Top Ten Chefs From Hell's Kitchen Season 9

The Top Ten

1 Will Lustberg

Will was more consistent, better leadership, better cooking skills. How did Paul win this?!?

How is Will not #1? He was one of the best contestants on the show. Definitely better than Paul.

Will should have won this season how is Paul #1

Great competitor

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2 Paul Niedermann

A good chef but Will was better

Paul was NOT the best chef in HK9. No way. Will was much better than him.

Great competitor

3 Jennifer Normant

Elise destroyed her chances

Best woman competitor

4 Elizabeth Bianchi

Talented chef, frazzled easily

Would get frazzled to easy

Why is she so high? she was stupid as anything

5 Natalie Blake

The leader of the blue team


6 Tommy Stevens

People think he's a joke when he is unique and special and so was his cooking, original and creative


He is funny, energetic and Passionate. He was my favorite. Also CHECK OUT ALL OF DEM TATOOs

7 Elise Wims

Who the hell put Elise in the top 10?! She should be at the very bottom! She is one of the worst contestants in Hell's Kitchen history!

Her attitude was horrendous

Elise's attitude was horrendous. But she could cook.

She can no she can't if you don't believe me watch ep 9

8 Jamie Gregorich

She got shafted. I don't know why Chef Ramsay eliminated her over Elise and Carrie.

Jamie didn't have a voice in the kitchen.

9 Gina Melcher

This girl got robbed,she wasn't that bad Elise just wanted to screw her chances of winning

10 Monterray Keys

Nearly had a fight with chef Scott

The Contenders

11 Amanda Colello
12 Jonathon Plumley
13 Carrie Keep

Became harder to like because of Elise

She and especially Elise were the most insufferable contestants of season 9

14 Jason Zepaltas

Got taken off because of medical reasons

15 Brendan Heavey
16 Krupa Patel
17 Steven Paluba
18 Chino Chang
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