 Grains

It tastes sweet, and has so many different things in there. If only the box was a little larger I'd buy it all the time! - BKAllmighty

49 Kix


50 Maple Brown Sugar Life
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