Top Ten Chefs from Hell's Kitchen Season 15


The Top Ten

1 Kristin Nicole Kristin Nicole

Deserved it more than Ariel

2 Ariel Malone Ariel Malone
3 Ashley Nickell
4 Manda Polomino

Nice passsionate, determined chef. She stood her own on the Blue Team, especially to Frank.

5 Jared Bobkin
6 Hassan Musselmani
7 Chad Gelso
8 Joe Ricci
9 Dannie Harrison
10 Meese Davis

The Contenders

11 Frank Cala
12 Eddie Jaskowiak
13 Jackie Fuchs
14 Alan Parker
15 Vanessa Soltero
16 Kevin Ridlon
17 Mark Paras
18 Sherkenna Buggs
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